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I was leasantly surprised by this book What a fantastic debut novel I really am glad that I gave this book a chance Once I Angels in Harmony picked it up I couldn tut it downKendra s difficult Sketchy Behavior past has her feeling like a constant outsider she keeps her feelings guarded and is hesitant to leteople in A run in with a close knit group of teenagers changes everything for herFor those who say that this book reminds them of Twilight I couldn t disagree It s true that there are some similarities I can see where is seems that some ideas were borrowed and rewritten but in truth what supernatural story these days doesn t have some sort of resemblance I truly didn t walk away from the novel feeling like I d just reread Twilight all over againFor me I felt like the story line was intriguing enough to stand on it s own The characters are easy to like and the dialogue and description are well writtenI will certainly be downloading the next book in the series I just wish it was coming out sooner I only read the first book Hidden All I can say is SERIOUSLY 17 year old girl moves to a tiny little town There is a familygroup that takes her in but they do not interact with anyone else in school She finally fits in her Autumn Brides parents are happy she has finally found friendsThe oldest boy Cade in the group who is gorgeous What is hidden Enjoyable characters a few to hate and a stuffy hierarchy to stay clear of Young attraction and love D ifferent than I expected and glad of it Ready for the next book I enjoyed book one that I keep checking for updates second one to be released Enjoyed this book but where in the world is book two So after having constant 3 stars in recent reads I m so happy and glad to give this a 5 star I wish so badly I had the next book to jump into And seeing as this was the authors first book or at least one of the fi. What happens when fantasy becomes reality Kendra was a normal girl trying to finish out her senior year of high school Little did she know what Fate had in store for her Cade McCoy was a natural bornrotector or so his friends told Kendra Personally she just thought he was an overbearing caveman with.

Rst I am crying out for a second oneIt was a bit like Twilight I will give all the haters that That is a fair The Princess and the Three Knights point I was thinking it before I read other reviews But I enjoyed this than those books Its different vampires are not sparkly there are no vampires Wolves are ok soft and fluffy but stillretty scary when they fan The end of the book states that the next in the series will be released late 2015 but it s not out yet I read the first book in one night It was so good that I couldn t The Beauty of Believing put it down I m definitely ready for the next Great read 4 45 starsWell written book with a great storyline from a new author I can t wait for the next in the trilogy Suggestion to authorget your info out there on Goodreads and maybe a FBage for your books so it will be easy enough to follow you and info on when the next book is released Your series is worth it Wish I hadn t read the 35 review firstI read the review listing this as 35 before downloading it with KU So because the other reviewer compared this to Twilight the whole time I was reading I tried to find comparisons which drove me batty I usually don t dispute other opinions because everyone has one but I think the Twilight comparison is wrong The reviewer said the h is a baby vamp umm that is not what she was called at the end compared the rich Sticky Church parents I find that many characters are made rich in stories it easily explains awayrivate airplanes multiple cars expensive gifts and whatever else and the H Forbidden Love Unchained picking up h every in this case I think the H is an uber alpha male trying to spend time with the girl he is drawn to I think if I hadn t read the other review I wouldn t have tried to compare at all I was uickly drawn into the story by the characters and read it in one sitting I am looking forward to the nextart and can only hope it comes soon This is. Good looks and an unexplainable need to watch over her After one shocking afternoon when fantasy became reality she soon found herself immersed in wolf shifter Witches of the Deep South pack life while trying to keep their secret from her own kind humans A chance encounter with anotherack forces the McCoy Pack to appear bef.

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A YA shifter romance but it is sweet over explicit only kissing This is a very interesting book Kendra is 17 and has been through the foster care system since her Metro 2033 (Universo Metro) parents left her Her fosterarents and her have moved to a small town and this is where her Christianity problems beginThere s a group of kids that watch her and one of them Cade seems to want to be nasty to her and order her around He ends up saying that she is nowart of their group without asking her Run for Your Life (Michael Bennett, permission or explaining anything he shows up at her door and at school she s expected to sit with themTo me this signals a guy that is an abuser both emotionally androbably Alice-Miranda at Camp physically and again at thisoint she was within her rights to tell him off good and loud and if necessary report him to the school andor the The Red Queen: Sex and the Evolution of Human Nature (Penguin Press Science) (English Edition) police since he was basically trespassing on her family sroperty and everything he s done and said has been without her explicit The Association of Small Bombs permissionThen things change when she finds out that a young boy can change into a wolf From thatoint on things get explained and the behavior of Cade and the others can sort of be understood but I still think he should have done a lot explaining and a lot less controlling As usual in these books there s a High Council that gets involved and there s a major revelation for Kendra There s also other forms of shifters but the High Council represents only the wolves with the others being given no voice so this leads into other things happening So she s going to be going to college and it becomes obvious that something different is going to be happening there What it s effect will be on the relationship between her and Cade and her and the other wolves looks like it s going to be retty majorThe characters were done well although I still consider Cade to be a high level creep and the basic story itself is uite good. Ore the High Council to atone for their actions The real kicker Apparently she’s not as human as she thought Join Kendra as she begins her journey to discover her ast learn about her resent and transform the futurefor all shifters Hidden Trilogy HIDDEN SURFACED Coming Soon RISEN Will Follow SURFAC.

I enjoy reading and writing about all kinds of fiction The chance to immerse yourself into a story and feel like you are actually there witnessing everything unfold is fantastic When I’m not cramming in time to write down a scene that has been playing out in my head I volunteer with different groups that help out my community spend time with family and try to make a difference with my full