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Translated for the first time from France this book has won multiple awards in its home country A plane crash two three month old babies on board and one survives while every other being on the plane does not Really Well stranger things have happened in life so just o with it In the time before DNA it is almost impossible to prove which baby this was and so two families one wealthy with connections one hard working with no connections both claim the baby as their randchildren A court battle ensues Was reminded a bit of King Solomon here would one family ive up their claim in the best interest of the child O After the Crash by Michel Bussi is a 2016 Hachette publicationApparently this book was a huge hit in France a little while back and so has been translated and released in America The premise is certainly interesting A plane crashes killing everyone on board save one three month old child The miracle child is claimed by two sets of randparents one wealthy one poor A battle over custody of the baby ensues which reaches epic proportions After eighteen long years the mystery is still unsolved Is the beautiful blue eyed irl Emilie or Lyse Rose To what lengths will the families PMS go to claim theirl as their own Will the The Two of Swords girl ever discover her true heritage Once we have a novel compared to or for fans of another super powered author or book This onearnered comparisons to Stieg Larsson and is for fans of You Sinfully Damaged (Master Mistress, guessed it Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train This is one wild ride of a novel that s for sure and it held my rapt attention as I watched in shock and horror the insane battle for control over this child The facts concerning DNA in the early 1980 s is also ofreat interest and played a key role in the story These days it s easy to determine a child s paternity but back then the best they could do was eliminate someone I was impressed by the details in this book and how the author very cleverly added in events or conversations that didn t make sense at the timeor seemed rather benign but would later become an aha moment So this author is NOT a panster This book is outlined and plotted very carefully and it shows However the twists became a little too far fetched and the whole thing spiraled out of control with way too much ABCs of Baseball going on in the second half of the book I love aood plot twist as much as the next person and I especially love a Ēna goodotcha at the end but the twists must be well timed and too many of them thrown in for shock value alone soon becomes tiresome and loses its power over me I still appreciate a Taken By the Sheriff the Deputy Too! good roller coaster ride now and again but the cars must stay on the track or there will be an accident of epic proportions which nearly happened here The book didn t completelyo off the rails but came awfully close Without saying too much the whole thing ended up being too over the top for my taste although I do see why the book has such a mass appeal The puzzle over the EmilieLyse Rose s true paternity was outstanding and I m still mulling over all the clever details of the mystery It was the other parts of the book involving the detective the family sagas and secret love that Kentucky Grandmothers got out of hand becoming almost soapy at times That along with some unstable characterizations stripped away the stylishness of the novel Overall this one didn t uite live up to the hype for me but it was still entertaining enough and worth checking out for yourself The translation by the way is very well done in my opinion 3 stars The basic premise for this book is intriguing A plane crash Implausibly but not impossibly a baby is flung from the aircraft and survives There are no identifying marks and pre DNA testing no way to prove the baby s identity which is unfortunate as two sets ofrandparents. On the night of 22 December 1980 a plane crashes on the Franco Swiss border and is engulfed in flames 168 out of 169 passengers are killed instantly The miraculous sole survivor is a three month old baby irl Two families one rich the oth.

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M the French original Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for an opportunity to read an advance copy After The Crash is the trashiest of trashy airport thrillers The plot is preposterous in 1982 a baby is the sole survivor of a French plane crash Problem is there were two identical looking infants from vastly different families aboard and nobody can tell who the little irl belongs to The ensuing years see a hotly contested investigation into uncovering the true identity of the unfortunate childThe writing is poor well trodden cliches and laughable implausibilities abound And yet I kept reading Why Well the central mystery may be daft but it is compelling Bussi has a knack of dangling a shiny new clue every time you feel like abandoning ship So I raced to the end to discover the solution and found it unsatisfactory This book is the literary euivalent of a post pub fast food meal seems like a The Blackmailed Secretary great idea at the time but ultimately leaves you underwhelmed undernourished and regretting your life choices Let me put my rating in perspective for you up front I m not a fan of detective fiction It is my least favorite of anyenre For some reason these books consistently annoy the hell out of me so I usually leave them alone However readers from all over the world are raving about Michel Bussi s After the Crash using descriptors like extraordinary richly satisfying brilliant so I had to read it rightAfter the Crash is indeed a detective fiction mysterythriller The perspective was interesting as the story is told through the detective s journal entries which offer a If the Magic Fits (100 Dresses, generous timeline of approximately eighteen years After reading the book s synopsis I m sure many will agree that the main storyline sounds pretty interesting even wild and it was overall However for me personally the flow of the mystery component was a bit too much I felt like I was offered a 5000 piece puzzle on a day I was fiercely PMS ing Yes that may sound extreme but that s the only way I can adeuately describe my reading experience Also the big mystery reveal was too similar to one I have read before in view spoilerDiane Chamberlain s The Midwife s Confession hide spoiler After the Crash is a really superb mystery thriller one that hooks you in immediately and leaves you hanging on every world while you wait to find out the outcomeSo the premise is very clever a baby is the sole survivor of a plane crash Two families claim she is theirs in the days before DNA and with such a young child how on earth do you work out who she is Especially when there are no real clues The court eventually decides but then begins years of investigation by the losing relatives determined toet at the truthThe backstory is mostly told through the journal of the detective who has been on the case from the start Hired by the rich family he spends years of his time trying to Improve Your Communication Skills get to the truth in the end he leaves his journal to the child concerned We also follow along with her brother and various other people as the tale unfoldsIt is beautifully imagined the mystery of who the baby now arown woman actually is some absolutely fabulous characters that evoke real emotion within the reader and some lovely little twists and turns on the way to the truth finally revealed A real page turner one that has you changing your mind at every step feeling a kinship with this Decadent (Wicked Lovers girl who does not know her name and keeps you hanging on to every word as and facts come to lightIt is a character driven tale with a terrific mystery element some real thrills along the wayorgeously translated and ultimately a really really terrific read So who is the survivor Lyse Rose Emilie The journey to discovery is an enigmatic and highly intriguing oneHighly RecommendedHappy Reading Folks. Life but not before placing an account of his investigation in the irl's hands But as he sits at his desk about to pull the trigger he uncovers a secret that changes everything then is killed before he can breathe a word of it to anyone.

