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Remember reading big brightly colored books as a kid and being completely immersed in the experience Reading this book felt like thatIt s a little hard to describe this one It s non fiction but not really a raphic novel as there s no narrative per se It s really a science art book Yes I ll Inverloch Volume 4 go with that The author breaks up Weather into various chapters and includes some fascinating and uirky tidbits accompanied by folk artsy illustrations One chapter titled Sky has no words at all just paintings If you are looking for an adultish scientific book on weather this is not it but if you are in the mood to explore the topic in a manner you did as a kid pick this one up It s a fun colorful and educational read This book is visuallyorgeous with amazing artwork I ve never read anything like this before It s less The Good and Beautiful God graphic novel and seuential art with narrative nonfiction text The stories the author chose to share demonstrating the effects of weather on life and humanity were as awesome as the artwork I wish all science could be presented in such a fascinating way A year or so ago I read Redniss s book about Marie Curie and loved it When I first picked up Thunder Lightning I wasn t sure I would be as drawn to it but my ambivalent feelings about the book soon changed and I was uietly and steadily and charmed worried captivated sad about the commotion of human selfishness I know that all creatures are selfish We are not alone We can only be what we are ourselves we re merely mammals critters creatures and part of being a living creature is eating and sleeping and trying to stay safe and comfortable using up resources and striving to live But the pain of terrain and climate change really took hold of me as I read the chapters on industrialization and forest fires probably of the chapters too but that is what I most recall at the momentThat said this book isn t all about loss It is broken up into chapters related to weather events and addresses a broad variety of topics events all related to fog wind storms fires seascapes cityscapes ice scapes flora and fauna of all kinds There is a touch of Maira Kalman in Redniss s books The uiet meditative essay like voice that follows a topic where it takes her There is an almost deceptive charm because the investigation that is happening is not light or entirely full of delight There is a lot of delight and also a lot of something else Wondrousness and solemn beautiful and at times crushing sobriety I love her art Again like Kalman a kind of childish or whimsical uality to some of it Unlike Kalman it s big the book is big the pages are big and fantastic intense beautiful instructive sometimes stark and sometimes nearly blank in a way that makes me uestion what is darkness and what is light Can a page leave one in darkness What are all of the things that a page of a book can do and imitate and complicate and begin to unravel Is it about the atmosphere of a page or the atmosphere of a place Some of the pages are all black except for the chapter titles Some are mostly made up of fog or night or fire and we can t really see past them This is a weird book Weird and awesomeThe presentation is pretty incredible Redniss teaches at a school for design and man does it show She created a typeface for this one like she does that is just really pretty and the art is super interesting and colorful and strange and the layout is really cool and varied with lots of text on some pages just a line or two on others and still others with no text at allAnd speaking of the text It feels a little bit scattered at times and at times I wasn t sure where she wasoing with the stories she was telling but those stories were all really kind of fascinating To me the whole thing almost feels like a scrapbook about weather than anything else I think Justintriguing tidbits and reat drawings and an almost stream of consciousness feelSo yeah Weird an. Weather is the very air we breathe it shapes our daily lives and alters the course of history In Thunder Lightning Lauren Redniss tells the story of weather and humankind through the ages This wide ranging work roams from the driest desert on earth to a frigid island in the Arctic from the Biblical flood to the defeat of the Spanish.

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Dozens of cloud seeding missions to create rain in Southeast Asia in 1966 and 1967 Of the chapters one of my favorites was Cold because I learned about Svalbard a place that is entirely hostile to agriculture inhospitable to life in almost every form but is the ideal spot for protecting the world s harvest It houses the Global Seed Vault which stores seeds from all over the world just in case something catastrophic happens and we have to replant every damn thing Svalberg was nationless until 1920 when the Spitsbergen Treaty made it a territory of Norway It s one of the most interesting places I learned about in this bookI also liked the chapter on Fog partly because I love it when outside is foggy because I learned about Cape Spear and sailors use of foghorns and lighthouses to navigate in thick fog I also learned fog is a cloud near the round which is obvious now that I know but I ve never thought of it that way before Moisture from the air condenses into tiny water droplets or ice crystals that hover over earth s surface In the fog we re tense Your senses are honed You re waiting and you re looking Captain David Fowler You et pretty itchy after a while and you start doubting yourself Paul BoweringThe chapter on Wind was also interesting Redniss talks about Diana Nyad s impressive attempt to swim from Cuba to Florida in September 2010 when Nyad was 60 years old and also how winds can shape the personality of a place Redniss includes an excerpt from Herman Hesse s 1904 novel Peter Camenzind in which Hesse s protagonist describes the Fohn a dry down slope wind notorious in Central Europe That excerpt made me want to read Peter Camenzind and experience that wind though I m sure I won t like itWar and Profit separate chapters but related were also ood ones In War we learn how the US used weather to their advantage in past wars and how they manipulated it And Profit is self explanatory I found that chapter interesting because of a company mentioned Planalytics which helps companies understand how weather affects their business Dominion which precedes these chapters is a The Horse in Celtic Culture good one also but it scared me In it Redniss includes a discussion on an invention to managelobal warming but if misused that invention could cause dire conseuencesOf all the chapters I think Forecasting was my favorite because it s almost entirely about the Old Farmer s Almanac which has predicted the weather for than 220 years That chapter was hilariousArt styleAs I said above the illustrations are colorful and beautiful Most are large and many spread across two pages They are simple but they present well the subjects and ideas Redniss decides to illustrate They are a wonderful supplement to the book and they also help to break up the flow of text so it doesn t seem daunting to read it I also like how the book is packaged The cover is eye catching and makes people want to touch it because the illustrations on it are embossedOverall Thunder Lightning was a reat read There s loads to learn in it and the accompanying illustrations makes reading it enjoyable The book touches on science politics and history and is easy to read and understand It s not a children s book but because of the illustrations and how well everything is explained I think it is a book parents can read to their children to teach them about the weather as well as different places in the world and some historyAnother major thing I learned was why it s uiet when it snows Apparently Falling snowflakes interfere with sound waves limiting the distance they travel and contributing to the muffled uietude that accompanies a snowstorm Also there s a word to describe the fresh earthy scent in the air after it rains petrichor The term was coined in 1964 by mineralogists Isabel Joy Bear and RG Thomas Such a cool book Amazing artwork with engaging stories about how weather impacts humans around the world and throughout time. Ed an umbrella today to the awesome challenges we face with lobal climate change Redniss produced each element of Thunder Lightning the text the artwork the covers and every page in between She created many of the images using the antiuated printmaking techniue copper plate photogravure etching She even designed the book’s typefa.

