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Ased in a very succinct and easy to understand manner You can implement these pieces of advice right away If you enjoy Ghazali s work then you l enjoy this short book You l ikely re read it several times The introduction and preface will take you Milking the Dogs, Part 1 longer to read than the actual book itself Don t be fooled by it s size though there s plenty of ideas to reflect onThe preface alone draws a number of similarities between Al Ghazali and other philosophers Who knew Ghazali uestioned reason itself and became a sceptic hundreds of years before DescartesI alsoike the poetry uoted throughoutOn Action Ghazali uotes Though thou pour two thousand measures of wine Unless thou drink no oblivion is thineIt s a short book to read on your hammock during these Larong Pinoy (LgM Books For Children, 5) lazy summer days uick and precise al Ghazali provides his beloved son or student with cup fulls of wisdom With al Ghazali s sources coming from the ur an the Sunnah and from otherearned men al Ghazali illuminates critical advice for any one who seeks The Path Amassing of knowledge is not the goal as al Ghazali elucidates but rather preparing one s self and soul for the Final End Meaningful and useful to all This book is outstanding The great Imam al Ghazali rA imparts twenty four pieces of valuable wisdom to the reader I had intended to read one piece of advice a day but after I read the first I couldn t put the book down definitely a must read. On religious and spiritual action and on putting into practice the knowledge that one has acuired Letter to a Disciple can be considered as the ast testament of he who is regarded as Hujjat al Islam the 'Proof of Islam' This new translation is presented here as a bilingual English Arabic editi.

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Short concise and brilliant The actual etter is only about 30 32 pages if you just count the translation but has number of great points that one can act on and Mrs. Piggle-Wiggles Farm leave you thinking for aong time The preface and the introduction are also pretty good and give a great historical and biographical introduction to Ghazali Planning to re read this one and maybe study it a bit Even now after than 800 years this short yet incredibly relevant classic speaks to the modern individual with clarifying thought It distills the need for practicality behind the search for knowledge all while placing it behind the specter of the impermanence of How To Be A Domestic Goddess life A thought provoking work and one to refer to often My first ever reading of Al Ghazali The discourse is beautiful Aesson that stood out and is relatively easy for me to incorporate in my Velvet Moon (Annwyn Chronicles, life is O disciple knowledge without action is madness and action without knowledge is void The rest is a framework for a very arduous journey and reuires aot of discipline the heart in the right place and a strong unwavering belief in God I am not ready for it yet I also feel that I will be coming back to it as I mature and I definitely know that it has much to offer than a first superficial reading Why 5 starsIt is up there for one of the most practical and essential pieces of writing one can have Some of the wisdom in this writingMy dear sonBe not bankrupt of good dee. 'Work for your terrestrial Kine (The Kine Saga, life in proportion to yourocation in it and work for your afterlife in proportion to your eternity in it' This is part of the advice that the great theologian and mystic Abu Hamid al Ghazali 1058 1111 AD put down in his Letter to a Disciple An old disciple of al Ghaz.

Ds nor void of spiritual status Know for certain that abstract knowledge alone will neither increase you in power nor strengthen your situation Likewise if a brave warrior in possession of ten Indian swords and other weapons was alone in the wilderness and a great ferocious The History of Dark Corner Campbell County, Ga lion attacked him do you think the weapons could defend him if they were not used against theion It is well known that arms cannot defend people unless they are brought into use By the same principle if a man read a hundred thousand scientific theories they would be of no use to him if he did not try and apply them This took just an hour to read but is one of those pieces of works that should be revised constantly Having spent the Q-Squared last few months reading a dullishengthy piece of work it was refreshing to read something so benefiting and mind provoking in such a short period of time The author Imam Al Ghazali was a theologian at the highest 천년구미호 [Cheonnyeon Kumiho] level and is regarded amongst the religious and even the non religious for his works Strongly recommend Al Ghazali is a 11th century Persian Theologian Jurist Philosopher and Mystic This book is a collection ofetters he wrote to his disciplines Its a uick read however the message is deep Al Ghazali emphasises on doing good deeds gaining knowledge and this knowledge must also be put into action Beautifully written A very uick and extremely insightful book 24 pieces of advice phr. Ali had studied the Islamic sciences including the many works of his master for most of his ife Faced with the proximity of death he turns again to his master this time asking for a summary of all his teachings Letter to a Disciple is al Ghazali's response The emphasis in this short treatise is.

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