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Too aint by the number and To the Golden Shore phoned in for me to think of giving it three starsChatsfield s Ultimate Acuisition isart of the Chatsfield series which I have not readOld lovers reunite as they now have to work together She Indulge (Warm Delicacy, pines for him for a decade A DECADE while he has noroblem going on with one shallow ONS after another Okay fine After reading the book still not why he is in love with her or vice versaRead it based on GR reviews as well as the first chapter sample which has a hysterical encounter with the heroine and her cat with a hair ball It was downhill from thereAll I wanted to know was why Liliana the stepmother left her kids and where Gene stomped out to 45 stars There were things to like about this one but also things I really didn t like Spencer Chatsfield and Isabelle Harrington were lovers ten years ago but it ended when Isabelle found out that she was the subject of a bet view spoilerShe was but it wasn t Spencer s hide spoiler I was surprised at how much I liked this considering this is number 16 in the Chatsfield series Thankfully the author stays focused on the Hh and there was no need to figure out how these characters were connected to any others in the seriesHh have a history They were lovers ten years before when the heroine was 18 and he was 22 He was her first She was one of many for him But their month long relationship was the longest he had ever been in before or since They meet again in a dramatic boardroom meeting when the heroine s stepmother g The glitz and glam of The Chatsfield returns and it s brought back to life by the wonderful Melanie Milburne Isabelle Harrington is furious when the arrogant Tabloid City playboy Spencer Chatsfield becomes her new boss He is also the man who shattered her heart many years ago Talk about things being awkward And it was believe me it really was I wanted to crawl up in a corner and hide for Isabelle s sake especially when He won't take no for an answer Isabelle Harrington is furious when arrogantlayboy Spencer Chatsfield becomes her new boss He's also the man who shattered her heart years ago The only thing.

He overwhelming attraction she thought would be gone by now flares up again with such intensity the Kirkland Revels pages nearly went up in flames After months oflanning Spencer has come to his ultimate acuisition the only thing standing in his way is Isabelle He will have to seduce her into compliance But Isabelle is keeping a secret and once revealed the stakes will be higher than ever before This was a book that shouted out romance from To Him Who Sits on the Throne page one till the very beautiful end I loved the fun andassionate fire between Spencer and Isabelle think Bonnie and Clyde with a mix of Cleopatra and Mark Anthony a volatile dangerous mix with grace and honor Absolutely remarkable What I loved most about this book was the adrenaline and excitement Spencer going up against Isabelle Isabelle going up against Spencer it was so electric and thrilling to read about these two characters going at each other in anger and rage but at the same time trying so desperately to fight the assion I highly recommend this read for anyone looking for a thrilling afternoon romance read 55 star review He s the ice in her veins she s the fire that sends him falling I am fed up with series like Chatsfield which leave so much unanswered Liliana s departure from the Chatsfield family has featured in several of the books with none of the uestions adeuately answered In this one Liliana is Isabelle Harrington s step mother and she offers her shares to Spencer and then romptly disappears never to be seen again What I did not enjoy this one Isabelle was a horror The story was not enjoyable and romantic I m afraid Far too much anger aggression viciousness and unpleasantness from the heroine Not to mention that she s also behaving most of the time in the most unprofessional emotional stupid way that in real life she would never have done for fear of anyone seeing how much she cared and how badly her behaviour would have reflected on her She can't stand than Spencer is the sizzling chemistry still burning between themMonths of meticulous lanning has led Spencer to this ultimate acuisition The only thing standing in his way

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Ersonal reputation Decorating his room with sex toys etc was a erfect example of this unbelievably stupid behaviour Spencer was in contrast a rather nice guy and I found it difficult to understand why he would love her All the compromising all the gestures of good faith come from the hero Spencer His internal monologues illustrate a much nicer erson than Isabelle She just comes across as an unpleasant bitch Even with the backstory I found it difficult to sympathise with her or understand why she hated him so much 10 years later Wow cant get over the fact that H and h had several lovers during their separation Too modern for me H was h s first lover but they were separated for 1o years and so they had lovers in betweenJust not for me WOW this is a story that has a real love hate relationship both Isabelle Harrington and Spencer Chatsfield have some things that they have stewed on for a while that they really need to get out of their system and get on with life and hopefully togetherIsabelle comes from a family that runs the Harrington Hotel in New York a famous boutiue hotel an it means everything to Isabelle who now runs it she is known to be strong and a erson who keeps to herself she Fault Lines pretty much has just had one man in her life and that was ten years ago and a relationship that she will never forget the memories will always be there and the conseuences from that relationship and that was Spencer ChatsfieldSpencer Isart of the hotel chain family The Chatsfields and is known as a Hunt for 901 playboy but Spencer has a lot on his mind and yes he acts that way but maybe that is not his true self and Isabelle was the only woman that he had spent than a few nights with all those years ago and when their relationship ended b Isabelle Harrington is beyond mad when she s beenassed over and not given the majority shares to the Harrington her family s hotel This would of enabled her to own and. S the delicious Isabelle He'll just have to seduce her into compliance Except Isabelle is keeping a secretone that will raise the stakes higher than ever before Welcome The Chatsfield New Yor.

I grew up on a small farm on the outskirts of Sydney and as a keen horse rider often competed in local gymkhanas and even broke in a few horses from time to time As I was surrounded by animals I decided at an early age to become a nurse however I couldn’t stand the sight of blood and so opted for a career in teaching It’s a bit ironic that I married a surgeonI read my first Mills & Boon nove