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Re out where Cape Bay is supposed to be and I naturally assumed Cape Cod but it appears to be North Shore because Plymouth is the nearest town with a big box store I also loved the coffee shop aspect At first there was too much coffee and not enough food but once cupcakes entered the picture I was sold The book contains some very yummy sounding recipes I must try However even small New England towns can boast excellent coffee shops with authentic Italian espresso so don t be afraid to visit us outside the pages of a book I strongly identify with Francesca Italian American girl returning to er New England coastal Dem Nordpol am nächsten hometown from big city living check loves cupcakes check and values family food traditions check pet lover check She s smart abouter investigating and uses Heart Beat her knowledge of the locals and their love of gossip to get answers She doesn t go off recklessly or try to prove anything Her chemistry with Matt is awesome They re definitely than friends and NOT brother and sister He s sweet and fun It sounds like Matt is also a successful businessman and loves living inis The Site Book hometown Head a complicated relationship with The Devils Possession his father but that doesn t meane s not grieving I like Betraying Beauty (Vegas Titans, how comfortablee and Fran are together and Vrolok how she knows whate needs Mr Cardosi sounded so familiar I think my great uncle Frank WAS Mr Cardosi minus the murder Mr Cardosi was SO Italian He was proud temperamental and 僕の愛を知れ! [Boku no Ai o Shire!] held a grudge Yete The Boy Who Would Not Say His Name had aidden softer side Job-Hunting for the So-Called Handicapped he didn t often show the world I likedim in spite of The Hunger Within his faults probably because my dad is going to be like that whene s a little older There aren t too many other characters Between Two Skies here besides Fran s police officer friend Mike He s tough but fair and sympathetic He gets tough whene Witch-Hunting in Seventeenth-Century New England has to be but otherwise is sensitive to the situation There s also Sammy Franny s rightand woman in the caf She s almost too perky and kind to be true I m not sure I like Nude Girls Photography Presents Ass Pussy From Behind - Compilation Vol. 5 her There are a couple of local figures appearing in the novel but I don t know if they will be recurring characters Finally there s Latte my favorite character I won t reveal too much aboutim but I liked The Dolce Diet him a lot Some ofis behavior wasn t all that normal for a pet but I liked Brave Enough howe was included in the storyThis series Spunk has something for everyone My libraryas this series on audiobook MP3 and I plan to download them and listen soon Cute little cozy mystery. ’s son Matty The Kafka of 238th Street happens to be Francesca’s oldigh school friend Together they uncover the secrets of the locals in order to find the killer in their idyllic beach town Includes two special cupcake recip.

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Iend s recommendation saying this is a typical yet a delightful cozy mystery that leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy I m glad that I trusted The Letters to the Thessalonians her judgment and actually read it because what she said turned out absolutely right I really enjoyed and adored this cute cozy mystery In most cases with cozy mysteries protagonists typicallyeroines tend to get on my nerves They are either ave ardly any strong reason for their ow A sweet little cozy that sees Fran return to er ometown after the death of Ivory (The Ivory Saga her mother just to stumble across the dead body of one ofer neighbours With the Never Go Back (Jack Reacher, help ofer neighbours grandson Matt an old school friend Fran attempts to solve the murder I found this book an enjoyable light read A refreshing change from all the grim murder stories out there I often found myself grinning at the predicaments Fran found The Temple of Death herself in especially when stray dogs were involved All in all a fun read and I will be looking out for the rest of the series Really enjoyed this book Liked the characters a lot and the way it was written Will look for books by Harper lin Nice cupcake recipes too This was an adorable little cozy mystery It was such a fast read and I liked that the plot wasn t drawn out or elaborate I love that meeting Matty was sweet and light and never got all detailed and odd Kindle freebie at time of download worth paying forFrancesca Amaroas returned to er ometown of Cape Bay Massachusetts from big city living in New York following the death of Shame On Her Volume 3 her mother Francesca takes great pride in runninger late grandparents caf and lives living in their old Bisk CPA Review houseer childhood A Crazy Kind of Love home among all the family friends and neighbors Sometimes though the local busybodies are too much for Francesca Oner way The Medieval Forest home one day she discovers a neighbor Mr Cardosi slumped overis morning coffee dead When the autopsy reveals Mr Cardosi did not die of natural causes Francesca s old classmate Mike is on the job trying to solve the mystery Francesca is frustrated by lack of progress and wants to The Road Beyond Ruin helper old friend Matteo solve the mystery of Backlash his father s death I loved this book There s a strong mystery that s impossible to solve no clues a bit of romance and a lot of local color I especially liked the local color Having spent my summers on Cape Cod I know exactly what Cape Bay looks like and smells like andow annoying tourists can be I was trying to figu. An Café She spends Bloody Bones (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, her days making delicious artisan cappuccinos until she stumbles uponer neighbor’s dead body When the police discover Mr Cardosi was poisoned Francesca becomes a suspect The victim.

Enjoyable story The mystery was a bit weak I enjoyed the characters and the friendship between the MC and Matt On the upside no cop boyfriend and no romantic triangle Honestly I was disappointed with this bookFirstly it took me ages to finish it even though it was a uite short one but I Bloody Bones (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, had to force my self to pick it up and continue At some points I was so bored that I even thought of dnfing it Secondly I uite like cozy mysteries that are funny fluffy and with a little bit of romance but there were nothing interesting about this book The mystery was poorly done the main character Fran was 30 and something years old but sometimes acted like she was a teenager All the time she gave an impression that she can do everything better than the professionals Also there were lack of character development overall because I couldn t care less about any of them Well maybe I m lying actually I liked the dog and that s all Moreover there were nothing funny about this book and the romance between characters felt strange Thirdly the ending was too rushed compared to the rest of the book and didn t make any sense Do I recommend this book Definitely not I m a fan of Harper Lin I feel she tells a good story with a good flow relatable characters and yes editing that was A OK To top it off this seriesas a great setting who wouldn t love a cozy cafe in a seaside setting especially one that In Defense of Food has been in the family for seventy years There is the added bonus of the MC reconnecting to an old male childhood friend albeit under sad and trying circumstances and a slow but steady rebuilding of that friendship I also liked that the MC started investigating with the thought in mind that whatever she pulled together would be shared with the police she didn t start out as so many MCs unfortunately do by thinking the authorities were just simply incompetent I enjoyed this one andave already started the second in the series I decided to read this because it was a Cozy Mystery Corner and as an added bonus was available today on for freeIt was a fast and fun read I read it this afternoon in a few ours it s only novella length what the book lacks in length and the strength mystery plot it makes up for in extremely likeable characters So give it a try like I said it s FREE today on so you ave nothing to lose except for a few Black and White hours of reading time I picked up this book with my fr. A new culinary cozy mystery series with recipes from bestselling author Harper Lin Francesca Amaro moves back toer ometown of Cape Bay Massachusetts and takes over the family business Antonia’s Itali.

Harper Lin is the USA Today Bestselling Author of The Patisserie Mysteries The Emma Wild Holiday Mysteries The Wonder Cats Mysteries and The Cape Bay Cafe Mysteries When she's not reading or writing mysteries she loves going to yoga classes hiking and hanging out with her family and friends 
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