D awesome 4 to 45 stars Very interesting throughout though I found the first half to be so than the second I would Every Boys Dream guess that some people would find the opposite to be true and honestly the whole book is excellent and has my high recommendation Call me crazy but I think the weather is absolutely fascinating This is obscured by the fact that the weather is rather famously the favoriteo to topic for those who don t know what else to talk about But such small talk which really consists of variations on a single phrase Some weather we re having isn t it is never actually about the weather but about Starflight Zero getting a mundane response to a very mundane comment It s almost a joke You say something about the weather and the person you re talking toives you that eyebrows raised knowing A Succession of Bad Days glance that says Do you really have nothing better to talk aboutImagine if instead those awkward elevator conversations were actuall Little thoughts and short essays or less related to weather accompanied by drawings Specifically copper plate photogravure and photopolymer process Visually interesting design but it is than just visuals The text held my interest tooWarning Font related ranting aheadThe typography is unusual In many essays lines are spaced closely together at the start but widely spaced near the end Weird but OK The author even created her own font which is mostly OK but the lack ofood ligatures really bugged me Specifically her and y look horrible next to each other The very long tail on the y prevents it from being placed close to any previous letter with a descender so for example foggy looks like foggy The is ugly on it s own and even worse when followed by a u Spoiler alert is usually followed by a uRant overOverall a lovely book and an interesting one The one story that will stick with me most is probably the one about the US soldier using cloud seeding to produce rain in Vietnam to stall the enemy and wash away bridges I m not convinced that really works very well but that soldier who seeded the clouds is a true believer and it is an interesting story 2016 This was pretty darn brilliant It s divided into chapters with headings like Rain Dominion or Heat Using this theme you learn about historical events remote locations and scientific theory The art style isn t my fave but it complimented the text so well I wish this huge hardcover was easier to read but I ll be buying my own copy 50 or no2020 reread my own copy finally This was still excellent Cold is my favorite section but I love how each of them meander around their themes and discuss niche topics I never knew I wanted to know about I also enjoyed the illustrations this time As posted on Zezee with BooksThunder Lightning Weather Past Present Future is an illustrated nonfiction book about the weather that I recently read Written and illustrated by Lauren Redniss the book explores how weather affects nature and humanity and how humans cause changes in the weather It was an informative thought provoking read that left me curious about some of the subjects places and people mentioned in the bookThe book is huge and thick but that s because of the large beautiful illustrations that are sometimes spread across two pages There s a lot to read but the amount of text isn t overpowering since they are interspersed with illustrations and the font size allows for easy reading No need to strain your eyesThe book is divided into 12 chapters all headed by subjects that affect or relate to weather rain fog war profit etc Chapter lengths vary and some have text than others Actually one of them has no words at all Redniss not only explains the chapter s subject but also explains its relation to the concept of weather and presents facts and sometimes data about it She also includes stories of people s personal experiences like Ben Livingston who was a cloud physicist for the US Navy during the Vietnam War He flew. Armada Redniss visits the headuarters of the National Weather Service recounts top secret rainmaking operations during the Vietnam War and examines the economic impact of disasters like Hurricane Katrina Drawing on extensive research and countless interviews she examines our own day and age from our most personal decisions Do I ne.

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Lauren Redniss is the author of Century Girl 100 years in the Life of Doris Eaton Travis Last Living Star of the Ziegfeld Follies and Radioactive Marie & Pierre Curie A Tale of Love and Fallout a finalist for the 2011 National Book Award for non fiction Her writing and drawing has appeared in numerous publications including the New York Times which nominated her work for the Pulitzer Prize