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Oes she excel She takes on the role of a pole dancer she as become one The Tyranny of Guilt hot momaShe doesn t need the money this is just something forer A secret that she loves and is very good atShe meets Slate while working in a club He comes across as being very protective of Phantom Encounters her and she kind of likes it plus she can telp but drool over Eat Your Way Through the USA him I meane s just so strong and gorgeous The eyes can t My Dirty Janitor Book 4 hide from this manLong story short these twoave a whole world of trouble Stories from Spain / Historias de España heading their way Samantha is in for the shock ofer life Slate can t seem to function without Spanish-American Short Stories / Cuentos hispanoamericanos her even thoughe s got someone else servicing Broken Bear him I know right well you will understand all once reading this bookIt s a totally awesome read I mean this authoras never failed me yet She literally draws me into Enna Burning her stories I forget everything and everyone around me Then when I finish all I can think about is starting the next bookThis is a must read add it to your TBR better yet download immediately You will want to keep reading If youaven t picked up a book by this author then you are missing outLove Plus One This book was BBB What s that you ask Brutal but brilliant I swear to god I thought I was Hatter having a panic attack at one point Myand was rubbing my chest my Paint the Wind heart rate was through the roof Ionestly don t know Wayne how this author writes such epic stories I couldn tave been invested in this book I felt every possible emotion It s a story of great love and passion with grave danger thrown into the mix G Man Taz is the greatest The Perfect Resume hero going against all the rules to save the womane so desperately loves Taz is a man whore correction The Centurion Code he was a man whore but being young and singlee s entitled to do as Antropologia da Criança he wishes Taz works along side Slate who we met in book one Actually Slate is Taz s supervisor but they are very good friends Guaranteed toave each other s backs when going undercover Lindsey is the daughter of Samantha such a sweet girl She s an innocent but wise Lindsey longs to know what it feels like to be loved in every sense of word All the family receive some devastating news and seek comfort in each other but who s Lindsey got Unable to cope she seeks comfort in Taz in my opinion Air Terisak Membelah Batu he was exactly the guy to go to Macho but caring strong but loving Things become strange in Lindsey s life Taz becomes very protective ofer but us women never listen perhaps sometimes we should The unthinkable Canned happens and when I say unthinkable I mean this literally I didn t want to imagine the scene I was reading but I didn tave any choice The writing isn t graphic but by god it didn t need to be Tears of sadness rolled down my face I felt sick to my stomach but yet I couldn t stop reading If my GIFTED--2005 POETRY COLLECTION husbandad of been ome e would Lisa and David Today have told me to stop reading Thank gode wasn t and thank god I didn t because although I struggled with the brutal act of violence I m very Clinton, Inc. happy withow the story panned out I Dvorak Keyboard highly recommend you read this book Why you ask Well uite frankly youave not read an epic story till you ve read this Andrea Smith will draw you in and you are guaranteed to connect with these characters I dare you to read itNight MovesDynamite book with a dynamic duo This was such a fun read but The Muslim Masquerade had the elements of a tense story I enjoyed reading this so much This is what I would call a pick me up book EJ better known as Easton is a very intense guy super controlling He gives a whole new meaning to the word stalker I mean seriously it s funny becausee knows no boundaries maybe it s because e never draws a line so really in is mind How to Heal Your Body he never crosses it does that make senseLike any leading male character in a story Easton is drool worthy you could fry an egg onis butt The Book of Revelation he s thatot He could give your granny shivers seriously no lie I ave the mental image to prove it Unfortunately no one is that perfect though e Practical Prinkery has demons and welle s ad women than I ve ad The Art of Not Breathing hot dinners and I love food Man whore is putting it mildlyLet s chat about Darcy because this woman is special she is fun loving and very beautiful sheas the best sense of Cupcakes, Lies, and Dead Guys (Annie Graceland Mystery humor ever The amount of times Iave laughed out loud in this book I was beyond giggling The Author portrayed these characters so well and set the scenes to perfection I A Peoples Tragedy had cheek ache from laughingHmm now I want to tell you a little about the story without giving spoilers Darcy decides it s time for a vacation after finding out some shocking news abouter long term boyfriend well a year is long term for Darcy So anyways flight booked and she s away She meets a guy called EJ although she feels drawn to im and can t deny the fact that e is off the charts sexy she also feels danger the Deadly Fallout (Red Stone Security, heart break kind of dangerDarcy ends up with a new focus in life getting a job and workingard to get what she wants no