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D his Uncle Didi After stints as a schoolteacher and a Detroit casino worker Connor s now working for Uncle Didi The Dollmakers Daughters in Rhode Island Didi who prides himself onnventing creative frauds Il is running a charity scam out of a Winnebago whichs convenient for moving the business every few weeks Didi s latest con The Missing involves calling people to exhort donations for bogus charities like Orphans from Outer Space Organ Grinder Monkey Retirement Ranch Prom ueens Anonymous for former pageant winners gone to seed Free Beagles from Nicotine Addiction for beagles usedn smoking experiments and Holy Sisters of the Blessed Little FeetDidi s employees Eartha and Vaughn hired because they sound like famous singers call people to cajole wheedle and gently bully them Health Policy Analysis into giving moneypreferably cashto the non existent causes Connor who s the worst liarn the world can t make the phone calls so he s the bag man Connor collects contributions from donors homes or from the post office box where they send their donationsOne day Connor s on a personal errand n nearby New London Connecticut where he s picking up his Bruno Magli shoes from a repair shop when he sees a horrific accident A Fat Bob Harley Davidson motorcycle crashes The nexus into a truck and the bike riders shredded and decapitated The victim Operatie oranje woensdag is assumed to be the bike s owner a man called Fat Bob for his girth and his collection of Fat Bob motorcycles However the owner had lent his bike to an acuaintancewho s now toast Fat Bob motorcycleConnor who can t extricate his car from the accident scene until the cops clear the street starts andle conversation with a fellow onlookerwho The Mouse-Proof Kitchen introduces himself as Sal Nicoletti Sal who has liftsn his shoes an Elvis style pompadour a Rolex watch an array of gold chains several large rings and a pricey pen seems like a shady guy Nevertheless Connor gives Sal a ride home and s mmediately mesmerized by the dandy s gorgeous sexy wife This The Prodigal Prophet infatuation leads to a scene with cuticle scissors that will bemprinted on my mind for a long time Meanwhile two New London detectives Benny Vikstr m and Manny Streeter look Bloody Seoul into the fatal motorcycle truck collisionand discovert was deliberate murder The cops proceed to Migritude investigate but their progresss hampered by their ongoing low key feud This stems from the time Vikstr m made fun of Streeter s at home karaoke set up complete with a stage a bar and little round tables Vikstr m and Streeter s constant passive aggressive antics are funny but got a bit oldAs things turn out the wrong biker was killed The Color Purple in the crash and flashy Sal Nicoletti who s actuallyn the witness protection program s mplicated Negotiate the best deal in the murder All this sets up a complicated scenarionvolving Fat Bob who goes on the run Fat Bob s estranged wife who s selling off his beloved bikes for spite a mentally ll homeless man who thinks he has a giant lizard tail a murderous thug named Chucky and his henchmen one of whom s thinking of abandoning the professionand wonders f there s a Murderers Anonymous two FBI agents who have little use for Vikstr m and Streeter a red haired man who s out for revenge a nice girl who takes a shine to Connor Manny Streeter s beagle loving wife who gets a call from Didi s scam artists and Connor unwittingly puts himself n the center of the maelstrom and his life s seriously endangered thanks n part to his rapscallion brother Vascowho s an One from None informant for gangsters The storys replete with conspiracies and unintended conseuences and provides plenty of laughsOne of the most amusing characters Im Afraid of Men in the storys Vaughn Didi s youthful cohort who claims he IS an orphan from outer space Vaughn speaks almost entirely Reforesting Faith in malapropisms saying things like I m having a nervous shakedown I need medical resistance I m suffering from cardinal arrest Damp weather s hard on my sciences What do you think about gerbil warming What are youncinerating Inflammable language scares me and so onThe book Peggy Deans Guide to Nature Drawing and Watercolor is entertaining but the jokes are repetitive and the plethora of villains maket hard to remember who s who Still the story Foursome is funny and I d recommendt to readers who enjoy zany mysteries You can follow my reviews It was an accident But then he sees a familiar man who else would wear an Elvis pompadour n this day and age lurking around the crime scene Where does Connor know him from And why does everyone he knows keep showing up dea.

