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Ving she s the carrier for a much eadlier strand of the bacterium she s forced her to go on the run Desperate for a cure she believes may be out there she s going on nothing but the rumor of the existence of the one man that may be able to help her Jax MercuryJax is an ex gang member turned army special ops that is now the leader of a vigilante group of Scorpius survivors When Lynn Blue Heart Harmony shows up on his American Legal History door with the promise of a cure in exchange for a favor she won t name yet he s intrigued and suspicious There s an instant spark of attraction between them even though they couldn t beifferent The chemistry sparks up right away and only intensifies with each new The Evolution of Technology day that Lynn spends at his camp Any chance you could get lost in the momentGreen eyes if I got lost in the moment you be bent over the bed face in the pillows begging to come with every fiber of your being I Objective PET Students Book with Answers [With CDROM] d make you promise everything There is a novella that sets up the series that I haven t read yet On the Hunt That being said I had no problems falling right into the set up of the world building The chemistry between Jax and Lynne was easily my favorite part but I highly enjoyed this new world that Rebecca Zanetti has written Think Mad Max meet I Am Legend The story itself is action packed with not aull moment to be found There s twists at every turn that are enough to keep you on your toes and eagerly turning the pages And Ethan Marcus Stands Up did I mention the romance Because oh my ovaries was it hot Sweet you could ve handled Sure there would ve been emotion and that s tough But this way My wayThis way I ll own you Lynn was a fantastic heroine with just enough backbone to make her the right sort of kick ass but also with a vulnerability to endear her as well Jax was everything I love in a heroamaged with a hidden vulnerable side with a Matti In the Wallet dash ofirty talker He was absolute perfection There s a slew of secondary characters introduced as well that caught my attention right away The main one being Raze Lucky for me his story will be next and the set up for it Shiver inducingI have a feeling that fans of Rebecca Zanetti will be eating up this series with the same fervor I had Filled with action and suspense captivating characters and super sexy romance this book managed to hit every single one of my checkboxes He Raised in Captivity dropped his forehead to hers his hand encircling her nape Then he slid out and back in the feeling as close to heaven as a killer like he would ever find ARC courtesy of publisher in exchange for an honest review Graphic is stock purchased and created by me for DGR blog Pleaseon t share without permissionFind me on 4 Zombie Walking Dead I Mean Ripper StarsSo you know those books you reuest from Netgalleythen realize a year later that you still haven t read Then you randomly open your kindle one Think (Ars Lamina) Level 2 Workbook day and it s staring right at youJudging you and your procrastinate tendenciesWell that was this book for me Shame on me In fact I reuested this bad boy blurb unread at the advice of a friend whoeemed it a must read if I remember correctlyWell after reading a couple things from this author before her militaryspec ops series imagine my surprise when I cracked this thing open and realized it was not merely an action romance as I was expectingbut a post apocalyptic thriller ish romance reminiscent to me anyway of The Walking Dead The Strain or Resident Evil Now let me just say This kind of shit is NOT usually my bagSo when I realized the Two Brothers, One Tail direction this book was going I thought to myselfid I really just read what I thought I read This is going to be a Zombie book No way But Yeah I uickly realized this was legit And espite my initial misgivings I really enjoyed this thing As I mentioned this was a post apocalyptic tale about the world following the ravaging effects of you guessed it some crazy wazoo virus thing Although in this book it s NOT a virus It s a BACTERIUM But you know what Virus BacteriumIt s all the same to me But anyway this bacterium thing has killed over 90% of the population legitimately and now the survivors are oing their post apocalyptic super bacteria virus survival thing HOWEVER There is always a however in super bacteria virus survival movies peoplePeople killed by the super bacteria become one of three things1 A crazed Zombie like eat your face off type of Ripper 2 An unemotional completely non empathetic but functional serial killer type Ripper 3 Or a recovered non Ripperwith somewhat enhanced brain abilities Not only were all of those exciting happenings going on but this was all taking place in my hood Los Angeles Hello 405 freeway how I loathe love youAND there was a Hispanic purple wearing LA gang called the Twentys Who had evolved from just regular gang bangingto post apocalyptic survival banging So yeah lots going on hereIn fact the reason I m not giving this 5 stars is that sometimes I felt like there were too many things going on Too many enemies to focus on Which made it Why Americas Top Pundits Are Wrong drag a little in some parts for me Otherwise I really enjoyed the shit out of this thing Jax was an awesomely hot alpha male hero and Lynne was okay too I ve already started reading book twoand itidn t even take me a year Find me at. LA he’s her only hope As the one woman who could cure the Citizen Cain disease Lynne is the single most volatile and vulnerable creature in this new and ruthless world But face to face with Jax Mercury  Danger has never looked uite soelicious.

