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Ve had with their melodramatic star I love Fancy Nancy and her colossal vocabulary that s fancy for nowing lotsa words Nancy and her little sister JoJo are having a sleepover at Mrs Devine s and Nancy is worried that JoJo is going to miss mom and dad too much to enjoy the sleepover But maybe they ll have so much fun they won t have time to miss mom and dad Or maybe mom and dad are going to be missed no matter what So much suspense This installment of the Fancy Nancy series tells the story of Nancy and her sister s sleepover at Mrs Devine s house The girls eventually fall asleep but there is a surprise twist in the outcomeThis book is contemporary realistic fiction as it is a fictional story that could have happenedI would use this book to teach about the mentor trait of word choice This book uses fancy words throughout but incorporates the definition right into the story During writing instruction I would use this text as an example of how important words are in making a story fancy I would also instruct students on how to use a thesaurus to find a interesting word to replace a common wordThis book is a silly story that both boys and girls will enjoy because almost everyone can relate to having a sleepover The book level is 27 I could not find the guided reading level for this book but I would estimate that it is an M or N Thissss reminded me so much of my first sleepover and I loved that the roles really ended up flipping between Nancy and JoJo The artwork was amazing as always I love to see Nancy with her family but I think she needs a lot friends it s always the same face. And the Posh PuppyFancy Nancy Bonjour ButterflyFancy Nancy Splendiferous ChristmasFancy Nancy and the Fabulous Fashion BoutiueFancy Nancy and the Mermaid BalletFancy Nancy Fanciest Doll in the UniverseFancy Nancy and the Wedding of the CenturyFancy Nancy 10th Anniversary EditionFancy Nancy Saturday Night SleepoverFancy Nancy Oodles of Kittens?.

Five stars of course Jane O Connor is the best picture book author in my opinion Love the story and LOVE the illustrations This was my daughters first Fancy Nancy book and it is safe to say that we are going to have to buy it Ha My almost 5 year old loves the bright glittery look of the Fancy Nancy series Nancy doesn t appeal to meI m not anywhere near as fancy but my daughter loves glitter and bright clothes and dresses and dolls and all the things Nancy adoresThis book also has a fun storyline that holds my child s attention As the mom I smiled at the one page where Mrs DeVine is holding a comb where all the teeth have broken off into her handwhile Nancy sits in front of a vanity with recently combed hair With Nancy s normally wild curly hair that s usually laced with flowers or ribbons or twisted into some fancy hairdo I loved the subtle humor about what it d do to a comb to brush itI also thought the twist over who ended up needing comfort for the sleepover was good and that Nancy s sweetness to her little sister was awwww It s great to see books that encourage older children to be ind to their younger siblings instead of teasing them I remember my first sleepover it was terrifying This might be my favourite of the Fancy Nancy picture books I ve read so far I much prefer the I Can Read series for some reason After Nancy s parents win a trip for two Nancy and JoJo have to spend the night with Mrs DeVine Nancy anticipates that JoJo might have a difficult time so she tries to prepare her little sister for the sleepove Another adorable Fancy Nancy book This one the girls ha. When Nancy's parents win an all expenses paid vacation Nancy and JoJo get to sleep over at their neighbor's home Mrs DeVine's But JoJo is a little nervous to sleep at someone else's house luckily Nancy is an expert on sleepovers and can help prepare her little sisterThe big night arrives and JoJo and Nancy have a blast at Mrs DeVine's But when.

Ve to sleepover at the neighbor s while mom dad go on a trip Nancy packs all inds of things for JoJo so she isn t scared Turns out Nancy is really glad to have her little sister along Bonne nuit The ninth book in the series captured all the whimsical art and clever story writing that made me fall in love with this series O Connor s story was well balanced and entertaining Glasser s illustrations were charming I enjoyed that the story started on the dedication page Nancy handling her sister s sadness was sweet JoJo was precious What stood out in this book were the facial expressions Sometimes Glasser defaults to certain faces The least impressive books in the series have of these canned faces than the books that stand out ie the books I rate highly Perhaps Glasser is inspired by the story material in those books Whatever the reason Nancy s brave night away from Mum Dad was a delightful twist and all the entertaining because of Glasser s skill at rendering faces and figures I also was impressed with the attention Glasser paid to fabrics Stripes plaids and herringbone patterns added texture to the art even when washed in nighttime blues My favorite was the rose patterned uilt What a lot of work to illustrate yet it seemed effortless not labored Studying these nine original Fancy Nancy books has been an interesting experience for me I never paid them much attention before even when I bought them for my daughters over the years I new my youngest girls liked them and that was enough I m glad I took time to revisit them Jane O Connor and Robin Preiss Glasser deserve the success they. It's time for bed it turns out Nancy wasn't as prepared as she thought Good thing there is nothing better than a sister to make you feel betterPerfect for fans of the Eloise Olivia and other Fancy Nancy booksOoh la la Fancy Nancy is starring in her own fabulous TV show on Disney Junior READ THE BOOKS THAT STARTED IT ALLFancy NancyFancy Nancy.

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Since the publication of Fancy Nancy Jane O'Connor's closet now boasts so many boas tiaras and sparkly ensembles that sometimes friends do not recognize her on the street She still resides that's a fancy word for lives in New York City with her family and their canine companion Arrow from the publisher's website