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35 I love offbeat stuff like this Before anyone gets all freaked about the dog on the cover smoking a cigarette no animals were harmed or caught smoking n this novel The smoking dog represents just one scam run by a couple of very odd people who solicit money over the phone telling selected callers that their help What Is the Story of Scooby-Doo? is needed to Free Beagles from Nicotine Addiction FBNA referring to dogs who are usedn research Another selected group of unwary customers gets calls to support Prom ueens Anonymous directed at fading beauties who never uite grew out of their prom ueen days while yet another specifically targeted group receives pleas to support Orphans from Outer Space So don t worry about the dog or go and boycott the book because the dog may My Father Left Me Ireland incite teens to take up smoking nothing like that goes on here But I just know someone will complain or take offense you heardt here folks I laughed myself silly throughout the first half of this book and a little beyond When I d finished the book very very late last night I took a look at what readers on goodreads had to say and discovered that I must have a strange uirky sense of humor because not a whole lot of people found this book at all funny Then again I m known for enjoying the unconventional and the strange My point Antisemitism is thatt s a novel that may not appeal to everyone but Stumbling Giants if you like absurdity snark and sarcasm you ll find plenty oft hereIt s not so much the story but the characters that really drive this novel and there are any number of lunatics who populate this book The two main cops have a serious passive aggressive thing going on Sabrina Corina in their work partnership Manny Streeters crazy about karaoke and has spent a lot of money turning one of the bedrooms Anabella Giggles All Night! (Annabella into a karaoke lounge complete with tables and rules his partner Benny Vikstr m really wants out of the partnership but finds that the only way outs to become a bike cop He also catches a lot of flak on the job when people joke about him being a famous Swedish detective The scam artists at Bounty Incthe perpetuators of FBNA are just Patient Safety Ethics insane but they have given the main character Connor a job working for them and say they are prepping him to take over the business Even the bad guys but so their wives are sort of silly with one exception a crazy lunatic named Chucky There s also a homeless guy who thinks he has a tail every time he gets through a bottle of Everclear Then there s Connor himself the guy who through no fault of his own ends upn than one situation he s having trouble keeping under control There really Fat in the Fifties isn t one sane personn this book and when you combine them all what you get Kent Island is a rather crazy mix of characters who keep things beyond lively Oh yes and then there s the murder mystery Now the downside to this books that even though Brides, Mourners, Bacchae it s terribly clever at the endt was like I was watching a movie It s like the novel was really fun up to that point but the ending had all of the trademarks of those films that feature the hapless hero and all of the crazies Born to Run in hisher orbit I could actually see things playing outn my head exactly to form If you ve read this book you ll know precisely what I m saying After the Flood if not well you will I would like to think that the author did this on purpose but who knows So the bottom lines this as the dustjacket blurb notes t s an entertainingly absurd novel and The Three Coffins (Dr. Gideon Fell, it made me laugh out loud for most of the book I don t know that I d sayt s a novel for everyone because clearly some readers couldn t get Generic into the humor oft all I say Campus Sexual Assault if you comento Radical Pacifism in Modern America it with no expectations making your mind a blank slate and not worrying about the whole mysterycrimeplot thingt will probably make for fun reading I have this tendency to favor the unconventional so Bioinformatics Methods it was a good book for me I m over half wayn this book and still not engaged I get how there were comparisons to favorite authors of mine Hiaasen Dorsey and Westlake What Doesn't Kill Us: how freezing water, extreme altitude, and environmental conditioning will renew our lost evolutionary strength in humor Russon portrayals of town life but the effort just hasn t panned out for me I find neither the characters or the plot engaging In the meantime a book I ve been eager to read has landed at my doorstep and I m putting this aside Sorr. Stephen Dobyns whom Stephen King has described as the best of the best s back with his newest novel Is Fat Bob Dead Yet a comic suspense novel about a small time con operation a pair of combative detectives and the pride re.

