Adèle Geras: Cleopatra Discover the World of Cleopatra Through the Diary of Her Handmaiden Nefret

See how graphic a few of the illustrations were for xample the murdered Julius Caesar lies bloody while a senator knees nearby and throws up a woman throws a slop jar that is clearly filled with pee and turds out of a window did they really do that in EgyptHowever the illustrations were also filled with a touch of humor I noticed that many of the guards and slaves had sappy ugly or dopey God Is in the Crowd expressions on their faces The big tough oversized bodyguard with the three little kittens crawling on him was particularly amusing Injoyed reading this book and would like to read along this line Recommended Beautifully illustrated and packed with info for younger readers I loved this book when i was a kid I am really looking O Cleopatra the last ueen of Egypt It is through her yes as a servant in Cleopatra's court that the history of this powerful ruler unfolds In nefret's diary readers will ob.

Egyptian stufff Wow this book was NOT uite appropriate for my son who picked it out but he s tended to gravitate to the 900 s in our new library Even though it wasn t uite appropriate he was captured by this girl s diary learning about Caesar getting murdered Cleopatra s brother husbands dying uestionable deaths love affairs and babies and many interesting topics that seemed to lead us to many discussions He was heartbroken at the nd of the book Here s hoping he doesn t pick out Romeo and Juliet next This oversized book was a study of Egyptian life in the first century BC a biography of Cleopatra and a story about a young handmaiden Nefret The details of life then were fascinating I must admit I was surprised to. This innovative fully illustrated and factually accurate novel tells the story of the legendary Egyptian ueen At ten years old a young girl named Nefret becomes a handmaid

Orward to reading this beautiful story again soon A good simple introduction of Cleopatra for the history buffs An informative colourfully illustrated fiction book about the Egyptian ueen Cleopatra told through the The Matriarchs (The Family eyes of her handmaiden Nefret It was reasonably well written and had all the main facts you might want to know This is angaging creative non fiction book that tells the story of Cleopatra through the Notes for the Everlost eyes of her imagined young servant Factual pages at thend are a thoughtful addition allowing the young reader to When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) explore their interests further A brilliant story of one of the most famous ueens of Egyptver With love and Adventure I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to know about Cleopatr. Serve Cleopatra's struggle to become a pharaoh and her relentless determination to rule Egypt well A reference chapter provides accurate historical and cultural context clos.

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Characters Cleopatra Discover the World of Cleopatra Through the Diary of Her Handmaiden Nefret

Adèle Geras FRSL born 15 March 1944 is an English writer for young children teens and adults Her husband was the Marxist academic Norman Geras and their daughter Sophie Hannah is also a novelist and poetGeras was born in Jerusalem British Mandatory Palestine Her father was in the Colonial Service and she had a varied childhood living in countries such as Nigeria Cyprus Tanzania Gambia a