Summary Mercury Striking

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35 StarsOverall Opinion I was in the mood for something Trail of Secrets different and this seemed right up my alley I m intrigued by post apocalyptic romances so if anyone has any suggestions I love to hear them I think the storyline world building characters and steam were all goodbut the actual romantic connection felt a little lacking I also was bummed there wasn t closure as I went in thinking this was a standalone but that s my bad I How to Train a Cowboy didn t hate it or anything and Iid enjoy a lot of it A solid 35 stars read for meBrief Summary of the Storyline This is Lynne and Jax s story Lynne is on the run and willingly gets captured by Jax s people because she needs his help She is known as the CDC employee that started the outbreak of a brain altering bacteria that wipe own out majority of the population so Jax is not eager to trust her Lynne knows she needs Jax to find a secret lab and to collect whatever information there to help find a cure or at least a way for humans to live with the bacteria There are some suspenseful scenes some sad moments some sexy timesand there is a HFN endingPoint Of View POV This alternated focusing mainly on Lynne and Jax in 3rd person narrative with a few sections focusing on side characters as well Overall Pace o Mercury Striking is a nice balance of action and romance I enjoyed the action a lot than the romance because I find Mercury s personality to be militant hard and practical perfect for a high intensity action thriller Take this same personality into the bedroom though and I m a bit isappointed I find the romance to be too stiff mechanical and perfunctory Nevertheless I would recommend this book to fans who prefer a lot of action with a practical measure of romance I received this title in exchange for my honest opinion Thank you especially to the author and publisher for kindly giving me an opportunity to review this title 45 star ARC Review In individuals insanity is rare but in groups parties nations and epochs it is the rule Friedrich Nietzsche Mercury Rising is an explosive A Touch of Persuasion (Men Of Wolff Mountain debut for Rebecca Zanetti s latest The Scorpius Syndrome It s aystopian series in which a pandemic wipes out over 90% of the population in the United States It is unclear how the 4 Blue Heart StarsPrettier Review Vanilla Spice Books The next world war will be between man and nature Nature has never lost When I read I seem to always have scenes from movies not necessarily characters with a similar theme in my mind and thus applying colors for the book In this case it was the Watch for Me by Moonlight (The Midnight Twins, desert yellow brown of scenes from Mad Max Why my mindoes that no idea but it works for me to be in a certain mindset when I read to feel the atmosphereWe are thrown into a world of utter The Mommy Makeover devastation martial law and vigilantism 99 percent of the population in the United States have been killed by a bacterium called Scorpius People infected with itie uickly but horribly Those who survive have a good chance ending up being Rippers creatures with hightened intelligence but total lack of empathy turning them into organized serial killers or zombie like beings mindlessly killing humans in horrible ways Those who surviv AwesomeThis is one of the best The Convicts Bounty Bride (Convict Wives dystopias I ve read and Ion t say that lightly I absolutely love the world builder and the character A River of Royal Blood (Untitled, development The romance part was why itidn t get a full 5 stars from me it First Blood didn t really tickle all my senses what a weird thing to say but you get the idea rightAnyway it was really well written and worth reading especially if you likeystopias 5 All the gentleman are The Palliser Novels dead baby Soldiers and survivors are what we have now StarsIf you were to tell me prior to reading Mercury Striking that I would willingly read a romantic suspense book that has the inclusion of Zombie type characters as part of its main theme I would have promptly told you Hell No As a reader film goer and just general human being Io not Men And Gods In Mongolia do horror no matter what the level in any shape type or form But this is Rebecca Zanetti and I just couldn t resistAnd I am glad Iid because although there are some gruesome bits on my level of gore anyway most people would probably not be bothered this book i 25 starsFull ReviewI received this book for free in exchange for an honest review This Hunter Killer (Pike Logan does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my reviewWith aeadly Brazen and the Beast (The Bareknuckle Bastards, disease unleashed on the world Lynne the former head of the CDC Center for Disease Control is on the run Known as Blue Heart because after contracting the Scorpiusisease experiments on her to find a cure have colored her heart and the veins surrounding it blue Lynne is trying to make it to a clinic known as Myriad and hope the rumors are true and a cure is there Running from her ex boyfriend who is now the President of the United States she looks for help from Jax Mercury He was a Delta Force soldier who gathered a group of people together to try and survive against the illness Rippers people who have been turned into serial killers by the The Friend Zone disease and other survivors Food is scarce but trust is even rarer in this time Lynne and Jax are going to need a lot of the former if they re going to survive As book one in a new romantic suspense apocalyptical se. “Thrilling post apocalyptic romance at itsark sizzling best” Lara AdrianNothing is easy or black or white in Zanetti's grim new reality but hope is key and I hope she writes faster” New York Times bestselling author Larissa