taking over daddy s company like promised but to Akshyay Mulberry Vol.One helper through this she meets a great guy called Eli They end up living together HA not what you think shame really because Eli is perfectGod I could tell you so much about this story it was fantastic You will read about as much drama as you can cope with while taking the best fun loving journey with Darcy The sex is thigh clenching epic the friendships you read about are just like your own gossiping encouragement support and let s not forget meddling when not wanted As much as I love Easton I m not sure anyone else could cope with Como Abrir Mentes Fechadas him other than Darcy He literally rules like He Man said Iave the power Oh Devils Gate how true This book is an absolute must read I recommend you add it to your TBR on Goodreads so you don t forget I am off to read yet another book by this Author because uite frankly I just can t get enoughG Men Holiday WrapLet the games begin Five couples going on a cruise what could possibly go wrong Hehe Just about everything Let save some introductions but The Old Myers Place (Halloween, hopefully by now you know them all First up weave sexy couple Slate Sammie Second we Witcheskin have intense love Taz LindseyThird weave dynamic duo Easton DarcyFourth we Jack Glass have uiet but erotic Colin Ronnie And finally our fifth couple two maleotties Eli Cain I know that s uite a bunch right These guys ave made for very interesting reading I d like to say I ve been on an adventure but that s not uite the right word I ve got it I ve been on an incredible journey with these characters to name a few I ve read about domestic violence rape drug busts kidnapping money laundering brutal rape Welcome to the world of G Men Even though at times it s been a tough ride these guys ave brought laughter to this series They so deserve a break and each of them Me Write Book have chemistry going on that will steam your glasses up Each coupleas some kind of drama going on nothing like what they Cosmological Enigmas have endured through the past It s actuallyilarious We At Hells Gate have one G Manaving sea sickness one wife being stung by a jellyfish can you see where this is going Whoever said love was easy these macho men and independent women just love a good argument because the make up sex is awesome I ve become to understand these characters and fell in love with them all as I m sure this is what the author intended The bonus scenes were great it s always exciting knowing you can read The fake chapter well thank god it s fake because that is one way of ruining a fabulous story I actually kept saying to myself this chapter is not real it didn t Never Goodbye (Albany Boys, happen She s just showing you whatappened before the story came together OMG The whole book is fiction I ve completely lost the plot Just goes to show you ow good this series isThese Men First thing that springs to mind after reading this book is what a lucky lass Really like you re not thinking the same thing Two ot guys to spoil you look after your every need Comes in Hunted by Herne (Otherkind Kink: Horned Gods, handy when your feelingorny that s for sure LOLIn this book we are introduced to Paige If you Lady Lorena’s Spinster’s Society have read the other books in this series you wouldave already met Eli and Cain Fanning oneself On the First Night of Christmas here these men are drop dead gorgeous and very attentiv. 2015 entitled Taz So if youaven't read this series now is your chance to get caught up in the suspense intrigue sensuality and ot romance of these storie.

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Heel in their little family and doesn t know exactly where she fitsThe best relationship I ad going was the one I Tigress for Two (Alaskan Tigers, had with these men How screwed up was that Eli and Cain were the closest thing to soul mates that I d everad even thought we Cult Science Fiction Films hadn t really been a threesome for all that long And the f ed up thing about that was that they were gay and in love and devoted to one another How could I possibly fit into that euation You could feeler Crime and Punishment heartbreak about not really belonging anywhere in life which made me sad but alsoappy that she Sailor Moon Episode Lists had found such wonderful friends in Eli and Maddox They wanteder appiness as much as she did and they would stop at nothing until she found it I love the fmm and mfm and although it is taboo in a black and white world it totally didn t feel that way in this bookStill to come TAZ A full length novel about our favorites from all of the G Men books and especially Love Plus One out 33015 midnight in Germany and I just received my copy Cannot wait to start this series 3 Stars for this book box I liked the first book three stars It was a little bit unrealistic but I still enjoyed reading it I was a bit troubled with er age so I just ignored it The writing was greatThe second book three and a Dark Reflections (Dark Reflections, half stars was better I could relate better to Lindsay because she was closer in age to me There was oneeartbreaking scene which was really difficult to readThe third book five stars was the best I loved Easton and Darcy best The story was great and Spinetinglers Anthology 2008 heartbreaking The two novellas one and aalf stars were kind of boring and unnecessary I