Linda Little: Scotch River

Ky family Can t relate to that at all Good characters set in a Nova Scotia village with dysfunctional families some of the younger generation are destroyed others are resilient fighters it almost scoared me off at the beginning i was worried about a Canadian Brokeback Mountain but i read on and it was a delightful surprise rich with imagery and great misfit characters and good themes including horses history and family The hook of a novel about a bull rider ured me in but the bull riding references wouldn t fill a page and the novel itself was depressing. Ound together by the mysteries of blood and the burdens of memory As it unveils its secrets Scotch River deftly weaves a profound and deeply moving story of family ove in all its ardour and the heartbreaking indelible acts performed in its na.

Linda Little is an amazing writer Her way with words is unparalleled Superb character development in a nuanced tale of folk on the fringes of society by a prize winning writer from River John Nova Scotia Linda Little s ability to get inside her characters head reminds me of the work of my all time favourite Nova Scotian novelist Ernest Buckler This is the book that beat out Birth House for Atlantic Book of the Year While I don t identify with Cass as much as with Dora Rare it s a fantastic book Good basic story here but some of it got a bit ost in the Cass Hutt bull rider has nothing A Heart of Stone left toose The bulls should have killed him by now Instead it is his rodeo partner who has died severing Cass’s only ties to his world With nothing and no one to hold him Cass is ed back East by the sudden.

Etails I wanted to ike it but I thought the writing was confusing at times The characters would flitter in their thoughts between now and then all in the one paragraph in a vague prose That coupled with the slower paced storyline made it for a very tedious read The characters were excellent and I was interested in them as well as the town but too often I needed to re read a paragraph and figure it out I just could not get into this book I tried but couldn t read it I abandoned it after a few chapters A boy returns to the scene of what is Language and Linguistics left of his frea. Arrival of a mysteriousand deed back to Scotch River Nova Scotia and the sketchy boyhood memories he eft to die there In this dark and beautifully written novel acclaimed author Linda Little introduces an unforgettable cast of characters

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