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Pener To help the reader who may only be familiar with New York in general maps are provided for each section of greenery in Greater New York City The maps are easy enough to understand without any great effort Just the right amount of context is provided to get a general idea of where the locations are even though all these places live in my imagination and not my experience Someone who lives or who has spect time in New York will have a immediate understandingA very basic understanding of geology is reuired Not much I had to stop think imagine Enjoyaable enough for me Had I wifi at the time of reading hurricane i would have enjoyed the book Plus at the time of printing Tony Hiss has written 13 books and continues to wr. Ns and horseshoe crabs Inwood Hill in upper Manhattan whose forest once sheltered Native Americans and Revolutionary soldiers before it became a site for wealthy estates and subseuently a public park The Central Park Ramble an artfully designed wilderness in the middle of the city with native and imported flora magnificent rock outcrops and numerous species of resident and migrating birds Roosevelt Island formerly Welfare Island in the East River where urban planners built a “new town in town” in the 1970s and whose southern tip is the dramatic setting for the Louis Kahn–designed memorial to Franklin Delano Roosevelt Freshkills the.

The world is indeed a wonderful place and it is good to be alive even if only for a little while and than half of us do not consider our natural surroundings seriously enough William T Davis your boy The writers on the plural writers later have described various green places in Greater New York What a revelation I found this book on the New Reads Shelf at a local library and had to read it What a concept I think to think of Houston I m in Texas as I know it on from the interstate highways running through it Houston is a city of concrete with green outlying areas mostly I have seen one green spot downtown when I have driven through as 70 mph So that a city larger than Houston could have numerous green spots was an eye Elizabeth Barlow Rogers the woman who launched the restoration of Central Park in the 1980s now introduces us to seven remarkable green spaces in and around New York City giving us the history both natural and human of how they have been transformed over timeHere we find The greenbelt and nature refuge that runs along the spine of Staten Island on land once intended for a highway where mushrooms can be gathered and at the right moment seventeen year locusts viewed Jamaica Bay near John F Kennedy International Airport whose mosaic of fragile endangered marshes has been preserved as a bird sanctuary on the Atlantic Flyway full of egrets ter.

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Ite I am looking forward to his next book about how to share the Earth in order to avoid a mass extinction uote His next book is about the twenty first century challenge to prevent a mass extinction crisis by setting aside half the planet for other species Such an extreme idea Such an exciting oneThis book is physically pleasing Paper feels heavy and looks glossy The cardboard feels substantialIn weight The cover consists of both paper and heavy clear cover cellophane The writer cited on the cover of the book Elizabeth Barloww Rodgers president of the Foundation for Landscape Studies Yet on the Author Page two writers are listed including Tony Hiss staff writer at The New Yorker and visiting scholar at New York Universit. Unusual twenty two hundred acre park on Staten Island that is being created out of what was once the world’s largest landfill The High Line in Manhattan’s Chelsea and West Village neighborhoods an aerial promenade built on an abandoned elevated rail spur with its native grasses and panoramic views of the Hudson River and the downtown cityscapeFull of the natural history of the parks along with interesting historical facts and interviews with caretakers guides local residents guardians and visitors this beautifully illustrated book is a treasure trove of information about the varied and pleasurable green spaces that grace New York City.