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Both things plus British English you will like this boo. S we all face I love psychological thrillers and romantic suspense with plenty of twists and surprises with Chastity Black I was able to incorporate them all If I invest time in reading a book I want to spend time with a page turner It's the same with writing your reader has made that same investment and it's a priority to give them something special We all need a little escapism sometimes Is this a novel or a series A It started as a series but readers insisted on the next episode so I felt it better to bundle the series to make it less expensive for my readers Will there be adventures with Chastity Black A I love writing the Chastity Black series so yes I'm hoping to have a new erotic suspense novel out in 2017 Is there any part of Chastity Black based on real characters or events A No it's all fiction Chastity Black Categories ContemporaryWomen RomanticSuspense ContemporaryRomance Women'sFiction EroticFiction RomanticSuspenseSeries Mystery Thriller Suspense erotica for women with explicit sex.

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T it also has a few highly erotic sex scenes If you like. Nd is at stake than she first imagined Working undercover at one of London's premier Escort Agencies Chastity takes it on herself to delve deep into the world of the high class escort and uncover the real reason her sister was murdered Determined to bring her sister's killer to ustice Chastity must infiltrate the ranks of the rich and powerful and avoid the Police Detective assigned to her sister's case from finding out her true identityIntroducing a new strong and independent heroine of contemporary romance Chastity BlackAdult Content This is erotic fiction with explicit sex scenesInterview with the Author What prompted you to write a sexy spy thrillersuspense novel A I like the old style glamour of the Bond thrillers but found the women portrayed as either emotionally weak or psychopathic I wanted to create a strong independent character with personal issues I think that's what makes Chastity such a great character to write for She portrays a hard nosed persona but has the same inner conflict.

Sexy spy thrillerThis book does feature a female spy bu. What an exciting first book I’d love to read the next book right away I love reading this kind of books the cliffhanger ones that make the reader sweat and crave for The plot was also very well developed and the pacing was fast Kudos to Tay Lawrence for a ob well done Coffeeholic Bookworm The story its self is a thrilling one i'm still not sure if i’d class this book as a Romance or a thrilling ActionSuspense – I’ve read plenty of stuff in my 18 years but NEVER have i experianced the thrilling mystery of a high end escort agency entangled in lies death goverment spies and major criminal activity Honestly Simple Review Armed Dangerous and Licensed to Thrill She's not a girl men would cross swords with and expect to win but Chastity Black is only interested in getting the ob done A secret Agent for MI5 Chastity has seen her fair share of trouble but now it's personal After her younger sister is found washed up in the Thames Chastity sets out to find her killer Nothing is what it seems