A.J. Tipton: Breaking The Curse Sexy Reversed Fairy Tales #3

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En it comes to the prick that puts them to sleep Raven is a fun character and becomes Nathan s best friend And let s just say that it was lucky true loves iss broke the curse This uick retelling of the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale flips the genders of the characters around adds a splash of fun and a bit of spice Overall I enjoyed the role reversals If you like cursed princes that need a woman to save them then you ll like this boo. E her wily ways Or are they out of timeThis sexy adult retelling of Sleeping Beauty involves light bondage drunken sorcerers and a love strong enough to defy magicNOTE Each book in the Sexy Reversed Fairy Tales series stands on its own and can be read in any ord.

Ve that nows no limits 35 starsNow this was uite funny The twist the authors made of the original story was rather entertaining and it was good to have an actual plot instead of only sex which tends to happen really often Esta tuvo m s desarrollo ue la anterior pero uedaron cosas inconclusas con algunos personajes espero ue aparezcan m s adelante y les den un cierre 255 This is a reverse on sleeping beauty but with a twist wh. Aven has everything a woman by night bird by day could ever want a handsome lover a best friend and an unending supply of pranks When one of her schemes puts Nathan’s life at risk she’ll have to expose her true feelings for him to save the day Will she chang.

Out of all the sexy reversal books I like this one the best I guess because I like the movie Maleficent and it puts a spin on the original Cinderella Story Well this one does as well because the one you thought would be evil is actually good and the prince is not dumb he s smart so I really like this book Breaking the Curse Raven s Royal Mate was a good uick read by AJ Tipton This was a retelling of Sleeping Beauty It shows a lo. Handsome Prince Nathan is doomed Cursed at infancy to plunge into an eternal slumber on his twentieth birthday he wants to enjoy what remains of his life with his best friend a talking bird named Raven But Raven is not all that she seemsA mischievous temptress

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