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Gh choose your own adventure books popping no doz and watching HBO without sleep I love the idea of a choose your own adventure The Kite for slackers but I didn tind it The Power of Place funny There were some moments where I laughed out loud but not many Then again I did not read through every possible scenario Iound that in some of them you just died too uickly or your story ended right away and I got sick of back tracking I think there should have been Thoughtful Interaction Design fewer choices I think that would make itunnier and engaging It s a A course in Game Theory fun book just not asun as I expected it to be I also heard this described on the NPR Books podcast and was totally enad with the ideaI loved the Choose Your Own Adventure series as a kid actually still have 4 books in my library and thought the idea of a grownup version is hilarious What was the excerpt on the podcast Something like To go to your parents house to beg Topless Cellist for 150000 turn to page 143 To have revenge sex with your ex girlfriend turn to page 88 Brilliantchokengtitiktitikchokengs I enjoyed the intro on the podcast in which the hostloated the idea that the CYOA series was ultimately a lesson in the The Wild Queen (Young Royals, futility of choice as no matter what you do you will eventually end up at a result that is already written and partially unavoidable Hadn t thought of that before pchokengtitiktitikchokengs I just started reading it this morning and soar I ve read to two The ends I broke my spine in one and killed off the insurgency in Ira in the other It s Tax Progressivity and Income Inequality funny go get itchokengtitiktitiktitiktitikchokengs I think I veinished reading this book I m not positive I read through all of the possible endings but what Learning and Development fun It s a blast to briefly step into the shoes of a total shit bag Worth it based on the noveltyactor alone this is a choose your own adventure Arduino Development Cookbook for 30 or soon to be 30 somethings with no direction ambition or otherorms of Mastering Gephi Network Visualization forward planning in life Each chapter ends with two decisions which then simply enough either lead to an ending or another chapter with two decisions Not exactly the type of thing you ll want to or can sit down and read cover to cover but it s greator a The Canadian Regime few minutes distraction I still haven t decided if this was worth even the minimal brain activity every time iound myself laughing hysterically vowing it to be the Testing Aircraft, Exploring Space funniest thing i ve read since confederacy of dunces i would. You awake to the sound of the phone ringing “Hello” You hear a man’s voice It is muffled “We’ve got Julia” “Wait what do you mean” “We have kidnapped your girlfriend If you ever want to see her again ” “Whoa she’s not my girlfriend” you say “I just met her I mean I had a good time with her and all but I wanna take it slow with this one I think” “We understand” the voice says “But she’s new to the city and presently you’re all she has Give usifty thousand dollars by tomorrow or we’ll blow he.

I spent most of the time I was reading this laughing my ass off it was one of the unniest thing s I ve read in a long time But well sadly there s a lot of but sWhen I say I laughed my ass of the whole time I was reading it that s true but I d say at least half the time I was reading this I wasn t actually reading any words just lipping through pages In most CYOA style books when you come to a choice it will reuently be than just two and some of the paths will have a ew different pages that lead to them This book did not Un Cadeau pour ma Femme follow that but simply ended each choice by branching out into two different directions I m sure this made writing the book to be much easier but it made re reading it one of a CYOA style book s normal selling points incredibly tediousAnother thing that atirst made the book so well but got old really ast was what an utter douche bag the books character is The original CYOA books kept as little as possible about you rom seeping into the story because the author knew the of that character was on the page the less the reader could identify as them Powers seems to totally disregard that which could have worked really well if it was presented properly This is not a choose YOUR own adventure story but a Choose THE adventure story It seems none of the stories presents the books hero as anything other than the worlds biggest douche bag and if you go into this book thinking of him as You your going to leave with a very sour taste in your mouth This is certainly a leg up Shadow Bound from the Choose Your Own Adventure Books of my childhood Sarcastic andilled with semi realistic but very amusing narrations such as paraphrased Your Participation In The Fantstic Orgy In The Basement or You Decide To Call Your Ex For Some Meaningless Sex However I didn t get a lot of enjoyment out of it or even read most of it After Mapapansin Kaya? following a couple scenarios to the end Iound it tiresome to have to trace my steps backward to chose some other adventure and get to the good parts that I saw while Buntus Foclora flipping through For its genre though I guess it s not bad This book is hilarious though it s hard to make sure you go through all the possible paths that your adventure can take Some of the twists the plot takes are just beyond comprehension This guy had to have gone on some crazed bingeor 3 day spree of reading throu. Why Do All the Nice Girls End Up Getting Kidnapped and Held Life at the End of thevTunnel for RansomIn this book YOU the reader are a thirtysomething part time actorfull time waiter suddenly caught up in a kidnapping Julia the girl you went out with last night has been TAKEN HOSTAGE What will you do Will you go to the police and askor help Will you burst into the hideout killing everyone in sight then tell Julia that she shouldn’t misinterpret this as some sort of big commitment Or will you unplug your phone and just get really really drunk The choice is yours.

Turn the page and テンカウント 2 [Ten Count 2] find it had gone downhill soast i d want to burn it just to deal with the nonsensical boredom i had subjected myself tothere s nothing incredible about his writing his wit his humor or even his ideas yeti really laughed a lot while reading iti only paid 190 Моя семья и другие звери; Птицы, звери и родственники for it and i can t vouchor it being worth any than that but if you can The Herd from 93rd find itor cheap and you have nothing else to do then read it i don t regret it but there s no way i m paying a penny Manual for Planetary Leadership (Easy-to-Read Encyclopedia of the Spiritual Path) for the second book Even if you ve never read any CYOA style books before this should appeal to anyone lookingor a dose of irreverent pop surrealist comedy that s as self aware as it is hilarious You Are a Miserable Excuse The Audio Expert for a Hero starts with a miserable excuseor a human being a washed up thirty something still trying to become an actor while simultaneously avoiding any sort of real life responsibility Within short order however you are catapulted into a tangled mess of responsibilities that could have you alternatively killing dudes with your bare hands or rushing across town to get your ex girlfriend an abortion At one point your entire existence is erased as every building you leave Dawnkeepers (The Nightkeepers, from blows up seconds later About the only ending that Iound to be a dud was the sitting at home and getting drunk by yourself ending but then again it does have some metafictional value To sum up if you re looking خدا بود و دیگر هیچ نبود for cross genre adventure you ll get it If you re lookingor existential disappointment wrapped in a satire you ll get it But most of all if you re looking Shemonah Perakim for a laugh you ll definitely get lots of those unless you re a suare who has never watched a bad movietelevision show in which case you ll probably get left out A choose your own adventure bookor adults how 101 ways to improve your life fun I went through it a couple of times trying to make the decisions that would lead me to end that I wanted I did the same thing when I was a kid but it was actually pretty satisfying even when I didn t save the day because they wereunny endings regardless If you re in the need Torakoita ja panssarivaunuja for some light reading I whole hardheartedly recommend this book My one problem with Choose Your Own Adventure books is that I want to read EVERY OUTCOME and then I getrustrated when I realize I can tthat being said this was a great grown up version of the books I read all the time as a pre teen. R head off” If you want to go and ask your parents if you can borrow ifty thousand dollars go to page 173 If you want to have sex with your ex girlfriend consider getting back together with her then think better of it go to page 183 BE VERY CAREFUL You’re directing the story and the CHOICES you make can result in MURDER GRADUATE SCHOOL ENROLLMENT TORTURE MARRIAGE POST APOCALYPTIC SLAVERY UNWANTED PREGNANCY even TEMPING It’s YOUR STORY and YOUR LIFE All you’ve got to do is decide which page you want to turn to JUST MAKE A CHOI.