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Phase I already have pretty good gut health since I ve been eating clean for uite some time I will be back to update this review after I am fully done with the program and write down my thoughts about itUpdate Jan 2017I will say I didn t follow the plan exactly I forgot to drybrush most of the time and I did not do the curry powder or the ginger gut flush but this reminds me that I want to try the ginger still I also did not take the guggul or drink the uice Of the other parts of the program I still do most of it on and off I like the tea and I take ashwaganda and brahmi and triphala as I feel I need it I add fiber to my protein shakes Along with Prime I eat mostly Primal and I started strength training so I can t give The Prime all the credit I don t know how much I lost due to The Prime but in the last year and a few months I ve lost and kept off since I haven t lost anything since the summer months 33lbs and 4 dress sizes I still have some work to do so maybe I should get back and focus on The Prime again It did help me keep my eye on my target goals I loved loved loved this book It was a totally different take on how we look at weight loss gut health healthy practices and living a stress controlled life Dr Chaudhary Integrative Neurologist with a special interest in Ayurvedic medicine shows us how we can improve our health with simple remedies and spontaneously lose weight without even restricting our food intake I found this book and her concepts absolutely fascinating and have been following her protocols for about two weeks now and can t wait to continue onward There is so much information packed into this gem of a book that makes such good sense She describes her own illness when she was studying to be a neurologist and how she followed Western medicine treatments initially but found that they did not improve anything for her After going back to her roots she visited an Ayurvedic physician and after following his suggestions lo and behold her health started to improve This book covers all the guidance you will need for the rest of your life if you begin to follow it Outstanding excellent book Dr Chaudhary is a western trained Neurologist who has integrated Ayurvedic medicine into her practice Although this book is a weight loss book it addresses broader health issues and weight loss turns out to be a by product of general digestive health She proposes a 4 stage approach to digestive health heavily using products and techniues from ancient Indian healthcare On there are a lot of positive case studies from those who have followed her advice Although skeptical since I don t see a lot of evidence presented I am open to trying some of the suggestions and have started a run of Triphalia and have moved my main meal to Noon I think I will pass on the cumincorianderfennel tea and try to get my fiber during the course of the day instead of via psyllium husks and flax seed capsules as she suggest I will pass on the silk gloves meant to stimulate the lymphatic system These are all approaches in Stage One There is a little uiz in the book which helps you with the duration of each of the stages but make no mistake this is a lifetime plan The subseuent stages add Indian supplements and build on the first stage Cynicism always arises when the author sells all the supplements from her website for such a lifetime effortand the supplements are not inexpensive Anyhow I will try to update this review after some first hand experience with the approach 3 A Goodreads giveaway book received and reviewed The Prime is neurologist Kulreet Chaudhary s rediscovery and application of the ancient science of Ayurveda and its holistic health benefits She describes a treatment regimen for detoxification rebalancing and rejuvenation of one s body the digestive system and through them one s mind and sense of well being She provides in easy to grasp text an instruction guide that takes the reader through her specific rejuvenation process One that has the added health benefit of weight loss I could not escape an ever present feeling that The Prime is an extended advertisement for her treatment regimen Starting out with uestionable hyperbole bitter milk because it isn t granted voluntarily by cows in the western world the author introduces an unwary reader to Prime Tea Prime Broth Prime Curry Powder Prime this and Prime that The reader finds no place in the book to hide from the. Ems the body's own fat loss and weight maintenance systems kick in After priming the body without giving up anything you love and making a few additions to your diet you'll be able to shed the weight and transform your health.

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Tments But our doctors aren t trained with this knowledgeNot giving 5 stars because I found the book repetitive at times Unlike a lot of other reviewers I did not feel like the author was trying to push her Prime program products on the reader She explained all the recipes first and Collecting Shakespeare just gave an easy option to buy all of the ingredients in one place onlineAbsolutely loved the book I have been recommending it to everyone who happens to ask me What are you reading I am definitely inspired to research about Ayurveda I love this book I ve been doing the Prime and since I started it almost 3 months ago I ve lost 8 pounds I feel better and my head is clearer I m moving forward with projects I was struggling with before It s taught me some techniues for self care Basically it s been life changing and I m still only half way through I amust starting stage 3 This stage is a bit deeper and things are getting rockier but I m sticking with it Finding this book seemingly by accident has been transformativeHighly recommend for anyone who is looking to lose a few pounds are feeling depressed feeling tired all the time or have a foggy brain It s a bit of a commitment but worth it It s healthy and natural I ran it past my doc too and they were pleased with my progress so far A physician in tune with good healthI have waited decades for a physician to bravely offer this information to the mainstream This is the new front in patient and physician relationship The book is very detailed about how and why the Prime works to heal It makes sense and easy to understand the information presented I highly recommend this to anyone looking to improve their health You will not be disappointed Convinced I will implement the metabolism program proposed by Dr Kulreet Chaudhary Ordered all the powders I need for this purpose from ginger to amla to triphalaI will be euipped for next week s phase 1 And I am an invidivual who has never had any touch points with Ayurveda before This book was recommended in the list of Kindle Unlimited which I am signed up for So I went for it and devoured it within 24 hoursI liked how Dr Chaudhary contextualized neuroscience with Ayurveda Each chapter refers to the sources of her research and findings and since I love reading articles on various topics I deep dived in some of the articles in her reference Now the uestions is not how to implement the metabolism program as Dr Chaudhary walks one through each phase and amplifies each phase one by one No strict time restrictions which I love the exercise is to learn to listen to your body and implement this program with only goal to improve one s overall health lifestyle and well being How long does it do me good to stay in phase 1 and when is my body ready to move onto the next phase The uestion remains obviously WHY would I implement this program Dr Chaudhary appeals to the sense of urgency in terms of seeing our body as a holistic system as opposed to the western point of view in science where parts of our bodies is treated as individual organs and we keep on looking for the remedies to immediate pains Dr Chaudhary however stresses that the root analysis remains in digestion and with this how we treat our organs that are in charge of our digestion Absolutely raised my curiosity and I cannot wait to see the hopefully positive impact on my well being when I start implementing the metabolism program as of next week Though you may not be looking to change your lifestyle you may consider to do so upon reading this great book written in an auto ethnographic style undermining each finding with her very personal experiences Mind shifting read Initially I thought I wasn t going to like this book I looked at her website and noticed she sold The Prime products I thought it would ust be a big commercial for the author s products It isn t and this is fascinating material I understand why Dr Chaudhary would promote it under weight loss but it s much than that I think of it as a gut health and brain function manual With the things scientists and doctors are learning about neurological disorders MS Parkinson s Alzheimer s I think many people could benefit from the information contained here than ust people who want to lose weight There is Parkinson s in my paternal line and I want to do everything I can to help brain function and stave off that disorder I have started on the program but I m still only in the first. Toxic inflammatory state If your body is not prepared for weight loss you will fight a biochemical uphill battle and the odds of succeeding are slim Once you reduce the toxic load and bolster your natural detoxification syst.

