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The story took its time to truly start Florist Gump s first half made me think it s easy to write a fan fiction of this series The other half made me change my mind on that subjectAs soon as the author began to write meaningfully the pace picked up Although I did predict the murderer s identity within minutes of reading about him it s still a work of a talented writer Some of her ending chapters are positively Dickensian in their constructI can t anoint this book with 5 stars Not after the sluggish start which made me think of ditching the book That was an orde 35 stars While I love this series I haven t been loving Abby s attitude in the last couple of books but I think she s turning it around I enjoyed the mystery and it kept me uessing right up to the reveal I do like the ch Sexual Content NoneLanguage ProfanitySlang Content NoneNegligibleViolent Content ModerateI ve never seen Abby in her present state of mind though I can relate to a some of her reasoning for it As the title says she s a The Perils of Pursuing a Prince (Desperate Debutantes, grump There are personal and professional things Abby has to work out and I m confident that once this case is wrapped up she ll find the balance she needs on all frontsUsually we see Jillian and Maureen Abby s mother in a humorous light this time it s as though they are in somber places With a couple of exceptions everyone seems to be a bit somber perhaps feeding off of Abby s moodSuspects continue to baffle Abby and Marco as they try to clear a beloved citizen Jingles s name He has a few secrets that need to be exposed in order to unravel the whys and so forth of the murder which he naturally would rather not be revealed As always I find the entire cast and setting of this series to be d Dollycas s ThoughtsAbby Knight Salvare is onerumpy florist these days but frankly I can see her point Moving into your parents house as an adult no matter how temporary can cause some major drama You re an adult and have lived on your own and suddenly your parents are treating like a teenager wanting to know what time you will be home and tracking you down when you stay out until what they consider is too late When you are investigating a murder that can have dire conseuences Jillian is not handling motherhood well and she expects Abby to drop everything and help Pretty hard to do when Bloomers is so busy they may have to hire help Down the Hatch is packed almost every night and Salvare Detective Agency has a new case Abby s mom also has a new project that she wants Abby to help her with If I was Abby I would be The Barracks Thief and Selected Stories grumpy too and probably pulling my hair outSo much happens in this story and I enjoyed every minute of it Kate Collins has rolled up her sleeves and h Florist Grump by Kate Collins is the 17th book in the Flower Shop Mystery series Abby and Marco are hired to help clear Jingles the window washer who is accused of the murder of a banker Abby srumpy and childish behaviour From the  New York Times bestselling author of  A Root Awakening feisty florist Abby Knight is back with another knotty murder to solve in the next Flower Shop Mystery Life in Bloom Stopping to smell the roses should be a must for flower shop owner Abby Knight but stress has turned her into a major rump While their house is

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Is an extremely uiet man and earns a living by cleaning the windows of the shops downtown It seems the two had worked together and Jingles has lost his business because of the dead man But Jingles doesn t want to share with anyone his past and will make Abby and Marco investigation that much harderFortunately Abby has a wonderful staff at Bloomer s so that allows Abby to have time to investigate Grace is there to serve her tasty scones and to brew a delicious pot of tea and of course to offer the perfect uote to fit any situation Lottie who had previously owned the florist shop understands what needs to be done and when and how And the newest employee Rosa Marin Rosa tends to be rather outspoken but she does an excellent job with flower arrangements and sometimes Abby might think too ood a job Abby is lucky to have such a hard working team and she knows it And Jillian Well Jillian s is back and she now has a beautiful daughter Harper Abagail Lynne Osborne or just HaloSo looking forward to my next visit to the uaint town of New Chapel This is my first Kate Collins book and I absolutely loved it Even though she was difficult at times I really enjoyed the story progression and ending I cannot wait to read For the 17th book in the series Kate Collins is still inventing fresh ways to die plot twists that work and cute characters I m really impressed that she has kept the series moving along and has not lost any of the cuteness from her older books The only one who was PMSing all book was Abby the main character The title was completely fitting for the heroine but she came across as so unlikable in this book that I m not entirely sure if I m The Commodore (Aubrey/Maturin, going to race out to read the next installment this AprilWhat I loved Rosa is areat addition to the flower shop and will be a fantastic character in future books if Abby can just Dare Mighty Things get over herself for 10 minutesWhat I didn t love Like I said before Abby was such a witch with a B in this tale Iet it you re overwhelmed with work having to live with your parents for a few months blah blah blah Not once in the entire novel did Abby ask for a break or to have a little time for herrself or anything Instead she just internally vented like a sullen spoiled teenager and rolled her eyes through the entire adventure Maybe its time she learned that she needs to say what she needs instead of making everyone read her mindWhat I learned There are so many sides to people you just have to take the time to The Texas Rangers Heiress Wife get to know them to see themOverall Grade Cwwwfsam15wixcomfluffsmutandmurder Another interesting entry in the Flower Shop series Abby is overwhelmed andrumpy living with her parents while her and Marco s home is being finished She has no time to herself and is impatient with everyone except Marco When she finds a dead body in the bushes while she and the dog are off to Her Outback Protector (Men of the Outback get breakfast wellshe wants to investigate but doesn t have time which. Ssible But thingset even thornier after a flashy former banker pushes up daisies With a beloved window washer the prime suspect in the murder other New Chapel shop owners rally around Abby and Marco to prove his innocence With Abby’s energy wilting she has to be on high alert or she and Marco may not live to see their new hom.

