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Rks led the way to the creation of the Social Security Act and UNICEF and caused the press to nickname her “The Mother of America’s 43 Million Children” She was the first woman in American history to be nominated to the presidential cabinet and the first person to represent the United States at a committee of the League of Nations Edited by Abbott scholar John Sorensen A Sister’s Memories is destined to become a classic It shapes the diverse writings of Edith Abbott into a cohesive narrative for the first time and fills in the gaps of our understanding of Progressive Era reforms Readers of all backgrounds will find themselves engrossed by this history of the unstoppable pioneer feminist Abbott sister.

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Among the great figures of Progressive Era reform Edith and Grace Abbott are perhaps the least sung Peers companions and coworkers of legendary figures such as Jane Addams and Sophonisba Breckinridge the Abbott sisters were nearly omnipresent in turn of the century struggles to improve the lives of the poor and the working class people who fed the industrial engines and crowded into diverse city neighborhoods Grace’s innovative role as a leading champion for the rights of children immigrants and women earned her a ey place in the history of the social justice movement As her friend and colleague Eleanor Roosevelt wrote Grace was “one of the great women of our day a definite strength which we could count.

On for use in battle” A Sister’s Memories is the inspiring story of Grace Abbott 1878–1939 as told by her sister and social justice comrade Edith Abbott 1876–1957 Edith recalls in vivid detail the Nebraska childhood impressive achievements and struggles of her sister who as head of the Immigrants’ Protective League and the US Children’s Bureau championed children’s rights from the slums of Chicago to the villages of Appalachia Grace’s crusade can perhaps be best summed up in her well nown credo “Justice for all children is the high ideal in a democracy” Her efforts saved the lives of thousands of children and immigrants and improved those of millions These trailblazing social service wo.