Ries this started off into the action right away so much so I felt pretty lost for most of the beginning There is apparently a novella that actually starts off the series and begins the world building in regards to the Flying Scotsman Manual deadlyisease Scorpius being Alpha (Shifters, discovered unleashed and its effect on the world I would highly suggest reading that first so youon t feel as left behind as I Whalerider did reading this one As the story went on I was able to get a better handle on the current world setting but unfortunately thisidn t happen until well into the second half The Charlie Turns Into a T-Rex disease and how it affects everyone someie some survive to become carriers and some become Rippers was a little muddled The Rippers and their Graphic Design For Everyone different sociopathic tendencies some become serial killers and some thoughtless rabid beasts seemed like too much variation for a 300 novel all the ideas aren t fully flushed out However as this looks to be a building continuous series maybe in later books the ideas introduced here will become fully formed Lynne s part in the Scorpiusisease as the head of CDC was another part I never felt like all the Considering Kate (The Stanislaskis, dots connected but again reading the novella could help here as she is introduced in that one There was telling of her toughness escaping her imprisonment and making her way across what is left of the United States to Jax in LA but not a lot of showing In fact a lot of instances happen off screen with characters talking about them later Her game plan of partnering with Jax specifically because she heard about him on the news before things really fell apart felt somewhat forced but lucky her he turned out to be super hot Jax had of a backstory than what is usually afforded typical alpha heroes but his character too felt forced The added in minor BDSM play in the bedroom felt obligatory for what the current market wants Theyid have good interplay with each other but there was a lot happening in this story to interrupt them The story leaned a lot on the sexual side there are many bedroom scenes in the beginning and middle I Sweetland didn t feel a connection between our leads insta attraction that morphs into insta lust are the basis for their relationship and so I found them filler than engaging There were a plethora of secondary characters Jax s medic friend Tace the mysterious Raze the possibly psychic little girl Lena Cruz who heads the rival gang Twenty Lynne s ex boyfriend and president of the United States Bret and many Jax s fighting Cruz for resources and because of an old feud and Lynne s trying to find a cure for Scorpius while running from Bret all this with the end of the world theme made for a very busy book with nothing being able to fully be focused on The story appeared to be fighting with itself as to if it wanted to be a romance suspense or end ofays book the parts weren t always cohesive The concept of a Art of Laurel and Hardy deadlyisease wiping out ninety nine percent of the population and the aftermath is intriguing and parts of the world building are here for that but there were a lot of half formed and Hers To Cherish (Verdantia, dangling threads too This has many high ratings I m theissenting voice on this one so read the novella and maybe give this a try if looking for a sexual apocalyptic story The hero and heroine who star in the second book are introduced here and their story The Intelligent Entrepreneur does look to be interesting Walking Dead fans aren t we sad to see Rick being all afraid and non killy Well you need this book Our hero Jax is the leader of a group of survivors in a post apocalyptic world after a bacteria kills most of the population and he is a killing machine A good killing machine The kind we love becauseeep The Summer of the Ubume down he has a heart 5 Stars She was everything heidn t Distracted - Acting Edition deserve everything good and he make sure she stayed safe for the rest of her life no matter what he had to Trauma heilen do Rebecca Zanetti s Sin Brothers series was easily my favorite that I read by heruntil I read this book I m hooked and there s no looking back Now admittedly I m not a reader that enjoys the post apocalyptic world in my books But Rebecca is one of the few authors I was willing to make an exception for because I truly love her work and boy was I glad that Iid because I loved the absolute hell out of this book It s not your typical post apocalyptic zombie story It s so much than that and with an intriguing twist to boot The world building is rich and captivating the romance is sizzling hot and the set up is so enticing that you ll be hooked from the very first chapter Were you like this before Scorpius JaxLike what he whisperedA killer without remorse A survivor at all costs So coldYes I ve always been like this When a eadly bacterium struck and killed off 99% of the population it left the survivorsdifferent If they managed to survive the Scorpius induced fever their brain was forever altered either heightening their intelligence but turning half of the infected into Rippers These Rippers coming in two kinds highly organized and intelligent serial killers or just plain crazy Lynn Harmony was the former head of infectious iseases at the CDC until she got infected and an experiment for a cure on herself went wrong and gave her a very Clean Tech, Clean Profits distinct blue heart Now with people belie. One  With nothing but rumors to lead her Lynne Harmony has trekked across a nightmare landscape to find one man a mysteriousamaged legend who protects the weak and leads the strong He’s than muscle and firepower and in post plague.

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Rebecca Zanetti has worked as an art curator Senate aide lawyer college professor and a hearing examiner only to culminate it all in stories about Alpha males and the women who claim them She writes dark paranormals romantic suspense and sexy contemporary romances