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Until the party scene I feel that the party scene being the most important scene is actually better written than the rest of the novel I can only presume that O Neill paid special attention to this scene and spent a lot of time with it and that explains its triumph It is a harrowing scene and does capture the reader After that however we fall into middling territory I honestly feel I could have skipped 100 pages and wouldn t have missed anything I headed a book club discussion of this book in my university and a point that was made by everyone was that it does fall apart in the second half There is a lot of repetition and it does get boring However the majority of the group appreciated the book far than I did I was very much the outlier If there is one positive in this book it s O Neill s wonderful ability to capture the essence of Irish teenhood The book is set in Cork and I am a fellow Corkonian still living in the county It really is wonderful how O Neill conveys the patois of Irish teenage girls However in the end it s a mess The plot comes and goes and leaves the reader bored The minor characters are but husks of personalities It s getting two stars for effortless mannerisms and vernacular which is some of the best I ve read Shame about the rest this was H E A V Y also note im rating this for the book itself i did not like the writing style the abundance of characters and lack of evident transitions made it difficult to follow the story i found the main character difficult to empathise with etc if i was rating this based on the message alone it would probably get four stars because i cannot state how important it is for a story like this to be told sure the execution wasnt for me but that doesnt diminish the need for awareness in regards to situations like this i would have liked to have seen a different ending one that would have included ustice for emma but that doesnt always happen in real life i understand how the focus was on emmas mental state dealing with what happened to her and how to move on from something like this these kind of situations dont ust happen in books they happen every day in real life 25 stars My body is not my own any They have stamped their names all over it Everybody must read this It should be read in school uni book clubs By parents and by teenagers By you This is a highly underrated novel and needs way attentionThis was incredible I can t say I enjoyed reading it bec Emma O Donovan is not a character Louise O Neill created to narrate this bookEmma exists She s everywhere Where you are where I am where everyone is There are Emmas all over the worldWhich is why it s so important for people to read this bookRape cases happen so often that we ve come to trivialize them in our culture it s true The word rape has always had a negative connotation to it and it still does no one wants to talk about it but it s still not taken seriously enoughAnd we have Emma as proof Louise O Neill is an outstanding writer She asks a lot of uestions to the readers with this book And most importantly she challenges us Emma is a bitch She s shallow selfish envious A thief a liar a phony A bitch a slut a victimWas she asking for it Is she really a victim Did she give her consent or not Does she deserve what happened to her Is this a cautionary tale for all teen girlsIf she had been different nicer lovelier less of a bitch would the response had been different alsoThere s nothing magical about this book but it s still spellbinding And scary And ugly And sad And frustratingBut oh so realistic and honest Even the ending isThank you Louise O Neill for no sugar coating Blog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin. At the party show in explicit detail what happened to Emma that night But sometimes people don't want to believe what is right in front of them especially when the truth concerns the town's hero.

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BEFORE I START If you are keeping up to date with the news these days you may have heard of the Stanford Rape case where the rapist Brock was sentenced to a despicably short 6 months UPDATE HE WAS RELEASED AFTER ONLY SERVING 3 MONTHS 3 FREAKING MONTHS Despicable This book cuts deeply into subjects similar to this case IT IS NOT OKAY TO TOUCH SOMEONE WITHOUT CONSENT SEXUAL ASSAULT IS REAL AND RAPISTS AREN T GETTING THE SENTENCES THEY DESERVE It is outrageous the overwhelming rape culture I am here to say that it is not okay this is not okay and we need to put an end to this IF YOU PLAN ON VOTING DONALD TRUMP YOU ARE CONDONING A SEXUAL PREDATOR AND ARE MAKING IT SEEM AS THOUGH SEXUALLY ASSAULTING SOMEONE IS OKAY IT S NOT DO NOT VOTE TRUMP sincerely a Canadian I would like to say that I recommend this book for everyone because I believe everyone should read this book It is devastating that the plot of this book is not unheard of and rings true We need to step up as a community this is not okay and never has been okay This book is extremely valuable to read for anyone whether you enjoy reading or not whether you are male or female young or old please consider reading this book Think Speak think All the Rage Asking For It is 10x explicit and I would even say beneficial to read What is it aboutTRIGGER WARNING I don t want to give too much away but the huge topics of this book is rape consent conseuences social issues depression etc This book surrounds a woman named Emma She is in high school and is very popular She gets attention from everyone and thrives on it Until one night It introduces the complexities of adolescents The ever changing social norms the need to fit in and to be seemingly perfect The lies pressure friendships community rumours shame etc This book is not to be taken lightly it deals with some very serious topics and delivers a very important messageMy ReviewLouise O Neill s writing is raw and exposed There is no beautifying the circumstances actions and beliefs of the characters This is very important for this book I was in awe I loved the writing the framework the dialogue the diction and the pace Every word she wrote served a purpose an underlying message if you dared to seek it I give this book 55 stars because it touched me the writing was superb the story and message were excellent and I was overwhelmed by the truth and vulnerability of the characters Also of course the astonishing writing Those who have suffered through a sexual assault know you aren t alone there ARE people that believe you and support you We WANTNEED you to get better No you will most likely never be the same person you were before but you are still you Any of you can always message me if you need someone to talk to about anything It is extremely important that you have a good support system most don t though This is a huge issue but I WILL BE YOUR SUPPORT SYSTEM if you ever need one I never want any of you to go through anything bad but it happens and whenif it happens or already has feel welcome and supported to message me LOVE TO ALL OF YOU XOXOXO This book reminds me so much of this one girl I knew in college No she wasn t raped But there were pictures of her on the internet all nude I found out through my boyfriend at the time One night he asked if there really was a girl name X at my college we went to different ones because his friend ust forwarded an email with nude pictures of a girl with this name who the email claimed goes to my college I told him there was one a senior and I didn t really know her I didn t think anything of it I m pretty sure I laughed feeling uite positive his friend was ust full of shit But then he showed. It's the beginning of the summer in a small town in Ireland Emma O'Donovan is eighteen years old beautiful happy confident One night there's a party Everyone is there All eyes are on Emma The nex.