Poilt the book for me which was otherwise interesting Her behaviour was mean and hurtful and very unlike her usual self It was nice to catch up with everyone but it was not one of the better books in the series FLORIST GRUMP is a shining example of why the Flower Shop Mystery series by Kate Collins has been optioned for a movie In a bouuet of sixteen already breathtaking blooms the addition of blossom number seventeen has filled in this arrangement beautifully A perfectly well plotted and fun mystery FLORIST GRUMP is the newest installment in the Flower Shop series which follows protagonist Abby Knight and her floral business Bloomers Flower Shop Now married to Marco Salvare building a new home and being a partner in the Salvare Detective Agency with her husband Abby has a full to overflowing life But author Kate Collins handles all aspects of her lead character s life brilliantly This book is one of the best in the series to date which is really saying something considering how marvelous the first sixteen books are Ms Collins never ceases to amaze me with how she can keep new plots in this long running series as fresh as the flowers in Abby s shop Yet she does it without ever losing the integrity of her series Truly the sign of a talented Eternal Quest gifted writer If you re a mystery fan you really need toive the Flower Shop Mystery series a try You re The Widows Little Secret going to love it And if you already follow the series you are in for a story that will fill all your sensesDon t forget to check out the back of the book for an excerpt from MOSS HYSTERIA the April 2016 release in the Flower Shop Mystery series Florist Grump is the seventeenth book in the A Flower Shop Mystery seriesI really love this series Well written stories with fascinating characters that you just want to sit down and visit withAbby and Marco have been married for seven months and have loved every day and they are having their dream house built That s the plus side on the down side they living at Abby s parents home till their house is completed Now Abby loves her parents but it is difficult to move back into their and your room is still decorated like it was when you were a teen To say nothing about privacy Marco is doing his best to keep her focusedOne morning Abby and Seedy her rescue dog were on their way to the Old World Deli toet breakfast sandwiches for everyone at Bloomer s Abby s florist shop On the way back to Bloomer Abby sees some commotion by the courthouse but just figures that they are setting up for the press conference that s oing to start soon but as she nears Bloomers she notice another crowd and a couple police cars and Detective Reilly talking to Marco She learns from them that a deceased man has been found sitting on the steps of the courthouse with his head in his hands apparently having been strangled As the police begin to investigate they are drawn to suspect a man named Jingles Jingles. Nder construction Abby and her new husband Marco are living with her parents who are driving her nuts Not to mention that everyone has babies on the brain with her cousin Jillian’s bundle of joy popping up in every conversation and Marco’s mother dropping hints that she expects a new sprout from Abby and her son as soon as po.

Indiana native and former teacher Kate Collins is the author of the New York Times best selling Flower Shop Mysteries featuring feisty florist Abby Knight and the zany crew at Bloomers Her books have made the New York Times Best seller's list Barnes & Noble mass bestsellers lists the Independent Booksellers lists and are available in large print editions in the US and the UK The Flower Sho