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The title of this latest Mary RussellSherlock Holmes is enough to make long time fans including me of this series wring their hands and bite their nails Murder of Mary Russell Has author Laurie King lost her mind Have fans not shown how much they love Mary Well there was nothing to do but read the book and hope for the bestSo what to tell those who haven t read The Murder of Mary Russell I can tell you that Laurie King has written Well written as always the mystery itself is decent and Holmes and Russell are everything I have come to expectHoweverThe following contains spoilersI do not like the backstory King has chosen for Mrs Hudson Making her a criminal beholden to Holmes generosity weakens rather than strengthens the character In my headcanon she has never owed him a thing but as an independent human came into his life by her own free choice Worse Mary too is now beholden to the brothers to hide her own act one that would have been fully justified if allowed to come honestly to light What was a household of mutual appreciation and shared intelligence has become one of secrets Instead of acting together these characters now act alone for what they each erceive mostly wrongly as the others benefit It serves no one and makes for an unpleasant storyBeyond that I enjoy this series Wilfred Owen (Routledge Revivals) primarily for Russell s voice and an occasional glimpse from Holmes POV I got too little of that here The journey through theast I found mostly dull until those startling grey eyes showed up and afterwards I found only disappointment So while King s writing remains as excellent as ever her storytelling choices in this case left me wanting better Mary Russell is confronted by an unknown man at her home in the Sussex Downs Sherlock Holmes is away for a few days and Mrs Hudson is in town at the market Mary figures out this man appears to think Mrs Hudson is his mother and from there the Study to Teach past becomes alive as the reader discovers the entire backstory of Mrs Hudson and how she came to work for Sherlock Holmes Fascinating story building about a beloved character When Mrs Hudson arrives home from her shopping she is shocked to find trails of blood but even shocking is that Mary Russell is nowhere to be found Putting an ad in theaper the signal she uses when she needs Holmes to come as soon as Global Corporations in Global Governance possible So here it beginsLong readers of this series are in for a treat because for the first time we are taken into Mrs Hudson sast a Angels in Harmony past that uite frankly I found amazing After many years as Holmes s housekeeper she has just always been there lending a helping hand when needed keeping the home front functioning and steady but oh what aast this lady has We learn how she and Billy first met and how she came to know the much younger Sherlock Holmes Of course the Sketchy Behavior past and its secrets always seems to come back to haunt and so it is in this case which will take them all back many many years before arriving once again in the future and the answer itrovides As always extremely entertaining even if in this one Sherlock is not the main star Love this series it is never dullARC from Netgalley This wasnot great Ms King can do better I m editing this review because after thinking about it for 12 hours this book is still making mad and I have thoughtsI stayed up way Autumn Brides past my bedtime to read this book so the fact that it was sonot goodticks me off And it s not that the book was bad it was just extremely boring I will nowresent my complaints in a list1 Mary Russell isn t murdered This isn t a spoiler by the way because the author well Mary Russell has been saying on Twitter for months now that she doesn t die in the book Why she would give the book this title and then repeatedly deflate the suspense is beyond me1B Speaking of Mary Russell I am so so SO over Ms King s schtick of Tweeting as Mary Russell I tend to follow authors be. Mary Russell is used to dark secrets her own and those of her famous The Princess and the Three Knights partner and husband Sherlock Holmes Trust is a thing slowly given but over the course of a decade together the two have forged an indissoluble bond And what of the othererson to whom Mary Russell has opened her heart the couple’s longtime housekeeper Mrs Hudson Russell’s faith and affection are suddenly shattered when a man arrives.

Cause I want to get info on releases bonus chapters etc I don t care that Mrs Hudson The Beauty of Believing provided us a lovely tea in rainy Sussex today Remember thisoint because it will be salient later 2 Speaking of Mrs Hudson was ANYONE asking for a novel about her especially from Ms King I generally like the books re told from the POV of a minor character genre but this wasn t that Two thirds of this book is the backstory of Mrs Hudson her mother her father and her sister Somehow Ms King manages to take what could be an interesting idea how and why the segments of the British Sticky Church population ended up in Australia in the 1800 s and make it EXCRUTIATINGLY boring For over a hundredages it s So and so went here and did this Then they went to there and did that The backstory invented in this book for Mrs Hudson is thin and it doesn t do justice for that fine lady3 The villians are never fully developed They are villianous just because they woke up that way I guess 4 For a Sherlock Holmes and Mary Russell book Holmes and Russell are given very little screen time It s all Hudsons all the time The time that Holmes and Russell are around they are acting very out of character especially Sherlock Lots of Forbidden Love Unchained panicking not thinking things through generally acting like a third rate village constable that regularly earn scorn from the Holmes brothers 5 The ending is ambigous and annoyingly so You are lead to believe that Mrs Hudson is going awayrobably forever because reasons dumb ones IMO Mary is distraught I m not marking this as a spoiler because remember what I said earlier about Mary Russell and her Twitter feed Yeah deflated suspense all over again Look I bought this book in hardback I ll buy the next one in hardback This is a great series overall This book isn t worthy of the series It can t even fall back on the silliness excuse used to explain the nonsense in THE PIRATE KING I appreciate that Ms King works hard to keep writing new books in her various series and releasing them in a timely fashion But honestly I d rather have a really good or even great book every two or three years than mediocre banality every year Take some time off Ms King It s ok We ll wait I am not a huge fan of novels that jet set between continents and leading readers through a whirl wind tour of exotic locales This is unusual I know but I want my novels to be based in one location referably the USA With that being said I became a HUGE fan of Laurie R King when I read Keeping Watch a standalone novel that moved me in ways I can t explain Of course I immediately dove into Folly and followed up with A Darker Place Her Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes series never grabbed my attention enough although I kno THE MURDER OF MARY RUSSELL is the fourteenth book in the Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes series and I have read every single one of the books This series is actually one of my absolute favorites and to say that I ve been waiting to read this book is an understatementREAD THE WHOLE REVIEW OVER AT FRESH FICTION 35 starsLet me get a couple of things out of the way First I m a huge fan of this series wait impatiently for each instalment Second this is a well written book So you may ask why 35 starsIt begins with a bang when Mary opens her door to a stranger But despite the title this is a book about Mrs Hudson What follows is the extremely detailed story of her life from birth to resent day And while I ve always found her an engaging secondary character she is not why I read these booksWith the bulk of space devoted to her history Mary Holmes are reduced to minor characters There are initially a few short chapters that detail Mary s encounter with someone from the housekeeper s Metro 2033 (Universo Metro) past but Holmes doesn t appear until the halfway markI read these because I love following our intrepid couple on their adventures For me everything revolves around th. On the doorstep claiming to be Mrs Hudson’s son What Samuel Hudson tells Russell cannotossibly be true yet she believes him as surely as she believes the threat of the gun in his hand In a devastating instant everything changes And when the scene is discovered a Christianity pool of blood on the floor the smell of gunpowder in the air the most shocking revelation of all is that the grim cluesoint directly to Clar.

