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Al romance on crack with gay characters and comedy and it s outstandingand the dedication ain t half bad ither Yeah I blazed right through it As long as Demont remembers that Spence is the real star of the show we re best budsSo where s the next one My gosh IT WAS INCREDIBLE Seriously it just gets better and better the further we go I feel like I have to take care of Spense by taking away all the nasty things that try to happen to him It s not fair that his life is so thoroughly messed up And James needs hugs galore and for someone to help him be safe again like he was as a kidSorry you re meant to be reading a review not my mental monologue It won t be much of a review because I had uite literally given this book a 5 stars before Dangerous to Touch even reading simply because the blurb was that good and my faith in the author is so high that I m wondering if maybe I shouldrect a shrine and sit about worshiping him and his incredible seriesThe plot was intricate the characters colourful and so freaking individual that they may aswell be real people Plus it s incredibly Once Upon a Seduction (Its All About Attitude educational Seriously fantastically awesome Vivid realistic whilst simultaneously unrealistic like a fantasy novel ought to be And it s not another authors style being done by a different author Mr Demont s writing is uniuely his own And it could just be me butach character has thier own voice It s not all one muddled blur of voices Each character is perfectly uniue and not a carbon copy of another It s refreshing when a lot of people can be somewhat unoriginal with thier characters and literally make them carbon copies of authors characters I won t name names as it s not polite to dump on authors that other people are able to Rodeo Daughter enjoy where I can notAnyhow this is a superb series and I am so stoked I didn t have to wait another year like I ve had to in the past with the other books in the series the publisher would release thebook but the paperback was always a year behind it Oh if you want background information on why we re dealing with the Fae issue in this book then read House of Stone it fills you in on how we came to this predicamentUpdate is the above partI didn t want to give it 5 stars yet But the blurb has already made it perfect and I had to give it the 5 stars before I My Guilty Pleasure (Harlequin Blaze even read it And yes I do have the much faith in Mr Demont s writing I hemmed and hawed whether to read this now or waiting for the next book to be released sometime but got too impatient The result was a tad contrary I liked the book it was plentyntertaining to me The rating kinda dropped because of that last chapter though which was such a let downThere was no big battle here as on previous books I think this was like learning process for the Ra keth and struggling to accept whether he s a Coyote for Spencer The issue with the Cobalt Order didn t feel cleanly resolved to me and after the way the Ra saar pictured arlier in the book his defeat in Spencer s hand no less seemed anticlimacticOverall the story felt like a transition for something bigger coming on the next book I just hope my guess is correct. He Feud bring down a murderous order of sidhe knights and heroically save James the man he loves Assisted by the guy James has been datingAin’t love grandWarning This novel contains a Coyote doing the ultimate thankless job the sidekick dragon shifter sorcerers Dwarves pop culture references and a shotgun that shoots lightning bolts Freakin’ lightning bolts peopl.

Okay so this is a MM urban fantasy which is fourth in a series I haven t read the previous three books in the series Sometimes that s okay however in this case I probably should have njoyed this book had I followed the series I also thought the book would be about a sidekick but it was rather halfsies with several points of viewThe language was fun and playful with good wit and a zany plotThis is an urban fantasy so there xist dragons sorcerers dwarves Fae half breeds and mythical tricksters from many traditions including Coyotes from the American southwestSpencer is a half Coyote who has been shunned by his clan and is fair game for any amount of tricking harmless or pranking potentially lethal that any Coyotes want to inflict upon him Coyotes live to swindle and their favorite prey are Dragons who are wealthy and inordinately gullible There xists a Sorcerer King the Ra keth also known as the Lightning Rod who happens to Spencer s best friend James Black and for whom Spencer has a secret love Thing is as a Coyote Spencer is bound to trick James which will likely lead to James death And James has a steady boyfriend Ollie a half dwarf who knows EXACTLY how Spencer feels for James My Spy (Mission: Impassioned, even if a James is obliviousJames is captured by the Dragons for his protection because while James is powerful he is unskilled and not interested inngaging in the usual Ra keth antics of world domination For this James is perceived as weak and the dragons are duty bound to protect himOllie and Spencer seek to reclaim their love and are waylaid by the Cobalt Order a sect of Fae who wish to Until You Loved Me (Silver Springs, exterminate all half bloods Spencer is able to shield Ollie but both men are in big trouble Plus no one can find James in the Dragon realmThis book has a LOT going on Intricate plot lines abound Intrigue and double crosses Near deathxperiences and actual fatalities What I missed The heat All the smexytimes are mentioned and moved on I honestly could have thought this was all bromance The Baby Album except there s a little dirty talk Took me a bit of time to get oriented to this world and the multiple POV left room for redundancy than I would have liked Perfect read for Dungeons Dragons fans what with the copious references to the RP game I received a review copy of this book via NetGalley I pretty much loveverything Vaughn Demont writes I wouldn t say he can do no wrong but less than a three star is impossibleIf you ve started the series already reading this is a no brainer If you haven t please don t start here Start with the first book If I m not misremembering all of Mr Demont s storiesbooks are in the same universe so reading them all just helps flesh out the world and fill in all the blanks If you re like me and you troll for good authors to follow so you can just buy Secret Agent Minister and Deadly Texas Rose everything they put out then it might be good to read some of thearlier work once you know you like Demont because I feel like his work has gotten stronger and it s kind of hard to go back to read weaker stories But the weaker stories are still way better than 90% of the paranormalurban fantasy MM stuff out the. A sidekick’s work is never done Broken Mirrors Book 4 Kicked out of his family fetching coffee for idiots out of cash and usually starving Spencer Crain is a shadow of his former self And certain than ver that living a normal serious life is the last thing a Coyote should shoot forWhen he gets the chance to investigate a trollsidhe gunfight at Under The Bridge he.

