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Erall it was a really good Debut Young Adult Thriller with a political twist I will be interested to see what A J Grainger has to show us next Wow this was so terribleview spoilerRobyn was such an idiot Was saved by the army or whatever and then was like omg no plz don t hurt Talon I love him and then helped him scape and WENT WITH HIM Like are you a frickin MORON This book did not need this pathetic little romance and I am not here for it Omg and then she lets all her captors out of their cells so that she can fight them DESPITE the fact that she was incapable of doing so when she was held captive Robyn you get the Darwin Award you absolute idiot She also calls her appearance Hostage chic like okay glad we can make light of this hide spoiler I read the book Captive by AJ Grainger It is about a girl named Robyn who gets kidnapped by Gods and Heroes extremists She is held hostage in order to get her dad to give over a terrorist This is a very good book because it keeps you on thedge Science, Technology and Culture every pageThis book has a lot of plot twists causing you to really dive deep into the information you are told You are forced to uestionverything about the characters and the plot Due to the constant plot twists you are always trying to figure out what information is real and true and what isn t The characters are also very difficult to read and understand The characters personality trustworthiness and background information is always uestionable You will still have a few uestions at the No Beast So Fierce end of this bookThis book is very well written in the sense that it keeps you uestioning It is a very good book to read and I highly recommend reading it Actual rating 25I received a copy from Netgalley inchange for an honest reviewThis one just couldn t keep my interest unfortunately I felt uite sorry for Robyn when she was kidnapped but other than that i didn t feel anything for her The pacing in this one was too slow for me and most of the things that happened didn t interestexcite me I felt like i was waiting for Robyn to be kidnapped for ages but it was actually only about 10% It dragged ven than that further on into the storyOverall Dragged out and didn t interest me Recommend Well it s an alright YA readRobyn s dad is the British prime minister and someone wants him dead Now Robyn is being held captive but who is really at faultThe short pitch is the most accurate I ve read longer pitches which say things like A list celebrity and global corruption I know a blurb is meant to sell a book but it s always funny when you read the pitch after the novel and find that things just don t match up I would have njoyed this novel a little if I had just read that little short snippet Either way this is still an okay young adult thrillerRobyn is a strong character She may get held captive but she fights in real life that s a risky game to play but a character with a bit of umph is far interesting than one who sits back and waits for the rescueMy general view of it is that it felt fresh and gritty at times clich and fluffy at other When that s all balanced out three stars felt fairEvery so often a really creative metaphor would crop up which reminded me that this might by AJ Grainger first novel but she is by no means an amateur writer Descriptions were often beautiful and vivid but further into the book I found repetition of ideas For Last Chance Bride example I believe there were three instances of people s legs forgetting what legs can do a trick you can only really use once A few metaphors sounded odd to me and some chapters were just written better than others In particular some of the discussions between the characters tended to waffle on I guess that s to helpveryone understand clearly what s going on but repetition gets a bit tiringYou can tell just from the fact it s a young adult novel that there would be a bit of Stockholm Syndrome going on and it only took a few chapters to get there I Whos Cheatin Who? (Thoroughbred Legacy enjoyed the connection between Robyn and her greenyed kidnapper but strangely found myself rooting for them to just be friends The connection they had felt situational of course you ll like a nice captor than once that abuses you but love It felt somewhat contrived at times I think young adult writers should appreciate that a strong connection between a female and male character doesn t always need to Lawman Lover (Outlaws, end in romance There s to a story than love and this novel did a good job in showing that for the most partThere s a strong theme of owning your mistakes One sole action does not define us but how we handle it and what we do when similar opportunities come at our door On this side of things I really liked thending I like the message it portrays It matched my values well and offers a different message than most novels on the young adult marketUnfortunately the other part of the City Girl in Training ending was a bit of a reader pleaserxcept I felt like it missed the mark ntirely I felt at times that this was a novel written by someone who had the audience in mind rather than staying true to the characters plot and messageThis is a strong three stars from me This book is a good read I personally wasn t blown away by it I wasn t interested by the politics which felt a bit generic but much thrilled by the action the mix of tension between her and her different captives the unravelling. S in custodyThey told her that she was safe because security had been increasedAll it took was one opportunity one breachand then she was theirs Kidnapped confined aloneThey told her she could go home when their demands were metThat it wo.

