Yumna Mahmood: Silas Harrisons Ex Wife

L the end Maria should ave never gone back to Silas Good story I skipped most of the book It was just poorly written The characters where boring and unrealistic Please if you are wondering if you should read this book make yourself a favor and do not read it It will be a waste of tim. And Well known otel at the day time Tough life Right Oh and most importantly I'm the 'Ex Wife' of The Mr Silas HarrisonMy life's sucks but it got even worse when the man that I once loved came back in my life.

Good story Good as the story unravels we get to know the beautiful relation that was spoiled by someone s this someones is a total shocker interference causing uge misunderstandings between the couplebut as they say one just cannot forget someone they love once again when the couple. Book 1 of The Harrison Series previously known as 'Billionaire's Ex Wife'Silas Harrison world's well known billionaire Everyone knows im e is one of the top famous guy in the world He is Hot Sexy Successful.

Face each other they are constantly reminded of the lovely memories they shared that was shattered by pure evil i ate that someone and in the end love overrules everything Good Boh ring from starting the rest is okey I really liked this book but it a very sad one from the start til. And extremely wealthy And me no one even know my name except few friends and family who am I I'm Maria Wayne Unfortunately a poor waitress at a stripers club at night and a server at Michelle's Hotel a famous.

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