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A compelling econstruction of Left Behind from a liberal Christian Works on multiple levels as a critiue of bad writing a bad plot and ultimately the terrible ideas that underlie the series predictions for the future The heroes of Left Behind are utterly utterly baffling Why The Culture Code do they take jobs working for the anti Christ Whyoes NO ONE care that all of the world s children vanished How Banish Clutter Forever does the world erupt into flames and no one noticesFred Clark answers these uestions and with a good look along the way re why Biblical literalism is so problematic in short even if the Bible was the exact word of God are humans really able to just flawlessly interpret it Is that even possible if the Bible s books were written for specific times and occasions Funny yet thoughtful takedown of LeHaye Jenkins premillenialispensationalism and an unexpected writing primer I hope Clark compiles blog posts into e book form I Stolen Magic (Stardust, d rather give my book money to him than to LJ A great readIve been a big fan of Fred Clarks work on his blog Slacktivist andelighted to see it collected here Reading reviews of horribly written books is educational and fun I mean I read these on his blog back when he first started blogging about them But Fred s insights are just as entertaining and informative now as they were back then I will have to buy a copy of this for my mother since she is the one who sent me the box of Left Behind booksUpdate 1 copy on its way just in time for me to take it home to give mom in person ExcellentThis collection of blog posts turned book is so completely spot on If you ve read the Left Behind books The Billionaire Daddy definitely pick this up I read all the Left Behind books that were released when I was 12 up until before the final book in the original series which judging fromescriptions of the subseuent books was a good time to stop if there ever really was a good place to start to begin with At the time I was in the eep thralls of bad premillenialist theology because a new Christian only TV channel had just begun in New Zealand and it was importing all the uestionable Hal Lindsay and Trinity Broadcast Network programming In hindsight it wasn t a very healthy influenceReading this book has been truly cathartic Written by a Some books are merely bad Some are entertainingly bad But the very worst are instructively bad Left Behind A Novel of the

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Ds the point of view of Christians as a whole He has a solid background in the church and understands the ins and outs of the Bible far than I Stronger do I feel like his honest opinion on this book is very well balanced and based in his own faith This book is very anit Left Behind Clark presents that series as a very flawed work that essentially serves two purposes to scare people into being saved and to make those already saved feel good about themselves Since Clark comes from the same background as the authors of Left Behind Ion t feel like he is poking fun or being negative because he hates religion He is being honest and comes from a good placeI enjoyed this book because it essentially went line by line through the Left Behind series and pointed out the issues with the writing as well as the fundamental failings when it comes to representing Christianity to readers He points out the inconsistencies within the story as well as in the morality and religious tale that it is telling For someone who Loss (Gus Dury, doesn t have a lot of background in Christianity beyond the basics this helped me get a better idea of the popularity and problems behind this series Clark shows how flawed the book is and also how flawed that brand of Evangelical Christianity can be The Bad Unfortunately I felt like this book was a bit lacking towards the end The book covers Left Behind really well hitting on every piece of it and giving a lot of background information However by the end of the book I feel like we ve only made it halfway through Left Behind The book ends as if the author got tired of reading and writing about it I felt like I was left hanging in the middle of the Left Behind book and I almost wanted to pick it up to see what happens even though I m pretty sure I would not enjoy it It would have been a much successful book if it had continued on with analyzing the story instead of just cutting off midway The Verdict If you have an interest in understanding the phenomenon that is the Left Behind series or if you re a fan of the books and wonder what the bigeal could be I recommend you check out this book If you re not looking for an in epth analysis of Left Behind then skip it Visit Vicarious Caytastrophe for this review and many. Decade and he invites you to join him on a journey through the horrors and hilarity of one of the worst books ever written.

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Keptical progressive Christian who knows bad theology bad writing and bad ethics when he sees it his econstruction of this malignant book series is not only really concise but uproariously funny for the same reasons MST3K isTo anyone getting nostalgic for Left Behind Alacrity (Illumine, despite the fact they left evangelical Christianity behind years ago like me I would recommend reading this instead of the actual books This is the compilation of Fred Clark s multi yearissection of Left Behind It manages to be a comprehensive critiue of the writing and plot characters setting etc of the book and a launching pad for iscussion of the truly awful theology promoted by the bookIt s also funnier than MST3K and I love MST3K Don t o like Left BehindThis searing analysis goes through Left Behind analyzing its style characterization plot and theology finding no good in it The authors of LB seem to think the Jews are up to something always a bad sign This is Part I Part II is eually good The Anti Christ Handbook The Horror and Hilarity of Left Behind by Fred Clark started as a blog When Clark had finished writing about the Left Behind book series and found that his opinions were a pretty popular read he Love You To Death (Detective Ruby Preston, decided to publish his blog posts as this book In The Anti Christ Handbook Clark reads andiscusses all of the problematic portions of the uber popular Left Behind book series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B Jenkins He goes over all of the things that are the Arnhem downfall of certain schools of Evangelical Christianity The Good I received the first Left Behind book from a roommate when I was in college I tried to read it once but I couldn t make it much past the first chapter Iid not enjoy the theme of the book and I really couldn t get into the writing style Nonetheless I always wondered what the big eal about these books was I know the series is super popular with a lot of people and they have been adopted into multiple movies This book allowed me to get the overall gist of the book without having to spend the time slogging through itThe most important factor of The Anti Christ Handbook to me is that Fred Clark is himself a Christian and even an Evangelical Christian This means that he is not out to get Christianity and he understan. Arth's Last Days is even worse than that Fred Clark has been learning from the relentless awfulness of this book for than