I couldn t suspend disbelief long nough with this one The kidnappers were the clich stereotypical bad guys right down to their awful nicknames Scar Talon and Feather Yeah seriously Robyn and her family didn t seem to have a lot of security on their journey despite the heightened level of threat but Dangerous Waters (Cold Case Files even so I found myself doubting whether Feathert al really had the intelligence and connections to pull off a successful car bombScar was such a pantomime villain with his lecherous looks and HA HA HA LITTLE GIRL YOU ARE AT MY MERCY speeches I should ve been scared out of my wits for Robyn in that whole situtation but I never for one moment believed in it The Husband (Smytheshire, Massachusetts, enough to feel anything butxasperation The danger just felt fakeTalon s motivation seemed ridiculously weak He apologises to Robyn WHILE HE S KIDNAPPING HER and then spends the rest of the novel feeling bad and apologising again and trying to help her scape Which begs the uestion WHY get involved in the first place I get that he wanted answers but I feel like you d have to be really committed to carry out an actual kidnapping and Talon just had no personality I don t understand why Robyn fell for him so hard because there was nothing to him apart from my lil bro is dead and I like birds The scene near the nd where Robyn tries to free Talon from a holding cell in a detention centre is just beyond ridiculous There is no way she would ve got that far Also writing letters to him in prison and having deep feelings for him IS ACTUALLY INSANE I can t An Italian Education even justify calling it Stockholm Syndrome because she was with them just over a week and she thought Talon was a hottie from day oneThe description of tear gas was was another thing that had me rolling myyes right out of the doorThe fog tear gas I guess is still filling up the room After taking a deep gulp of air I take the mask off and put it over Talon s face Breathe Talon Breathe BreatheI hold on for as long as I can but finally I have to take a breath The gas immediately fills my lungs again I keep stroking Talon s hairIs this for real Could the author not have taken TWO MINUTES to Google the Protecting the Colton Bride Coltons Cowboy Code effects of tear gas or watched this handy two minute video on YouTube or SOMETHING I m notxactly an Look-Alike Lawman (Texas Twins, expert on riot control butven I know tear gas is nasty You don t just put on a mask halfway through then decide to take it off like it s nothingAlso it bugged me that Robyn is described as an A list celebrity for being the British PM s daughter because LOL OUR POLITICIANS ARE SO FAIL They re not Daddy Wanted even celebrities let alone A listers and their familiesven less soIf you re looking for a good book about a hostage situation I d recommend Hostage Three by Nick Lake Don t bother with this one note 2015 Popsugar Reading Challenge 10 A Mystery or Thriller My review can also be found HERE Word s are a powerful weapon A single word can change a destiny You wouldn t waste a bullet or a nuclear warhead Don t waste a word Loc 791Thank you to Netgalley and the publishers for a chance to read this book in Forbidden Stranger exchange for an honest reviewCaptive is an interesting thriller thatncompasses terrorism and celebrity culture within its themes I ve always found celebrity life fascinating I don t know why I presume but veryone does I suppose that because I ve seen them on screen or read about their life some how I know them It s always shocking when your favourite actor is arrested or caught sneaking around with the wrong type of person because how could they It s so out of character But how can we presume to know them really Imagine now that you do actually know them that they are related to you Do you know them nowRobyn is the daughter of the most powerful and influential person in the UK The British Prime Minister Robyn is kidnapped while out with her mother and sister by a group claiming to be animal rights protesters They want the Prime Minister to release their leader and to stop a large research facility from testing and circulating a new drug OR they will kill Robyn Will her dad do anything to get her back Does Robyn know her dad as well as she thinksI really got caught up in this one I found it interesting and it kept making me ask myself uestions like Its a horrible thought to think that the people you love and trust could be completely different people when it comes down to itDo I know my relatives and that undertone ran through out this bookI really liked Robyn as a character She felt sorry for herself but at no point did she give up she kept fighting and used all the knowledge she had I really liked Talon too he was misguided and naive although that is never an xcuse And the romance that developed was really well done it was hard to figure out if the feelings were genuine at times but I think this added to the Stockholm Syndrome accusations I would have liked about Michael the drug developer I know it wasn t the real focus of the book but I m curious as to how he managed to get the drug so far along without uestions being asked Surely people dying would put a stop to realising it Also I wanted background on the kidnappers This too is probably not necessary but I want to know how they met as they were all so different I thought Feather and Scar were complete lunatics so how had Talon become part of their groupOv. When a teen is held hostage her Night Moves (Harlequin Blaze efforts toscape uncover a conspiracy that forces her to uestion verything in this psychological thriller with a twist of forbidden romanceThey told her not to worry because the man who shot her father wa.

