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Hilarious throughout reat read if you re an avid TSN viewer I enjoyed reading this book of Sports Stories by James Duthie He has worked TSN for years and is a Fifty Ways To Be Your Lover good sports personality for them in what ever they assign him to do for them I hope that he writes a seuel to this book in the future It s nice to break up a run of Fiction books with a light biographical read like thisHockey Football Ottawa Journalism this book had a ton of things that interested me And James is one of my favorite Sports Broadcasters out thereFrom the stories told to the way they were told this was a very enjoyable read Any sports lover would enjoy it and shouldet a kick out of it entertaining stories from the life of a sportscaster If you re a Canadian sports fan and hockey fan in particular chances are pretty Caught on Camera with the CEO good that you already know of and like James Duthie If so there s nothing in this book that is especially surprising other than the discovery that Darryl Sutter has a sense of humour but there is plenty that is entertaining In keeping with his on air persona he is funny self deprecating and a little weird in theood way but also an all around Wyoming Strong (Wyoming Men, gooduy If you molded a human being from Canadian stereotypes minus the lumberjack ones with all due respect to Duthie you d Arabian Nights get something pretty closely resembling James DuthieIn fact it could be argued that this book has minimal appeal to sports. If you’re a sports fan you know James Duthie   The biggestames the biggest trades the juiciest rumours chances are Duthie is the Enchanting Baby (The Birth Place guy you tuned in to hear talk about them There are other experts and insiders statsuys and analysts but no one else who can talk about sports with the humour the knowledge and the charisma Duthie brings to every event he covers He also makes the best spoof videos The Guy on the Left tells the story of Duthie’s career in broadcasting from a nerdy appearance on a ame show to.

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Thie from TSN It is written largely as a biography but as he puts it it skips the boring stuff While it follows a linear timeline it is largely a collection of storiesWhat I enjoyed about this book is how the author can tell his life story but also make you laugh on one page and be ultra serious on another It takes reat skill to be able to shift tones like that and not lose t I have never really read a book in my life where I have not been able to put it down but this was it It usually takes me a couple weeks to read one as well but this book took me less than a day The Guy On The Left by James Duthie is an autobiography on the host of NHL on TSN he has worked for TSN for over 10 years The book Midsummer Night (Lady Julia Grey, goes into depth of his whole life but he did a reallyreat job of Always You going over the stuff that people really enjoy the fun stories and craziness he went through toet into the business and become one of the most respected analysts in the business I thought I knew a lot about the industry before reading the book but It taught me so much This book could really be for any people who enjoy the Wild at Heart (Sons of Chance, game of hockey or any sport for that matter and who respects the journalism business This book put my perspective on wanting to become a sports host to another level it really solidified my love for the business It was my favourite book of all time and I think I only put it down too to bed It was Er underwear His stories can also be serious Tragedy strikes than once in the sports world Most notably he had to o to air on the evening of September 11 2001 His reflections on the way sport is part of all of our lives from the athletes and sports figures on the planes to the kids who lost coaches and parents are a powerful reminder of both the importance of sport and how lucky we all are to be part of it Funny thoughtful self deprecating and wry The Guy on the Left is everything fans love about James Duthie.

Fans outside of Canada unless you re a well informed hockey fan ie one who pays attention to than one team and its players One of my favourite anecdotes is a small one involving Doug Gilmour being exactly as you d expect and I m a little curious if Tie Domi contacted Duthie about the poop flinging joke and if so what he said Duthie s face has demonstrably not been punched in so I assume Domi laughed too I m also tempted to pull up the Luongo series of sketches on YouTube for old time s sakeOverall this is an entertaining book by a top notch sportscaster and I enjoyed reading it As a huge sports fan this was an amazing read what made it better was that it was a ift from my dad he Men Are Like Waffles, Women Are Like Spaghetti got James Duthie to sign it and James said I could be on the panel What areat readI could here his voice telling me his anecdotes I laughed out loud Lost track of timeHe is funny and self depreciating so CanadianIt was a wonderful way to spend a uiet weekend This is no literary masterpiece sorry James but you won t need to make room on the mantle for any book awards But it is a wonderfully entertaining read by a One-Click Buy guy who won the lottery in finding a career he loves but takes none of it forranted If he s ever in need of a female sports junky extra in a Tsn spoofprank filler spot I want in This book is a must read for any sports fan especially any Canadian hockey fan This is the story of James Du. Chatting with Tiger Woods in the men’s room at The Masters It’s a behind the scenes look at celebrated moments like Sidney Crosby’s famous Redeeming Claire game winningoal at the Vancouver Olympics but also less celebrated insights like the disclosure that sports broadcasters often aren’t wearing pants on air There are stories about oofing around with NHL superstars like Roberto Luongo and Anze Kopitar There are also stories about wandering into the wrong house after walking his dog and surprising his neighbour in

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