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K in a rented home and was given this book to read Now I love westerns and want another The doctor got his just reward The people of big rock came together and riddled the outlaws out of their good town I thought the book was wonderfully written Smoke was a tough person who loves his wife and that s why he gave himself up A A wonderful read The Jensen family never disappoints In this tale a doctor a major and a small army of outlaws attempts to tree Big Rock and the Sugarloaf With a nefarious plot in mind Smoke Matt and Preacher must come together to battle the odds and get to the bottom of Jonas Trasks plansLots of action intrigue and a bit of humor thrown in created a perfect Western tale Matt Smoke and Preacher are so well known to fans reading their adventures one feels they are right in the action too with old friends or ven family Very ntertaining to read the family Jensen coming together and doing what they do bes. Ke long for Matt Preacher Luke and Smoke to see that they're up against a vicious maniac One thing is sure the Jensens will perform the operation with surgical precision blazing guns and not a shred of mercy.

Another in the Family Jensen series with the Jensen men and Preacher An vil man and his army of outlaws take over and hold hostage Smoke s ranch and the nearby town of Big Rock The Jensen family have to go against Humiliated Husband exorbitant odds to free the town and ranch I loved the story as I usually do Awesome Book Just Buy It and Read itAnother Great William Johnstone book I loved it until the verynd Just buy the book and read Warehouse Management every word until thend the go looking for the next William Johnstone book to read God Bless Y alls Awesome pulp I love these novels Great series of the Family Jensens 6 was a good one Grand BookThis was another prime I Little Slave example of a master writer s talents This man knows how to spin a yarn Good wins again THE EVIL DR TRASKCrazies Crazy thoughts from a medical man who wants to create a gang of Zombies to do his bidding His name is Dr Trask and he wants Smoke s Jensen s brain to use as a study to transfer Smo. When the Jensen boys decide to take a trip to Smoke Jensen's ranch leaving Sally Pearle and Cal alone at the Sugarloaf the family homestead becomes anasy target for nemies outlaws and one hell of a hardca.

Ke s brain tissue in other men That way he can control them to do his will Sounds like the Island of Dr Moreauright creepy rightWill DrTrask told Smoke what he was going to do Smoke was probably saying what the hell and people in Hell want ice water too As all Smoke Jensen s adventures this should be number one Sci Fi comes to Sugar Loaf Ranch and the town of Rock Hilldoggone ain t this a hot mess to deal with This Dr Trask and x Major Pike felt he owed his life to Dr Trask because he saved Pike s leg which had been wounded with mini ball and usually this resulted in the loss of a limb which was prevalent during the Confederate WarAll I will say is ENJOY as Smoke Preacher Matt Cal Pearlie load them up Can t forget Sally and Dog it s veryone fighting for their lives and others Like we all know life on the Frontier was rough and unforgiving to those who fought the good fight for peace and justice for all What a surprise Stuc. Se named Jonas Trask A former army doctor with a degree in cruelty Trask and his vicious band of followers kidnap Sally Jensen Now he waits for the Jensen boys to return like lambs to slaughter It doesn't ta.

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The Devil's Kiss and became a full time writer in 1980 He wrote close to two hundred books in numerous genres including suspense and horror His main publication series were Mountain Man The First Mountain Man Ashes and Eagles and his own personal favorite novel was