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Y are well executed but lack the mesmerising uality ther magic realist authors like Murakami The Life of Saint Philip Neri often endow their prose with they also could have gone deeper It s almost like there is a Chinese imperative to stick strictly to facts and to not delight too much in what vergesn supernatural even recognising the nature f the narrators recording purposes As already mentioned the writing is too repetitive and laboured it needs a Hemingway slap across the faceReading Chinese cliches similes and metaphors is uite enjoyable but also very strange and at times almost paue for a western reader Take for example There is a saying that some women are uite shrewish and some men toadying Or what seems to be a classic Chinese proverb you always save the best steel for knives The second I can kind f understand but the first seems to need the cultural context f having grown up in China and it diminishes your appreciation I only Like the Fingers of the Guy I Hate, Vol. 1 of the text without that background Contrast that to how easily a western audience digests the General Patton uote used towards the end There snly The Whistle Pig one proper way for a professional soldier to die the last bulletf the last battle f the last war It s so easy for a western audience to understandIn saying all this you ll still be delighted by Abing Huang Yiyi Chen Erdu and a few f the thers you ll keep reading largely to find ut what happens to these tortured geniuses Unfortunately the main characters are mostly interesting in contrast to the bland supporting cast and surrounding characters and you ll be worn down by the way the brutal regime celebrates them in the shadows There s a famous story that Mao s favourite book was a little known French novel Whenever the French ambassadors went to China he would ask them about it and rave about how great it was The ambassadors would be confused and Church Planting Is for Wimps: How God Uses Messed-Up People to Plant Ordinary Churches That Do Extraordinary Things on reading theriginal French version remain confused as it seemed like a pretty run A Stepdaughter In Heat of the mill story with a unimpressive and poorly aged prose style In the end it turnedut that the person who had translated the novel into Chinese was possibly ne f the greatest Chinese writers Rufus of all time he had taken this French novel and turned it into a masterpiece through translation It may be with In The Dark that thepposite process has happened and what was a glowing piece f literature has through translation become a sputtering light In China Mai Jia is the king f spy novels a Chinese euivalent to someone like John Le Carr but whose work has a distinctly surrealist element to it In The Dark tells three tales You Are a Miserable Excuse for a Hero!: Book One in the Just Make a Choice! Series of the mysterious code breakers at Unit 701 China s top secret intelligence unit taskedThe three stories share this common setting and a similar castf characters all are linked also by their bsession towards codes and ciphers There is the wind listener a blind man whose supernatural hearing enables him to discern even the Stener' a blind surveillance fficer who can hear sounds from miles away; the beautiful unstable maths genius who meets a violent end; the ld man who deciphers codes in his dreams; the spy who recounts

Me ha gustado definitivamente me gusta este autor Me resultan tramas atractivas y diferentes Lis kiinalaista kryptoanalyysi Koodinmurtajan tapaan Siin miss Koodinmurtaja li yhden ihmisen tarina ja enemm n romaanimainen t m kirja koostuu nelj st sasta joista jokainen kertoo yhden poikkeuksellisen yksil n tarinan Kaikki tarinat liittyv t Koodinmurtajasta tuttuun erikoisyksikk 701een joka n erikoistunut salakirjoituksiin ja niiden murtamiseen Koodien murtamisen kanssa n iss kin painitaan ja kuvataan ter v sti sit miten kryptoanalyysi The Cowboys on ala joka puristaa ihmisest irti kaiken mit irtin saatavissaAika kiinalainen juttu t m kin ep ilem tt l nsimaisista kryptoanalyysin poikkeusyksil ist kerrottaisiin v h n erilainen tarina ja kerrotaankin Sins of Treachery onhan se Turing leffa n hty a decent fantasy book tells China s secret agency Unit 701 comrades uniue stories during wartime This book told that lovepassion for someoner things can led a person to their death in strange ways This book has so much potential but really the whole book would be better marketed as a short story collection There s no real link between each story It s almost just a collection f 4 stories about people with variations f Asperger s syndrome That s a pretty parsimonious description but may seem uite prescient My Grandfather's Prison: A Story of Death and Deceit in 1940s Kansas City once you ve finished the bookIt is a strange novel I picked it up for 2 at a book sale written by the supposed Chinese John le Carre and best selling author in China I got it in an attempt to further understand Chinese cultural differences secondly to see what stories people in China are reading these days and lastly because the blurb caught my eye The novel was undermined by either a sub par translatorr the writer being unable to edit his wn material To compare it to ther authors I would say it was like a combination Whos Next? Guess Who! of Haruki Murakami and John Le Carre but written by an unskilled high school student that could have been a translation issue though There s too many laboured details things saidver and ver again in slightly different ways repetition after repetition description followed by a similar description explanations f explanations summaries Papi's Gift of already summarised materials like some long drawnut distillation process a slow tedious simmering f material where you can t just have the final reduction you have to experience the reducing Now you know what I m talking about I am however pen to this strange writing style as a pastiche Flash Fiction Forward: 80 Very Short Stories of the Chinese communist party wayf writing Potentially the writer is purposely writing in a bureaucratic fashion to emulate what the Chinese would recognise as the party line The narrator is supposedly グライネリエ 1 [Grainerie 1] opening the vaultn the mysterious Unit 701 though it s not made clear if he s writing a party report r just sharing the story with the general publicOn another note the genius component and magic parts f the stor. 'Cracking another country's cipher is an undercover fight to the death'Hidden deep in the mountains the recruits at 'Unit 701' China's secret services perate in a dark shadowy world There is the 'wind li.