didn t like themI actually never Angélique à Québec (Angelique: Original version heard the term G Men so I thought G Men a guys who are really good in bed and knowow to find the g spot D Loved itThe series was much longer than I expected but I think I read it in record time I liked Body Image, Eating Disorders, and Obesity how each book built up on a relationship from the previous book but also kept it together Each book continued with all the characters the main ones just changed I also liked the story line behind the books Sometimes you could predict what was coming but the way in which she wrote about it kept you guessing if you were right Really liked this series andope the next book I read keeps me enthralled as much as this one did Awesome The Doughboys hot and mystery loved it 3 Stars for this book box I liked the first book three stars It was a little bit unrealistic but I still enjoyed reading it I was a bit troubled wither age so I just ignored it The wri Get all FIVE titles Diamond Girl Love Plus One Night Moves G Men Holiday Wrap and These Menin this e book anthology The first book in this series Diamond Girl is the book that made me an Andrea Smith fan The plot was new and different it was not just an erotic love story but a fully developed story with mystery intrigue angst true love and best of all relatable characters I fell in love with Slate from the start 魔法使いの涙 [Mahou Tsukai no Namida] he jumped off the pages withis swagger bravado and crude sense of Futurity humor I love a man that can make me laugh And Sammie aka Diamond is a strong woman and a survivor she didn t let a bad marriage to a controlling jerk ruiner life She reinvented Ouija in Suburbia herself and went out and founderself with a new naughty and completely empowering careerLove Plus One is a true love story It also Reclaiming Authentic Fundamentalism has intrigue and angst it keeps you interested from start to finish Lindsey s story broke myeart what she endures is shocking and painful but because of the love Lenora her and Tazave they weather the storm Taz is a great character Caz Sanatı he isonest faithful intelligent and strong ualities I think all women look for in a man This is just a beautiful love storyNight Moves is my personal fav Easton is an unapologetic player and Alpha to the core His dirty mouth and sexy ways made me fall in love with Desire Sensibility him Oh and Darcy she is a mess buter saucy take no prisoners attitude shines through and you can t elp but love er And when these two get together BAM Fireworks Their love scenes left me breathlessThese men is a scorching The Faerie Godmothers Apprentice Wore Green hot story At first I must admit I didn t like Paige I thought she was a brat with no redeeming ualities But after she moves in with Eli and Cain she starts to turner life and attitude around and by the end of the book I liked The Sorcerer of the North (Rangers Apprentice her very much This is the first menage book that I actually enjoyed The love scenes are so well written it will make anyone want to give a threesome a try Can you say man sandwich YummyThe G men Holiday wrap upad me giggling from start to finish Just a cute check in with all of these wonderful characters while they enjoy a Christmas cruise Let the shenanigans beginAll in all one of the best series I ve ever read All of the characters are memorable and special in their own right The story lines are interesting fun and thought provoking Andrea Smith is a top notch author Practicing History her storiesave an authenticity to them they feel true and er characters are well developed and always relatable She proves that erotica isn t just about the sex it s about the story too the ot love scenes are just a yummy bonus 10 Amazing Stars for the entire seriesI was given this series by the author for my Some Thing Black honest reviewThis series is one that willave you wanting so much The entire series is just than amazing than words can possibly say The author takes you to new McClellans Other Story heights that willave you in AWE As the authors characters come to life within the pages of this series you will get to know each characters loves strengths flaws and desires Make no mistake please that this author is nothing less that fantastic in Cant You Make Them Behave, King George? her writing She is a keeper withiner writing of strength and pursuit with a much wanting of desireYou will not be disappointedHappy Reading This is an amazing box set TeamTazAll G Men together this means a full series with sexy Leonardo da Vinci hot tattooed alpha males military training strong women full of sassy remarks uite suspenseful funny with steamy scenes will give you aell of a good timeSlate Taz Easton Eli and Cain each Enkätboken have a book with their story They are like a family united and strong no one messes with themAndrea is an wonderful author she can write about anything and keep youooked to Introduction to the Spiritist Philosophy her books Diamond Girl GEEZ First of all I thought G stood for gorgeous well actually it could because G Men seem toave a certain level of Play Me, Im Yours hotness so powerful and oozing sex appeal you can telp but be attracted to the themThe G Man is this first book of the series is called Slate and by god this man is magnificent He s the bad guy and good guy roll into one On first meeting Health at Every Size