Me these grainy black and white pictures in his email and holy christ clear as day it was her She wasn t unconscious in them but the uality was too poor for me to tell if she was actually high or anything It was hella awful I was convinced it was some revenge shit from someone she dated and broke up with because she was posing in these pictures My ex said he would tell his friends to delete the email when I told him my theory I doubted they would listen to him though because to them this girl was ust a stranger and may as well be another playboy model or something I never talked about those pictures to anyone not even to my college friends Because can you imagine how it would feel like Having someone who pass you in the hall all of the time studying in the same school seeing you naked without your permission view spoilerwhich is exactly the situation for Emma hide spoiler Review post second read June 2018This is one of those books that still has impact after a second reading Honestly my heart is so full right now But I think it s so full because of the realities of this book and real world cases that we ve all heard ab Where to startAsking For It will hit you hard in emotional places you didn t even know you had Louise O Neill has some stark truths to put in front of us and boy does she do that without giving you ANY room to wriggle away or hide from them This book SHOULD assuming you are a human being make you mad as all hell Because sadly every single little bit of the story could be has been and will be something that happens Happened Will happen againunless we change an awful lot of attitudesWe ve all heard the term Asking For It right And if you are honest you may have even thought about it in passing if observing an obviously drunk girl on the street especially if she is wearing something that dares to show a bit of skin You don t really MEAN it but the thought or something similar may flit around in your subconcious The problem I reviewed Louise O Neill s Only Ever Yours in August and put Asking For It straight on the top of my TBR I knew it was going to be difficult powerful and much needed even before I started It s the perfect choice for my book club because we re all sure to have a lot to sayAsking For It is about what happens to eighteen year old student Emma O Donovan after she is raped at a party by a group of boys on the school football team She doesn t understand what s happened to her until photos of that night are shared on Facebook I thought Asking For It was going to be straightforward but Louise O Neill makes Emma an unlikeable character She s vain self centred hurtful and Dwarfism judgemental She s not someone you would want to know let alone be friends with Most sadly Reviewing this book today is not any easier that it was days ago when I finished reading it But I know most of you must ve heard whatust happened to Kesha who is being forced to work with the man who abused her physically and mentally And even though I m not a fan of her music it doesn t matter It doesn t matter because With great hype come great expectations It s fairly tough to try to ignore this book especially in Ireland It s being lauded as one of the greatest Irish novels in recent memory and all I will say to that is hmm While the message of this novel is very important I cannot say that the hype is deserved To be perfectly honest I would have preferred if O Neill had ust penned an essay an essay stating her views and the point she s trying to get across I feel she couldn t wrap a successful narrative or plot around her views and thus this novel ultimately fails it doesn t work The novel starts off slow and doesn t pick up any pace. T morning she wakes on the front porch of her house She can't remember what happened she doesn't know how she got there She doesn't know why she's in pain But everyone else does Photographs taken.

Louise O' Neill is from Clonakilty in west Cork After graduating with a BA in English Studies at Trinity College Dublin she went on to complete a post grad in Fashion Buying at DIT Having spent a year in New York working for Kate Lanphear the senior Style Director of ELLE magazine she returned home to Ireland to write her first novelShe went from hanging out on set with A list celebrities t