Re Totally worth readingThis review is obviously not so much about this book But this book is great so that s really all I have to say about it Fabulous story Fantastic writing Superb ntertainment Most highly recommended I can t get Her First Mother (Conveniently Wed, enough of this authorThatnding thoughview spoilerI didn t like it I didn t want James and Spencer to get together They don t belong together like that They should have stayed in the BFF zone at the very most a bromance Ozzie as the love interest was much better Poor Ozzie He got shafted I was very disappointed by that outcome hide spoiler First off let me state that I am pretty Welcome Home, Cowboy (Wed In The West, empirically sure that this is a series you need to read in order I started with this one and for the first third of the book I had no idea what was going on Not in the sense of the story but because this particular paranormal tale brought in creatures I had no clue of and so my mind battled to categorize all of them plus all the information thrown at me that I would probably already know if I had read the first three booksThat said This book was awesome Totally bizarre and crazy And I absolutely loved it Told in Sueeeee I didn t want this tond 3 This has gradually become one of my favorite series Snowbound Bride (Harlequin Men in Uniform Miniseries) ever Once into The City in Vaughn Demont s Broken Mirrors series andvery trip feels worth it James and the supporting cast shine as usual with a bit of limelight spared for Ozzie but at the Cowboys Baby (Ranching Family, end of the day let s face it this series belongs to Spencer Crain The weaving of plots and tropes and sheer genre savviness from romantic comedies fantasy horror heistcrime all from books and comics and movies and games really underlines the author s take on mixed media literacy making sure that the reader who leans toward serialized television no matter the genre will feel just as comfortable as one who sticks to the written word This is urban fantasy no bones about it so as is the growing trend with Demont s writing sex scenes are few and far between and seem to serve as a means of complicating the plot instead of relieving tension no pun intended There is romance but it takes a back seat to Demont s often stated call for GLBT heroes saving the day There is tragedy and heavymotional moments and references that will fly over uite a few readers heads The Ricky Jay reference for Between the Land and the Sea (Marinas Tales, example But this is a series that wears its pop culture geek colors with pride and the writing is better for it Bottom LineTL DR Coyotes Fairies fighting magic dragons kidnappingsscapes true love miracles 5 of 5 i am as putty in the man s handsbook four rockets along like of the same but in the case of an author as gifted as this that s a complimentor me simply admitting the truth whilst seething with der jelezman this guy knows how to write Gilligan Unbound escandaloso many ups and downs and amazing pacing and really really funny lines imagination out the wazoo naturally and the character developments foretold as if from the beginning now gone from tiny and subtle to huge and feelz inducing so that your mouth s hanging open some chapters realizing what you d just readthis is paranorm. Can’t drop “office intern” from his résumé fastnough Even if it means bringing the last person he Gone for Soldiers ever thought he’d see again back into his life his fatherJames Black the Sorcerer King was taking an inordinately long time to choose a draconic protector but his kidnapping by dragons seems a littlextreme It’s up to Spence to navigate Fae politics work

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Writer Scorpio and self professed waffle addict Vaughn R Demont received his Bachelor of Arts from Oswego State University and his Master of Fine Arts from Goddard College where he studied Creative Writing and being poor He has published several novelettes and novellas including The Last Paladin series House of Stone and the Broken Mirrors series Vaughn currently lives in Central New Yo