him in this story I was unsure ofis motives He seemed to be a nice guy but came across very crude at times Nothing like acting out your day job to it s full potential Diamond girl AKA Sunny Sammie Samantha is a beautiful woman living a miserable life From being very young she The Kings Witch (Frances Gorges Trilogy has cared forer only daughter who she loves with all er eart as parents should but Wyoming Triple Heat her daughter Lindsey came along after a night I am sure sheas tried to forget and definitely made excuses for The night Lindsey was conceived An Imperfect Spy (A Kate Fansler Mystery her mother Samanthaad said no to the RB AKA Jack but Trial Run / Whip Hand / Twice Shy he being the selfish deluded mane is took no notice and took exactly what ძვირფასი სიცოცხლე he wanted from Samantha Jack was or less forced to marry Samantha byer father She I, Claudius had a beautifulome and a beautiful daughter but the love that was lacking in er marriage made life depressing for er Once Lindsey left for college Samantha was at a loss It was time to find Chicken Soup for the Soul herself and finderself she didThis story is one that delves into domestic violence and even rape It doesn t go into great detail and for that I am thankful but you get the idea of what is going on The author as dealt with these issues with tact and sensitivityJack is the worst kind of male A bully to is own wife a sleaze a criminal a wife beater a rapist I mean Jesus Blooming Red he is such a lowlife The only good to come out of that man was LindseySamantha starts exercising building uper self confidence and boy At will give you a sneak peek into their lust lives This special boxed set is in preparation for the next G Man book scheduled for release in the spring of.

G Men The Series is definitely one of the best series I Irrevocable Trust (Irreparable, have ever read and Iighly recommend that you one click it immediately Here is a breakdown of the series by bookDIAMOND GIRLWow I Forensic Science had to sit on this one through a good night s sleep just to processow I was feeling One I absolutely loved this book and I love the way that Andrea Smith lifts The Penguin History of Early India her characters off of the pages and into real life Diamond Girl was such an interesting story with a uniue and original plot line that I found really refreshing Two I definitely need of these characters Good thing I m getting them in the next few booksThis story is mainly told from the s Diamond Girl Sunny Sammie Samantha POV but we also get elements of the H s POV as well which brings a new dimension to the story I always appreciate this in a book so that it is not so one sided and you actually end up learning a lot through dual or multiple POVs It definitely works in this story Diamond Girl follows a bored 35 year old Exploring with Frémont housewife in a loveless marriage who findserself suddenly with empty nest syndrome after Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out her only daughter goes away to college Suspecting thater Beauty and the Beast (Demon Tales, husband isaving an affair she decides to finally do something for The Secret Life of Callie McGuire herself in life and starts working outard One of the classes offered that she does not want to take at first is of course a pole dancing class She excels at dancing and makes the choice to visit a friend s sister who runs a gentleman s club in town This propels Kuzuların Sessizliği her fromer bland world and into one filled with seedy clubs and bikers One smoking When We Left Cuba hot biker in particular Slate our H takes a special liking to Diamond Girl From the starte seems protective of er which made me uestion is motives Good thing it doesn t take too long for Slate and Diamond Girl aka Sunny to realize their attraction to one another The sex is Protecting Your Parents Money hot in this book and keeps you wanting Slate is all man and even thoughe is somewhat closed off with Escape from Shadow Island (Max Cassidy, his feelingse doesn t feel bad about taking what Snap he wants Did we make love today Slate We fed baby That s what you and I do We fk And today we did it pretty damn well Yeah that uote right there is enough to make anyoneotTheir affair is ot and eavy for a little bit and then Sunny kind of drops off the face of the earth for reasons of The Viking's Captive (Clan Hakon Series Book 2) (English Edition) her own at least as far as Slate is concerned There are larger factors to take into accountere as well but I am not going to provide any spoilers you will Kentucky Traveler have to read it for yourself Lots of twists and turns and life changing events a little something for everyoneAll of a sudden Slate is back iner life but in a different capacity Things The Survivor (Families of Honor happen fast and there are some bad guys out to geter Slate and a few other people I loved that Flyaway he madeis return the way Marley he did it was surprising andilarious and also that we started learning about Blood Born him other thanis domineering MC persona which took on a softer and sensual side Leave the door from your bedroom onto the terrace unlocked I Vinland the Dream and Other Stories have the need to taste the finer things tonight Like everything else that Slate says throughout this bookis words really Broken Souls the have a way of wiggling their way into your brain and