Elaine Landau: The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire Cornerstones of Freedom Second Series

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I bought this for my class in which I teach Social Studies The book covers factual information on the fire and its aftermath The book is easy to read and understand and covers the important information It is good for my students and I can teach the information easily and in depth 2005 Part of the Cornerstones of Freedom series this book looks at the devastating Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire of 1911 The book concisely chronicles the immigrant laborers that worked at the factory the abhorrent working conditions accounts from the day of the fire and. Cornerstones of Freedom Second Series is the updated and newly designed extension of the acclaimed original series Focusing specifically on key events in American history from colonial times to the present day the Cornerstones books support history social studies and geography curricula for middle school stud.

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The aftermath of the trial This book does a good job of simplifying and explaining this tragic event in American history This book details the events of the tragic Triangle Shirtwaist factory fire that killed 146 oung workers It explains the conditions the oung women labored in the way they were taken advantage of safety issues within the factory and the ways workers tried to escape Many failed and this too is chronicled There are a number of photos from the era that are sad and a little troubling though none are particularly clear It even includes. Ents Each book includes expanded subject coverage subheadings informative sidebars glossary terms timelines and additional resources as well as an attractive new design and dramatic photographs On March 26 1911 a fire broke out at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory in New York City Due to locked doors unsafe fir.

An account of a mother finding her daughter among the dead then attempting to throw herself in the river out of despair It details the aftermath of the fire and gives a short rundown of how this tragedy led to better working conditions for othersI would be uncomfortable offering this as a standalone reading However I feel like it would be an excellent companion reading for a unit involving Margaret Peterson Haddix s historical fiction account of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory strike and fire Uprising Good nonfiction book for upper elementary children. E escapes and hazardous working conditions this tragic fire caused the deaths of 146 people Later it also caused important changes in the law Author Elaine Landau retells the dramatic story of the fire and discusses the resulting safety and fire prevention laws that were passed to help prevent future tragedie.