John Corwin: Conrad Edison and The Living Curse Overworld Arcanum #1

Tasy The author does a good ob of taking bits and pieces of what is expected of a certain type of YA fantasy and fuses them into something a bit different There is a good deal of death in this book so I would suggest parents sueamish about their children reading of such things may want to read the book in advance I think the book sets up a series that will be interesting with a big emphasis on how Conrad and his friends are not their parents though from what is shown in this book they have an uphill battle with the neighbors InterestingI started off really confused couldn t figure out how this fit in So decided to Détente just go with it Finally the timeline started to make sense Those Goodreile People wereust awful and the doctor deranged I am hoping that the headmaster was right they don t need evil running around. His cursed fate Conrad decides to escape the orphanage once and for all The phone leads him to a magical place called ueens Gate and for the first time in his life he dares to hope for a better life But unless he can free himself from the curse the terrible secret it guards could destroy everythi.

Ambria is a bossy little bitch Really enjoyed this book Reminded me of Harry Potter Didn t want to stop reading to go to bed Great story Not Harry Potter at allThis is a great story full of characters you want to invest your time in I didn t read Harry Potter so I don t get the comparison This is a successful attempt to expand on the universe that John has created in his other novels The overworld universe Please keep them coming Cute storyWhile apparently aimed at the YA market this was still a fun story to read No doubt comparisons to the Harry Potter books will be made because of the nature of the story A young orphan discovers his magical lineage is hot stuff on a flying broomstick has his gal pal also from the orphanage where he had lived and his guy pal the first boy his age he meets when he arrives in. CURSED FOR LIFE Conrad Edison is cursed His foster parents die in horrible ways around his birthday and he ends up back at the orphanage where he and the other children are treated like indentured servants Forced to work the farm and other menial chores Conrad holds no hope for a better life When.

The Overworld and ends up being a hero The are some other parallels but that s pretty much where the similarities stopWhile it isn t necessary to read John Corwin s Overworld series first it does provide some background and characters and events from that series are referenced in this book So you might as well read them too They are good entertainment This story is lots of fun and full of adventure It is not really meant for younger teens or children though the protagonists are pre teens Kill em all A well written magical worldIf you like Harry potter then you will enjoy this book The plot was interesting and moved at a great place The book was darker than Harry potter but still fine for a young adult audience The author really brought the magical world to life Solid entry into the Harry Potter school of fan. A man with the ability to mind control animals inexplicably tries to kill Conrad the harrowing scrape with death gives him a new perspective on life He discovers the man had a flying carpet and a talking phone and that the orphanage is only the front for an insidious slave ring Determined to elude.

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John Corwin is the bestselling author of the Overworld ChroniclesHe enjoys long walks on the beach and is a firm believer in puppies and kittensAfter years of getting into trouble thanks to his overactive imagination John abandoned his male modeling career to write booksHe resides in Atlanta