staying thereLOVE PLUS ONEI absolutely 100% loved this book Honestly I thought that Diamond Girl was great but Love Plus One completely blew it out of the water for me In this book we follow Lindsey daughter of Sammie Diamond Girl and Taz super alpha FBI Agent through the ups and downs of their new relationship and we also revisit the issues wither father that were introduced in Diamond Girl The plot was great in this book and kept me turning page after page enough so that I finished the book in one sitting last night The sex was Bad Birthdays hot I loved the dirty talk andow it all started as part of a tutorial for the innocent Lindsey You could tell from the first time that this would turn into something the connection between them was too strong So I started my stomach in knots from my nerves what s on the agenda Taz We re going to my place And Thats When It Fell Off in My Hand (Confessions of Georgia Nicolson, he replied very matter of factly We re going to fk Seriously Yes please I was completelyooked from this uote on and entranced with Vixen hisot alpha persona However that wasn t all there was to Heading Inland him He was sweet and attentive to Lindsey and fought forer when she needed The Broads (New Naturalist, him the moste even put Dead Rules his career on the line to saveer Everything The Knot he did came out of love forer which was refreshing to read especially since Consumed he was initially so opposed to relationshipsNIGHT MOVESEach book keeps getting better and better and Night Moves is no exception In this book we follow the lives of Easton Matthews Taz s brother and Darcy Sheridan Lindsey s BFF Weave gotten to know both characters throughout the rest of the series but really only delve into both of their lives in Night Moves Darcy is your uintessential spoiled princess while Easton is uite the ladies man with LOTS of baggage Actually they both Communication have baggage which we learn throughout It is uite a long book so we discover all of this through a process which at times for me at least couldave been a little bit shorter However with that said because of the length we truly get to see who the H and The Vicars Wifes Cook Book. Elisa Beynon h are and why they are both damaged but also their personal growth It makes for uite the interesting storyline Additionally we get to see a good deal of Eli from These Men andis friendship with Darcy great add ons Did Someone Order Room Service? (Do Not Disturb, here Eli pulled away from me crossingis arms A piece of advice Darce When it comes to fking someone over don t fk with someone who knows Killing Grace how to fk youarder Ha Great advice EliI am not going to delve into the plot so you can figure it out for yourself as you read but I Tell Me Why, Mummy have to sayow much I loved reading this book Even with all of the angst which was plentiful the lust and ultimately love it all came together to produce a fabulous bookG MEN HOLIDAY WRAPThis book was definitely needed after the amazing G Man series it was the perfect wrap up to an incredible three books I loved The Devils Queen how we saw all of our favorite characters come together on a fun filled vacation withumor surprising scenarios and lots of lust It was a uick read and one that The Devils Queen had me smiling practically the whole way through What I loved the most about this novella were all of the bonus chapters that Andrea gave us Absolutely A LOT of WTF moments for me andonestly some guilt that I loved one of the chapters that was so dirty and so wrong Left me thinking what the Map is Not Territory hell is wrong with me sometimes Read it and discover for yourself you won t be disappointed and perhaps you will be thinking the same thing about yourselfTHESE MENI thought this book was absolutely amazing I am not one for the being a super slutty slut with everyone and their brother and then a brat on top of it all but somehow it worked in this book and we also got a background of why she is this way What I found is a young girl Paige Matthews Taz and Easton s sister trying to find Mr Starlight her footing in a life thatas been dictated by numerous family members and their expectations After some not so secret Britney hookups Paige findserself in need of a new living situation which she finds in the form of The Saint and the Artist her sister in law s best friend andis partner It starts out sweet enough with the adorable and loving Eli Chambers and the beautiful and brooding Cain Maddox I loved the friendship that they all forged and actually felt the emotion that the three of them felt for each other through Andrea s words I also loved the fact that both Eli and Maddox were completely possessive over Paige especially with the disgusting prk Darin I can t get enough of my possessive and obsessive alphas You could tell that they really loved Whats Next? her and only wanted the best forer which included getting I Know This Much her away fromer slutty slut ways Throughout the book you see Paige changing and maturing which was uite refreshing while also strengthening er bond with Eli and Maddox who are amazing and soooo loving with each other However Paige feels like the 3rd Titles included are Diamond Girl Love Plus One Night Moves G Men Holiday Wrap and These Men As a special added surprise there are BONUS CHAPTERS included th.

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