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Ex The First Socialist Society: A History of the Soviet Union from Within of a barking dog there is an unstable maths genius who cracks the Kuomintang s newest best code but meets an unfortunate end at the handsf her lover s wife an The Coming Revolution in Youth Ministry old man sobsessed with codes he deciphers them in his dreams and lastly a tale File Under: Arson of subterfuge and deception during the Vietnam War In The Dark is an enjoyable spy novel made special by its plot it s rare to see China play a main role in espionage novels so to see the Cold War s high stakes gamef spycraft from the Chinese perspective is particularly noteworthy I was uietly won Wicked Sense over by this book Cryptography is interesting and the characters surrounding it are as cryptic as the ciphers they are listening for solving and sometimes living I highly recommend this novel really four stories joined by theme and subject Putting the dreadful Decoded aside In The Dark is a much better prospectThe reader is lead through four short stories allf which involve people with unusual and genius talents which are to be used and exploited by China s Secret Service at the mysterious cryptography Unit 701 Although Mai Jia s writing is sometimes uite surreal In The Dark is very readable and moves along nicely Reading Chinese literature is always interesting because characters ften don t react as we in the West would Perhaps this is because they are ften portrayed as Party members all work no play and the Party comes first In The Dark feels as though someone like Haruki Murakami has taken Mia Jia Powerless Against You over and written a Chinese thriller but then Mia Jia has regained controlf himself and written what must be a this novel is a collection f four novellas loosely linked together they tell the story f a mysterious chinese intelligence service working in the mountains decrypting ciphers and codes as a matter f national importance even better it s written by china s answer to john le carr sounds fun right so i was pretty excited when i picked it up and it started ff Dobys Lessons (Brats in Training okay and it stayedkay and it ended The Texan Meets His Match okay and that was it it was basically the book euivalentf a flatline i think the language has been poorly translated because it s rather clumsy and the plot is pretty dull it got to a point where i was so bored with it that i ften dreaded picking the book back up again i have no idea where the le carr comparisons come from either le carr s novels are Intricately woven and smart yet the pacing was furious and relentless I couldn t decide to take pause to ponder ver some points r keep n flipping For some time I had stopped reading spy fiction since I could not stomach another The Heretic's Handbook (Kindle Single) of the LudlumClancy variety Discovering this book reignited my love for spy fiction That said this book wasf a mixed genre work with heavy mysteryspy Blue Guide New York overtones but theverall feel would be literary fiction Recommended for all mysteryspy genre lovers who cannot stand the commercial variety Will review later. Dangerous mission from beyond the graveIn this story f conspiracies geniuses revolutionaries and terrible moral choices people sacrifice everything for a world f secrets until ultimately it destroys th.

Mai Jia is arguably the most successful writer in China today His books are constant bestsellers with total sales over three million copies He became the highest paid author in China last year with his new book Wind Talk He has achieved unprecedented success with film adaptation all of his novels are made or are being made into major films or TV series the screenplays of which are often