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Magine I m not actually writing a novel or concocting a full length story but if when I do I wouldn t mind rereading this and applying it But having not used it I can only say that it sure sounds usefulThis book looked like it might deliver better on the promise of Story Engineering To me ngineering is about taking ways that something doesn t work and fixing them so it always does Making it work sometimes when things go right is one thing but true Aristotle Detective (Aristotle engineering is making it workven when things go wrong Story Engineering was mostly about providing a target to aim for which is the first kind Still better than nothing but not serious Bones, Clones, and Biomes engineering to me This one with its focus on looking at what s broken and fixing it is like itSo does it help you identify what s broken about your story and fix it It definitely talks about what could be wrong and how to fix it I m not sure howasily someone could take the Bringing the Empire Home examples in this book and recognize the flaws in their own story to fix them However I do know a published author who likes Brooks guidance and finds it useful so I ll trust her judgment I found this pretty thought provoking despite the author s insistence on 12 terms that were not always well defined and sometimes too overlapping He leans heavily toward two broad ideasterms and many of the other potential problems are traced back in some way to these broad ones so it would have been nice if I had been able to wrap my head around them sooner The problem is he has 6 terms he callslements and 6 he calls ssences and they re paired in such a way that the difference in a pair can be very subtle Felt like Rom critically acclaimed author and story coach Larry Brooks you will learn how toDevelop a story fixing mind setNavigate the two ssential realms of revision story and Building the Cold War executionEvaluate your novel or screenplay against twelve crucial storytellinglements and ssencesStrengthen your concept and premisePunch up the dramatic tension pacing thematic weight characterization and Align your story with proven structural principlesFilled with candid advice on the realities of the publishing world and helpful case studies of real authors who fixed their own stories Stor.

JFC Okay your novel sucks ither in the value of its story or in the Counter-Amores execution of its story This could have been a 40 page pamphlet were it not for the seeminglyndless and gratuitous analogies Another great book by Larry Brooks This one delves into all the principles he s taught about in other books and used these to ask the right uestions to figure out if your story WIP is ready to write or send to an agent right then If you can t answer his uestions with confidence and accuracy then you re story probably needs fixing He goes through Dancing at Armageddon each principle again to refresh memory and help you see whyach is Double Jeopardy essential to story The best part about this book were the actual writer case studies he shares where authors have answered the uestions he gave them about their stories and he analyzes and tells them if they re on point or if they have strayed far off course These were very helpful to understanding how to make my own story better before writing it I would suggest reading Story Engineering and Story Physics before reading this book though Gah YES I can t saynough good things about this book ESPECIALLY since it has rekindled my love for my story and for writing A MUST READ for anyone who wants to where to Composition and Literature even begin with revising their own novel This is incredibly useful resource for writers though there s a large chunk of author intervention parts where you wish he d just get on with it rather than the long preamble but still massively useful once you get to the grist of things Pick this up when you re stuck in your revisions or prepping to propose your st There s some very useful stuff in here I Reinvigorate Your FictionYou've written the first draft of your novel or screenplay and you've released it into the world to your critiue group to your most trusted beta readers orven to an agent or an Cezanne and Provence editor But something's wrong You're not getting the glowing response you hadxpected or you might have ven received a rejection Your story is getting a Meh when you had hoped for an Amazing But have no fear the piece you've sweated and bled over isn't dead on arrival It just needs fixing Story Fix is the answer to your revision needs With practical techniues

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T was building off another book by him which he did in fact reference In any case it was still interesting if only for being able to consider his ideas about the initial broad concepts concept versus premise Apart from of Larry Brooks trademark preaching to the choir I bought your books on story architecture dude I know how important it is it gave me 125 notes to add to my manual so money well spent He mphasizes like few others how vital it is to nail the concept and the premise instead of wasting hours upon hours giving CPR to a story that is weak on both He is one of those writing teachers who follows a sort of four act structure with the traditional second act split in two yet uses pinch points which for me are clearly the climaxes of both the second and third act of a five act structure Don t read this book It will create competition for me Please go to the beach and meditate and wait for your story to manifest from the voice from the collective consciousness of the cosmosOkay Kidding aside when reading a Larry Brooks book I feel like I m getting insider trading information as if I m cheating on a test For a moment I don t wanna do a review It s for selfish reasons so I relenteventually My review will promote his bo Five stars for Story Fix I absolutely loved this author s previous craft books Actually they are the reason I got published Bold statement I know but it s true So when I heard he had a new craft book out I could hardly wait to read it In this little book of h 3 stars less specific and therefore less useful than Story Engineering Character Development Story Concept Scene Construction. Y Fix isn't just about revision it's about resurrection Infuse your fiction with a much needed jolt of lectricity and bring it back to life Larry Brooks is a superb storyteller and teacher If anyone can fix your novel it's him Put this one on your desk and read it often Robert Dugoni #1 and New York Times best selling author of My Sister's Grave Story Fix is the ultimate writer's companion for taking any manuscript to the next level A staple for the beginner a refresher for the pro Joe Moore #1 and international best selling co author of The Blade and The Shiel.