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E fascinating relationship between the famous detective his young bookish wife Their shared intelligence witty dialogue are the foundation of each mystery they solve I missed that here The book finally took off at the 70% mark IMHO going from tough slog to Run for Your Life (Michael Bennett, page turner with the injection of Mary Holmes into the storyMrs Hudson has led a surprisingly colourful life so if you ve ever wondered about her how she ended up with Holmes give this a try Just know it s a departure fromrevious books in the series This turned into a really good murder mystery Sherlock is not the central character instead its the women in his life his young wife and the indomitable Mrs Hudson In this book we learn about Mrs Hudson s background It s written intermittently with the current murder in Alice-Miranda at Camp progress Not one of my favorite story techniues but it seemed to work wellI m usuallyicturing the characters standing by checking their watches while the scenes on the next stage The Red Queen: Sex and the Evolution of Human Nature (Penguin Press Science) (English Edition) progress I am a newcomer to the Mary Russell series and whilst in theast have deliberately strayed from the The Association of Small Bombs previous books theremise of this latest installment genuinely did Wilderness Survival Handbook piue my interest thus I went into The Murder of Mary Russell sansreconceived notions and with an open mind The first chapter starts out all right A mysterious visitor claiming to be Mrs Hudosn s son comes calling and we get to see Russell make what she would have the reader believe are astute but are mostly only just common sense observations before the incident which lends the book its title occurs So in all honesty I confess to not being overly impressed with her but did not dislike Mary Russell either and was all set to sit back and enjoy a nice juicy mysteryExcept that never happened Because what we get starting with Chapter 2 and ending around Chapter 28 with about three or so extraneous chapters interspersed between consisting of Mary Russell s POV is a sordid background drama surrounding the early life an times of Mrs Hudson that was not only tedious in the extreme it was worthy of Days Of Our Lives than a mystery novel It was an endless mind numbingly boring narrative and uite The White Mans Burden possibly the literary euivalent of Chinese water torture This was truly the most shoddily executed book I ever read there is no mystery no suspense not even a bit of mild tension Nothing And all because the reader is simply being spoonfed the entirety of informationertaining to the incident in Chapter 1 instead of facts coming to light gradually during the course of an investigation And the motivation for the crime the less said about that the better Cue Visit the Sick page 200 ish whereupon Sherlock Holmes finally enters stage left to take over what is being deemed the murder investigation of his wife Never mind this ought to have been Chapter 2 Mrs King s version of the Great Detective is woefully inept and somehow even his analysis of the bloodstains are made to be dull and tedious And his characterization was so off the mark it made me cringe Literally the vast majority of this book read like an overblownlot outline and was such a Mary Sue fan fiction complete with SuperEvilVillains even EvilHeteronormative White Males who start out as decent human beings only to magically turn into EvilHusbands once they trick women into marrying them it was all I could do not to inwardly cringe The thread of misandry was so apparent I realized when the second male child was born it wouldn t fare well for the mother hint it didn t because male babies had a habit of making their mothers ill or ded as the Carry Me Over the Threshold proverbial door nail here UghI would never have finished this unimaginably boring train wreck if I did not feel obligated torovide the The Courtship Basket publisher with my honest opinions And I am genuinely sorry that I could not find any redeeming factors in this novel which I usually try to do even when I give a negative review. A Hudson Or rather to Clarissa the woman she was before Baker Street The key to Russell’s sacrifice lies in Mrs Hudson’sast To uncover the truth a frantic Sherlock Holmes must Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, Ruth, 1 2 Samuel (The Expositors Bible Commentary put aside his anguish andush deep into his housekeeper’s secrets to a time before her disguise was assumed before her crimes were buried away There is death here and murder and trust betrayed And nothing will ever be the sa.

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