Toni Patel: The Celestial Necklace

E for young children than for adults but enjoyed t nevertheless. Re was such a man would the king honour his promise and give the reward to his heirs This jain story s based on a retelling of tales from the Agamas jain texts by Muni Mahendrakumar.

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A sweet simple taleA sweet simple story that takes you right ba. King Shrenika was given a necklace of precious stones by a deva for his good deeds The deva also told him that f the necklace broke the person who repaired t would die It happened.

Ck to your childhood when everything was simple and yet freshMor. As the king feared The necklace broke and ueen Chellana who was wearing t nsisted that t be repaired Would anyone string the stones even for a big reward and risk death And f the.

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