My psychiatrist recommended this book to me thinking that Chaudhary s background as a neuroscientist might be helpful I ve worked with Ayurvedic physicians before and would be willing to do so again a lot of the basic principles such as sticking to a daily routine eating your main meal in the middle of the day eating in alignment with basic bodily humors let s say though I don t strictly follow the Ayurvedic doshas eating seasonally it s 5K years at least of cultural observation and inference and I think it makes good sense In other places she makes claims that seem irresponsible skin brushing will get rid of cellulite Liar In general though no harm done here and a lot of good Unfortunately she packaged what she knew into a diet book instead of say a brain regulation book She set things up so you could get individualized coaching but then appears to have abandoned that line So there s no way to ask uestions about your particular situation But as one input into how gut health affects brain health it s a resource I started reading this last night and am incredibly excited by its potential to improve my life The author is a neurologist integrative Western medicine doctor and also a trained Ayurvedic practitioner She was trained as an Ayurvedic practitioner by NIH which I find fascinating and she has used an Ayurvedic lifestyle food etc to help her clients with diseases like MS and Parkinsons improve their lives She was motivated to try something besides Western medicine herself when she began to have crippling migraine headaches I love her way of thinking that nothing she recommends is an absolute and if you try something and it doesn t work for you then don t do it Makes SO much sense A slow gentle guide to changing eating and lifestyle habits and it looks like exactly what I ve been looking for to help me with changing some of my own habits The best book I have ever read about health So farLet me begin by stating that this book is not about weight loss at all It is simply about cleaning and polishing your body from the inside Weight lossif you have any to lose will simply be a side effectThe author is a neurologist who is also trained in Ayurveda and has done research on gastroenteroloy And her grandfather was a doctor who lived to be a 104 years Why would anyone not want to listen to what she has to say about the workings of human bodyI have known about most of the secrets Dr Chaudhary talks about in the book since childhood My dad has always tried to convince me and our family that the cause of every disease is bad digestion He hasn t been very successful especially with the doctors telling my mother how pain in the back or migraines are in no way related to what you eat I stand corrected after reading the bookI remember listening and rolling my eyes about how my Pitta has increased the first time I had an acne breakout My dad gave me triphala which caused me diarrhea It did clear out some of the zits but I didn t continue with it since my mom called the diarrhea as a severe side effect Now this doctor has confirmed that it was simply my body trying to get rid of the toxins that had accumulatedMy dad has always talked about everything in the body being controlled by what we eat but has never been able to explain it in terms of modern science As I have grown up though we have trusted him a lot with the remedies His simple tricks have almost always worked betterthough slowly without any side effects when done persistently than any of the medicines doctors prescribe I have looked online many a times and haven t been able to find the scientific euivalents of the ama amashay and dosh that my dad talks about Dr Chaudhary has tried to bridge this gap While she says there isn t yet an euivalent of these terms in the western science yet she does her best to explain how the herbs treat the system in terms of modern medical science and biochemistry She has cited a long list of the research papers she used to confirm what Ayurvedic doctors have been telling for thousands of years While I could have found these research papers I neither had the patience nor the medical acumen to understand completely what they were sayingShe refers to the latest research in endobiogeny neuroadaptation biochemistry et al that are not taught in the medical colleges to our future doctors She says and I totally agree that science has already found evidence for many traditional trea. Dr Chaudhary discovered a beautiful side effect to the eating and lifestyle tools she gave her brain patients shedding excess pounds In this her first book she shows readers that weight gain is a result of the body being in

Dr Kulreet Chaudhary’s combined expertise in both modern neurology and the ancient science of health known as Ayurveda has uniuely positioned her as an expert able to pull from the broadest possible base to treat her clients She is passionate about raising awareness for the need of a paradigm shift in contemporary medicine that focuses on patient empowerment and a health based rather than dise