Lay claim to the little irl Eually unfortunately but conveniently for the plot no one outside her now dead parents has actually seen the baby oh except for her possible 6 year old sister which isn t all that helpful to the court that has to decide the child s identity So far so interesting However after the dramatic beginning the novel descends into melodrama with lots of family rivalry one family is rich one poor not surprisingly so chance for a bit of class snobbery and then the baby doesn t resemble anyone in the family who Intermix Nation gets to keep her but has areat musical talent which lends support to the other family s claims and then there s a lot of dashing around Paris with uns being pointed at unfortunate parts of the anatomy and a private detective who takes 18 years to come to any conclusion kept on retainer all that time a nice little earner and then finally Finally A DNA test which both families keep hidden for 3 years for some reason that completely eludes me What a load of rubbish this book was I was invested enough to keep reading although my irritation levels rose dramatically rather like the action in this over hyped and not even very well written Dan Brownish French romp Such a waste of a ood idea I De Brandende Brug (De Grijze Jager, gave this book a low rate because I wasn t convinced by the coincidence that there were 3 female babies with blue eyes and about a few months old who were in the same place at the same time Indulge in an interesting story about an unusual dragonfly a tragic plane crash and its serious conseuencesThis is certainly a story which constantly deceives you with its web of lies and secrets which makes unexpected twists This is a book that does not allow you to relax for a moment because only one moment of carelessness is enough to miss what she s heating up for so long Complex characters and action that is becoming and complicated make this book areat read And then comes the end definitely something you will not expect but what was before your eyes and in a hidden corner of your consciousness all the time You should start this bookish adventure completely unprepared so that the final surprise factor can shine in all its Humanizing Big Data glory The true mystery of the world is the visible not the invisible Oscar WildeMichel Bussi a French award winning author pens his latest crime thriller Un avion sans elle that has been translated into English by Sam Taylor and the English title is called After the Crash The mystery revolves around the identity of the youngest survivor of a plane crash accident among 169 passengers aboard that happened eighteen years ago and now in the present the detective who was assigned to find out the identity of theirl is now laying down his pen and have finished jotting down each and every clues of this unraveling mystery fr After the Crash was a piece of excellent storytelling It had many threads unusual characters and lots of twists and turns Sure it was completely improbable and a bit over the top but it had no trouble keeping my attention In 1980 everyone perishes in a plane crash on a flight from Istanbul to Paris except for a three month old baby But there were two three month old babies on the flight and both sets of randparents lay claim to the one surviving baby Eighteen years later the search for the truth comes to a head Over the course of one day a number of characters move back and forth in time reflecting back on the aftermath of the accident and attempting to finally figure out who the mystery baby belongs to slowly moving toward the big revelation at the end It s a very clever way to structure the story and I found myself completely taken in Not a profound book or a literary masterpiece but definitely a clever page turner of a book And a very decent translation fro. Er poor step forward to claim her sparking an investigation that will last for almost two decades Is she Lyse Rose or EmilieEighteen years later having failed to discover the truth private detective Credule Grand Duc plans to take his own.

Michel Bussi est un auteur et politologue français professeur de géographie à l'université de Rouen Il est spécialiste de géographie électoraleMichel Bussi is one of France's most celebrated crime authors The winner of than 15 major literary awards he is a professor of geography at the University of Rouen and a political commentator After the Crash his first book to appear in English