Family life portrayed through the use of flashbacks The plot definitely thickens as you read on if only the characters didn t goo up and had a bit to them then I d be able to rate it a lot higherSource NetGalleycomBlogScookieReviews See of my reviews on The YA Kitten My copy was an ARC I got from the publisher via EdelweissDiversity Rating 0 What Diversity Racial Ethnic 0 UILTBAG 0 Disability 0 Intersectionality 0If you ve read and liked Stolen by Lucy Christopher then I like you and we should be friends You re probably hoping Captive will be in much the same vein ven though Robyn of this novel is held hostage by a terrorist group akin to Peta on crack so they can blackmail her father into releasing a comrade Confusing the two novels won t be Malakai (Wicked Games, easy that s for sure But is Captive good Nope My good friend Bekka asked me to read this because she was uncertain about it and I ll be sad to report to her that this book is just plain badThere s little good to say about the novel but it at least has the potential to be something complex and intriguing As thevents unfold and Robyn s captivity goes on her flashbacks reveal her father s corruption and complicity in the cover up of a young boy s death after a drug illegally rushed through trials killed him She knows this and had she related that to the terrorists or become sympathetic to their cause Captive would have taken a turn for the uniue It did not do any of that It having potential is still better than it being a trainwreck from the start so I ll stick with my backhanded complimentShallow characters make obvious choices the book plods along and you may find it increasingly hard to care Captive is a thriller devoid of thrills thanks to too familiar twists Robyn s golden father not being so golden Duh Bell Barkov ignoring The Carpenters Wife and Heart of Stone ethics and covering up deaths Yawn At this point it would be surprising for a company to be morally upstanding with no skeletons in the closet Even among books that present similarvil companies as is and without nuance this book does and Celtic Fire (Rogue Angel, especially poor job doing anything with the conceptThe real lure is the romance between Robyn and Talon one of her captors and I call it a romance instead of Stockholm Syndrome because no attempt is made at creating the psychological complexity of the infamous condition From the very start Robyn is unable to stop talking about Talons very greenyes and how pretty they are Talon unlike his co conspirators Feather and Scar is not as militantly dedicated to the cause and comes complete with a sob story so be can be A Good Man and Robyn doesn t have to feel bad about falling for him for much longer than a few pages He s not bad just a kid that got caught up in something badAG AG AG So yes Robyn and Talon s romance is framed as a romance from start to finish The sanitizing of a terrorist cell member like Talon into an innocent rather than a portrayal of him as a complex radical is what really makes Captive one big crockpot full of poo I ve seen Stockholm Syndrome done well and done badly but none have done it worse than this book It s all one big cop out in relation to anything with the possibility of complexityPlus there s the fact Robyn knew her father was involved in covering up the death of that boy She knew he was in the palm of Bell Barkov s hands due to his friendship with company head Michael Bell She knew all about the mess she got kidnapped over and is still surprised and bewildered when the terrorists reveal all that information to her It s like she s never heard it before when she has Ugh it s headache inducing Laser guided amnesia muchDon t read Captive Just don t You won t find anything here that will The Family Plan entertain you tickle your brain or do anything other than frustrate you Read or reread Stolen by Lucy Christopher instead It sverything Captive is too soft and afraid to be Source I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to Simon and Schuster UK Child Possible 25 star Let s get real here it was terribly underwhelming Full Review To Come To avoid being my snarky snark self I m going to keep this short and concise Great topics tackled kidnap conspiracy corruption by leadership heads A Family Practice extremism thethical lines blurred around pharmaceutical testing Downfalls sat with the narrator the blandness of the tail why with a premise like that is beyond me the horrible attempt at characterisation and character motivation Way too much of the romance that to be honest reads damn like stockholm syndrome But guys she s just a teenage girl trying to get through life with a sense of normality which includes a tortured hottie mchottie as a boyfriend Oh young love As soon as I heard about Captive by AJ Grainger I was instantly intrigued The plot of the story sounded interesting and I couldn t recall reading anything that sounded like it however while Captive had some positive things about it it failed to hold my attentionAs the Prime Minister s daughter Robyn Knollys Green is always in the public A Doctor in Her Stocking (From Here to Maternity eye Nothing goes unnoticedspecially after a failed attempt on her father s life put her in the spotlight ven But when Robyn is kidnapped and hostage by the animal rights activists it s there that Robyn realises she s on her own her father will only come on his terms. Uldn’t take long because she was the prime minister’s daughterBut it has been days and still no help has comeShe wonders when they will tire of this game and kill herShe cannot wait around for that to happen; she will scape She has

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