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Developing and optimizing my own workflow for years I thought I knew everything I m glad that I still decided to read this book because it has taught me even and motivated me to further experiment. M confident that after reading Digital Fine Art Printing Field Guide For Photographers you’ll find printing can be fun rewarding and a great way to share your photography Finally an easy to nderstand guide to digital printing for the rest of s Topics covered The value of printing Selecting fine art papers Choosing a printer Optimizing capture Printing workflows Using the Lightroom Print Module Color management principles Presentation ideas mu.

Great source for mastering fine art printingI have sed pro level Epson printers for years and taught myself how to Up Close and Personal use them by reading the manual andser forums on the internet Especially in the. Are you curious but intimidated about the thought of making your own fine art prints Or maybe you’re already printing but not happy with your results Confused about inkjet printers fine art papers color management and profiles print permanence resolutionand so on Let’s face it printing can be a frustrating and expensive proposition But it doesn’t have to be that way and now you too can make great prints As a Canson Infinity ambassador and

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First year it has been a daunting task to produce high The Ice Maidens Sheikh (Sons of the Desert uality prints since there are so many variables And back then I wasn t even aware of the impact that different kinds of paper can have After. Rint maker I regularly give seminars and workshops to photographers who want to learn the art and craft of making prints And the good news is that with today’s technology anyone is capable including you My goal in writing this book was to provide you with a “field guide” than you can put tose right away as you work in your home or studio And in the process demystify digital printing once and for all Whether you’re a beginner or pro I’.