Sarah J. Brooks: Kings Game (A Dark Alpha Billionaire, #1)

Oks I always wait until they are all out to read because I don t have the patience to wait a couple of weeks for the next chapter This is one of those books you just can t wait to read what is going to happen next Me Brooks always draw you in immediately Glad I waited Off to read book 2 Billionaire RomanceKings Game by Sarah J BrooksThis gets better all the time I m really njoying this series a student and lawyerly and a guy we don t know who he is now so you should keep up with the book Margie Moran Worth readingSo far the series is worth reading I njoyed the odd behavior that is for sure going to make odd twists come If he has to Before Jennifer realizes it she becomes part of King's game Readers should be 18 and over due to mature situations and language.

This book is similar to another book I just read I am not sure which book was written first and I am not saying that the dialogue is xactly the same but some scenes are so similar that I felt like I was reading the same book This is not for me to figure out Just something I want to note for myself view spoilerKing s Game and This story was okay The heroine says she won t have sex with the hero but she does She does not know anything about him but has unprotected sex In the dition I just read there is no mention of a condom The verbiage is awkward The heroine talks about her juices dripping and how she had to go to the bat. The New Dark Alpha Billionaire Romance Series by Bestselling Author SJ Brooks When twenty one year old law student Jennifer Roy starts workin.

Hroom and cleans herself loc 218 Then she mentions a suirt of cstasy loc 262The heroine has a slutty friend Rose who likes to thrust herself at men loc 130 I do not know why heroines have friends who do thisThe hero is a successful attorney The heroine is a law student She is very bright Helped her parents out of a foreclosure when she was 16 Her dad had cancer and the family had difficulties Anyway the heroine graduated arlier than most The hero is assigned as her adviser hide spoiler Book 1Fun interesting read Piued my interest immediately Looking forward to learning about Ryan King s game What he is up too On series bo. G for the irresistible star lawyer Ryan King her world turns upside down The gorgeous alpha billionaire always gets what he wants he takes it.

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