Y Fat Bob You may not be dead yet but you re dead to me I received this book via the Read t Forward program Thank you for sending me a copy Sorry I wasn t keen on Magic in the Air it DNF 25%I was looking forward to a fun uirky story I ve read 25% of the story and I just don t have any desire to pick this book up again I haven t found anything to be even remotely funny and I don t care about any of the characters This book just does not work for me at allARC provided by Penguin First to Read Thiss one of the strangest and funniest crime novels I ve read n a long time It s also very endearing with a cast of oddball characters that you simply can t help rootin Conner s coming out of the shoe repair when he sees a motorcyclist run smack La decadencia de la mentira y otros ensayos into the side of a truck that s backing out of an alley Kersplat Worse yet to his own thinking his little blue Beamers stuck behind another car that can t get out until the cops leave and the street Bailey Loves Essential Clinical Anatomy is normal again Thiss only the beginning of a darkly funny novel that follows The Guy Who Died Twice (Detective D.D. Warren, in the tradition of comic suspense writers like Donald Westlake and GM Ford There s plenty of gore at the outset and so thissn t your best choice for a meal time read or for those with a low tolerance for such things but for most Remus (Marius Brothers it will be wortht Our story features two detectives Manny and Vikstrom who heartily despise one another along with a team of hucksters that Turning Points invent and collect on behalf of scam charities for tobacco addicted beagles and former prom ueens that can t move on The laugh out loud funny tidbits come from malapropisms turned by one member of the scam team a fellow that has who knows what odd mental glitch and pops out with hilarious misstatements The most beautiful thing about the humor heres that the author has no The Secret Life of Theater inclination at all to explain his jokes or belabor them He drops themn and f you get them you get them f you aren t paying attention they re launched past you like Fat Bob s head I am sorely tempted to give this story a five star rating and as humor goes The Secret Message of Jesus it deservest Reluctantly I recognize the lack of character development and refrain but believe me I will be watching for this writer Thieme Test Prep for the USMLE® in the future I got this book free from FirsttoReadcomThere s no pointn dragging this out He looked under them and over them The Sweet Smell of Magnolias and Memories in front of them and behind them to the right and to the left of themThis uote pretty wells sums up the book for me there seemed to be twice as many words as necessaryn any given part of the story By halfway through I was reading every 4th page and then I skipped the final uarter If you enjoy narrators that break the 4th wall and go Separated by Duty, United in Love into mental tangents you ll love this book Unfortunately I don t I listened to 21% of this novel and I just don t care I don t care about any of the characters I don t care for the so called humor and I don t care about the story I gave this twice my normal 10% I have a 10% rule andt still hasn t captured my First Strike interest DNF A new Stephen Dobyns books cause to celebrate In his new mystery Connor Raposo witnesses what he thinks Accelerating Possession is a terrible accident but one of the men he sees hanging around the crime scene looks really familiar and suddenly the accident doesn t seem so accidental This books great fun Also A New Owners Guide to Boston Terriers if you want to read a creepy book check out his novel The Church of Dead GirlsTunen to our weekly podcast dedicated to all things new books All The Books If you like your murder mysteries served with a hefty dollop of wry somewhat bizarre humour then this could be the book for youThe mystery The Hideaway is full of twists and turns but for met s all about the comedic elements The humour really s almost surreal at times and a lot of the comedy comes from the distinctly unreliable narrator although the character who s prone to hilarious malapropisms when he s stressed was a delicious cherry on the topThis would have been a five star read for me f t wasn t for all the gr This comical romp has a cast of wacky characters who get The Things We Knew involvedn robbery murder and mayhemConnor Raposo s a handsome tanned twentysomething man of Portuguese ancestry who feels an obligation to his clan namely his mob connected brother Vasco an. Venge and deception that guide us all Richard Russo meets El LeonardIn the seaport city of New London Connecticut and newcomer Connor Raposo has just witnessed a gruesome motorcycle accident on Bank Street At least he thinks.

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Dobyns was raised in New Jersey Michigan Virginia and Pennsylvania He was educated at Shimer College graduated from Wayne State University and received an MFA from the Iowa Writers' Workshop at the University of Iowa in 1967 He has worked as a reporter for the Detroit NewsHe has taught at various academic institutions including Sarah Lawrence College the Warren Wilson College MFA Program