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Wwwmelissa413readsalotblogspotcomI was not expecting this book to turn out the way it did I m not sure what I was expecting but this book was pretty reat I need to o back and read the first one now to see how it all started Isabella Davis Izzy and Blue Reynolds own a PI business together In the first book Izzy was the Tooth Fairy but Blue does something and she is not longer the Tooth Fairy so all of the fairies hate himIn this book he was looking into these crimes of fairies be The Lady in Pink is a modern day twist the fairy tales we loved as kids Kazimer has re created an adult themed fairy tale full of laughter suspense and passion Having not read the first book in this series I didn t feel as if I had missed too much of the backstory to understand the characters and the plot The Lady in Pink is a cross between fairy tale and urban fantasy and the combination works Blue s thoughts and opinions about the crispy critter he finds in his apartment nearly made me pee my pants with laughter His humor lightens the dark situations he and his partner Izzy face His self destruction is evident as the series continues and he often is the obstacle in the way of his dreams and desires Izzy is an easy character to like I just have to laugh at the fact she s the former tooth fairy Who knew the tooth fairy was so feisty Kazimer has written a whimsical tale filled with humor and sass If you are looking for something just a little bit different from your normal paranormal or urban fantasy reads I recommend that you ive this series a try if only for the laughter that will ensue I was iven a free copy of this book by Netgallery in return for an honest review Ok so this book was a bit different to say the least I wasn t sure what to expect but I liked it Underneath the Fairytale characters what you have is a ood detective story The fairytale element Communicating Effectively gave it a uirkiness and added a touch of magic and fun to the story You could tell this book was part of a series but it didn t seem to make any difference to the story as it stood alone Blue is arumpy smart mouthed 30 something old fashioned PI He also happens to have the little problem of shocking anyone with his electrified body whenever he makes skin to skin contactHis business has recently been turned into a huge sucess by his new business partner Izzy fairy royalty and an ex tooth fairy After coming home and finding the body of one of his employees on his living room floor Blue is sure he was the intended victim Narrowing the list of people down who want him dead isn t an easy task and why is Izzy keeping secrets from him Blue becomes convinced the murder has something to do with his past after his office burns down which contains a file he has taken years to compile on information about his birth and abandonment at a orphanage as a baby Lots of twists and turns and some interesting characters a The Philosophical Journey good read if you want something uirky and interesting The Lady in Pink by J Z Kazimer is the second book in the Ever After series Blue Reynolds is not having aood day He came home to find a very crispy intern in his flat James Wild had only been working as an intern for Reynolds and Davis Securities for a few months Blue knows the first person the detectives will blame is him He cannot help his little electrical problem he was born with electricity running through his body He has taken to wearing leather loves to prevent shocking employees and clients Detective Goldie Locks I am not kidding is the lead detective on the case She does think that Blue might have had something to do with it until he points out that he would not have left the body in his own apartment Then Blue notices the rock salt on the floor water and a lamp with a frayed cord This was deliberate That means someone was trying to kill BlueIsabella Izzy Davis is half human and half fairy with beautiful pink wings She was the Tooth Fairy until she stepped down and convinced them to start a democracy overnment She is now working with Blue and is ra. Coming home to find a dead body in your living room isn’t the best way to end a long day’s work especially when that work is as New Never City’s premier blue haired PI It’s even worse when the corpse is your intern electrocuted to death and you.

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Teries with a dash of romance and a lot of humor Posted on What I m ReadingLet me just say I loved The Lady in Pink It s absolutely fantastic However there are a few things you need to know before you start this particular story 1 Still not your happy cheery fairytale that we have all Enzymes Enzyme Therapy grown to love Basically what Disney has painted as fairytales That is a whole other subject that we are just notoing to Blindsided get into Nitty andritty like the first book 2 If you embark on this story you should probably read the first story because you will need the background of Blue and Izzy 3 Still a lot of messed things At Land going on New Never City and add a dash of twist to the story Seriously I didn t see them until the end Okay I kind ofuess some of them but not to the extent of the twist 4 It s a mystery you are On the Run galavanting throughout New Never City and areas around it Like the first book we are hanging out a lot with Blue He s still the same outlook on life and it s uite humorous Yet he needs to solve a murder that happen in his own apartment that leads him to discover other things that connect to his past We actually learn a lot about Blue s past and it s mind blowing Blue and Izzy have this sexual tension but Blue doesn t want too pass business partner friend line Which complicates things since they re extremely attracted to one another Of course you have add the new characters that maybe The Price Of Blood (Phil Broker, good or bad Yes it s still nittyritty and probably be like how the Brothers Grimm would have love to see these characters modernize When I was reading the story it kind of reminded me of the tv show Grimm Anyway if you don t mind your fairytale characters leading a darker side you might enjoy this series However if you lean towards the Disney portrait of fairytales you might want to look elsewhere Copy provide by Author via PUYB Blue and Izzy s new detective agency is Russian Winter going from strength to strength and has become a household name even if your house is a shoe They have offices now and a staff and are arowing successBut when one of their interns is murdered it looks like Blue could be the target and even It s been a year since Izzy Davies the previous Tooth Fairy and Blue Reynolds Little Boy Blue with an electricity problem became partners in a new PI firm Their relationship remains platonic due to Blue s problem of frying people with his hands and his reluctance to hurt Izzy by accidentally shocking her However someone is out to Meg and the Mystery in Williamsburg (Meg Duncan, get Blue his intern was killed at Blue s apartment and then his office is torched Who is out toet him How can he keep their Pregnant Man good looking new VP away from Izzy But most of all can he keep Izzy from being killed in the cross fireBlue is a sexist alcoholic crass self destructive manand I love him He s sarcastic and an egomaniac but these traits just for some reason makes him even likable Sometimes his constant drinkingets to me but for some reason he s just lovable I think it s because I sense a lonely BlueJames was a licensed P I and his intern had been electrocuted to death in Blue s apartment Isabella Iggy was Blue s business partner and was fairy They had started reynolds And Davis Securities together a little over a year ago Blue was suppose to be the victim Blue was trying to find his birth parents who had left him on a doorstep when he was an infant but someone doesn t want Blue to find out hence the contract out on him Also he was looking into fairies that were being kidnapped for their fairy dust Izzy was the former tooth fairy and the fairies are mad at Blue because of this Izzy and Blue are attracted to each other but Blue doesn t want to take it past the partnerfriend lineThis was definitely a different take on a fairy tale type story I laughed but liked the fairy tale characters in this story as well as names of some of the places in the story Throw in a little paranormal and you have one very entertaining story that I liked I like the twists and turns of this story I recommend I received an ARC of this story for an honest review. Most As Blue and Izzy investigate who might have wanted a lowly intern dead and why they begin to uncover a diabolical plan that could put both of their lives in dangerand unearth shocking secrets that stretch deep into Blue’s shadowy family history.

Pidly expanding his business She has hired Clark Boyer III to be their new Vice President of Marketing Blue dislikes him on sight and even so when he catches Clark ogling Izzy Blue and Izzy are attracted to each other but they refuse to acknowledge it After someone sets Blue s office on fire Blue realizes someone does not want him pursuing his investigation into his parents Blue was left at an orphanage as a baby He has been working to find out about his birth family When a copy of the file is found at Izzy s her apartment is torched Blue and Izzy set out to find the culpritThe Lady in Pink is a cute book but I was not in love with it I liked how the writer changed the fairy tale information around to fit a human world There is a Wonderland nomes fairies with nasty attitudes etc Blue is Little Boy Blue and he lives in New Never City a take on Neverland I just wish there was mystery and less lust Blue is constantly etting his knickers in a twist because Clark or another man is looking at Izzy which leads to scorching and fires I was hoping for paranormal book with mystery and less romance sex I like some romance in a book but I think this was just over the top I Kawaii Manga give The Lady in Pink 35 out of 5 stars I liked the idea but I did not enjoy the whole book There is also a case of the missing fairies which was not solved in this book and problems with Izzy s family Clayton and Peyton who like to cause trouble The Lady in Pink can be read without having read the first book in the seriesI received a complimentary copy of The Lady in Pink from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review The review and opinions expressed are my ownhttpbibliophileandavidreaderblogs I love fairy tales and normally enjoy modern reinterpretations I also love novels that blend urban fantasy and mystery Thus I had high expectations for The Lady in Pink I was disappointed The Lady in Pink is mediocre It is readable but not memorableOne thing that bothered me was that at the beginning of the novel Blue is hired by Izzy s uncle to find out why fairies are disappearing Even though a large number of fairies haveone missing and might be dead Blue spends little time on the case Instead most of his time is spent mooning about Izzy and looking into his own past It just doesn t mesh Even a pseudo noir detective would put the other case first The characters are shallowly portrayed The House Girl given fairy tale identities but nothing besides a name to back them up On the mystery side Blue isn t much of a detective He simply fumbles around smokes cigarettes and in the endets most of his important info from Alice one of the investigators at his agency with a talent for computer research On the whole The Lady in Pink is not the best choice for a reader looking for an urban fantasy with a fairy tale twist The Lady in Pink is available for preorder and will be released August 18 201525I received a copy of The Lady in Pink from the publisher and netgalleycom in exchange for an honest review CrittermomNot all fairy tales deserve a happy endinghttpmuttcafecom201506the lady Wanted Dead Not AliveThis series must be read in order The first book is The Fairyland Murders This is the second book I can t wait to read the next bookBlue comes home to find his intern James dead in his apartment Needless to say SOMEONE is trying to kill him AGAIN Too bad the list of people who would like to see him dead it probably longer than even he knows What did he do this time How will he find out who is trying to kill him now Is this because of his mysterious unknown past One of his old cases The missing fairiesIzzy has her secrets She has feelings for Blue but she refuses to admit them especially not to him She has turned their business into a uickly expanding success Too bad Blue is still hiding things from her Will their partnership remain intact Or will the secrets and lies rip them apart Or cause their deathsThis series is suitable for adult readers who enjoy a little irreverence in their urban fantasy thriller suspense mys. ’re the one with enough voltage flowing through your veins to power Fairyland Blue Reynolds has nabbed his fair share of criminals with and without the help of his alluring half fairy partner Isabella Davis but this one is proving to be slippery than.

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JA Julie Kazimer lives in Denver CO When she isn't looking for a place to hide the bodies she spends her time with a pup named Killer Other hobbies include murdering houseplants and avoiding housework She spent a few years as a bartender and then wasted another few years stalking people while working as a private investigator before transitioning to the moniker of WRITER and penning over