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Inally o arrive for the last 11 chapters they are spotty at best almost tucked in as an afterthought Perhaps the series has evolved into Seaside Eaters Mysteries as food seems to have become the new focusThere are also many inconsistencies that should have been corrected by the editor A few examples On pages 118 119 Birdie finally pulls her knitting out of her bag and begins rhythmically knitting except this is just as the group is sitting Unscrewed down to ribs and cocktails Page 102 has Birdie rinsing coffee cups and putting them in theishwasher but then American Musicians drying a cup with a kitchen towel Pg 121 says Josh stared at them from outside the street outside Jane s Gallery when it should read across the street outside Pg 154 has Angelo pick up boxes but setown bags Makes for a frustrating read But by and large the worst error is in the front of the book in the Cast of Characters list on page xii To refresh my memory I read through the 4 pages of character His Convict Wife (Convict Wives descriptions One of them inaccurately states that the victim is another character s mother At first I thought theenouement had been spoiled Then I had Toyota Management System difficulty following the actualenouement as I tried to reconcile it with this statement of maternity but it is just yet again another piece of very poor editing Unfortunately slow and painful it took a lot of chapters before we actually got to the crime and to see the actual knitting group solve the crime It was boring and lacked any sense Too many characters and I The Perfect Indulgence do not like too many POV s it takes away from well everything I have tried previously to read a book of hers and gave up last time but thought I ll give it another go Will not attempt another book Don t waste your reading time I just finished book 8 in this wonderful series and was thrilled to be able to move right into this one After reading MURDER IN MERINO book 8 the member of the Seaside Knitters are now one of my favorite groups of characters to read I have no idea how to knit but I would enjoy just sitting with them and talking Author Sally Goldenbaum hasone a magnificent job in the creation of the Stonebrook Cottage (Carriage House, diverse group Theescriptions in the story I A Seductive Revenge dare to guess the entire series are so fantastic I could feel the sea breeze and smell the aromas from the restaurants and cafes Ms Goldenbaum also continues to pen a story with remarkable mystery and intrigue This is only my second book by this author but comparing this book and to the one before her writing just continues to evolve I really enjoyed the fact that the murder in A FINELY KNIT MURDER came later in the story as itid in book 8 I like the buildup and getting to know the person good or bad that gets killed Spending time with them makes the California Living death real for me I look forward to reading books 1 7 to see if this is how the author always writes it As always check out the end of the book for a knitting pattern and a mouthwatering recipe If you haven t read this series I would encourage you to give it a try Andon t worry you So Damn Lucky (Lucky OToole, don t have to know how to knit to enjoy. Ody is found near the school boathouseWith a killer on the loose Birdie isetermined to keep Gabby safe Working together the Seaside Knitters carefully unravel the layers of Blythe’s complicated life bringing faculty members and town residents under scrutiny Before the cast off rows are made on the students’ projects the knitters will need to stitch together the evidence to see if a murderer has been walking beside them all along.

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This one has way too many characters too many points of view and too much repetitionI found it hard to follow in places There s hardly any knitting to be had but there s plenty of meddling A Finely Knit Murder A Seaside Knitters Mystery by Sally Goldenbaum A nice visit with characters that feel like old friends and a town you Wild Embers: Poems of Rebellion, Fire, and Beauty definitely want to visit My only complaint is Nell s overlyramatic Woe is me attitude when a murder occurs For heaven s sake this is their 10th murder I also sense a change in the way the characters solve murders In early books they went around and talked to people on purpose asked uestions etc Now they mostly seem to sit back and narrate the story It is pretty predictable I got it at the hardware store but still enjoyable I still love these books the town is Ryugakusei no tame no Kanji no Kyokasho SHOKYU 300 - Japanese Writing Study Book described in such lovingetail you can easily see it in your mind This is my favorite cozy mystery series and I recommend it to anyone that loves Cozies A Finely Knit Murder is a cozy mystery This is the ninth book in the series but you A Study in Scandal (Scandalous don t need to read the previous novels to understand this one and this storyidn t spoil the previous mysteriesThe main characters are very nice caring people and they reacted realistically to the murder The heroines asked reasonable uestions and were good listeners I had two strong suspects based on things the heroines observed and learned The they learned the clearer it was whodunit I correctly guessed whodunit and why a bit before the heroines finally picked up on what had happened It was an enjoyable slowly unraveled mysteryThere was no sex There was a minor amount of bad language Overall I Letting it Go d recommend this warm cozy mysteryI received this book as a review copy from the publisher This series is on the short list of cozies that I actually like I have read the whole series This latest one was good however not as good as usual for this series It took a little longer to get into and I figured out whoid it way before the end In fact I thought it was so obvious that it was a red herring Still it was an enjoyable read The setting is a charming fictional seaside town near Boston The main characters are a group of 4 friends who gather every Thursday night at the knit shop for The One Who Stays (Summer Island, dinner knitting and aiscussion of whatever is going on in their small town including solving a murder The peripheral characters are the husbands boyfriends family members and friends about town of the 4 main ladies The book also includes a knitting pattern at the end and a recipe or 2 Dollycas s ThoughtsReturning to Sea Harbor is always a pleasure The Seaside Knitters their families and their friends have truly become fictional friends to me I love checking in to catch up a news and what their are knitting and the local gossip too This story focuses on the Sea Harbor Community Day School the school Birdie s granddaughter Gabby attends There is a new headmistress Elizabeth Hartley and she has fabulous ideas but board member Blythe Westerland prefers the old ways and she is very vocal In the newest mystery from the national bestselling author of Murder in Merino the sleuthing skills of Izzy Chambers Perry and the Seaside Knitters are tested as eath mars the beginning of the school year Seaside Knitter Birdie Favazza is thrilled that her granddaughter Gabby will be visiting for the fall and attending the Sea Harbor Community Day School Gabby loves the school with its newly adopted progressive curriculum and she lov.

Bout it When her lifeless body is found the police tie her murder to the school and its new headmistress The Seaside Knitters rally to prove her innocence as Police Chief Jerry Thompson is sidelined ue to his romantic relationship with Elizabeth The will need to finely knit all the clues together to find the real murdererOver the years the cast of characters has really grown Fans of the series will have no trouble keeping everyone straight but if this series is new to you Smijurija u mjerama don t worry the author tells you about all of them at the beginning of the book The characters are absolutely fantastic and have evolved in each installment The Seaside Knitters and the men in their lives are a tight knit group of friends and that is what makes these stories so great The spend a lot of time together and when a murder needs to be solved that all band together andon t give up until the mystery is solved I especially like the way that they spend every Friday night at Ben and Nell s for some Speer delicious food andrinks and share their livesIn A Finely Knit Murder they are all Ultralearning drawn into events at the Sea Harbor Community Day School because one of the youngest and newest characters goes to school there Some have taken positions on the board and several are teaching the girls to knit as part of the enrichment program This introduces us to some new characters and new place for things to go awry Blythe Westerland was not a popular person at the school and she wasefinitely an easy woman to The Ring Of The Dove dislike When the Knittersig a little The Lost Literature of Medieval England deeper into her life suspects emerge giving readers a wonderful read as we try to solve the mystery ourselvesSea Harbor sounds like a beautiful town and Sally Goldenbaumescribes it so well we are easily transported there The school grounds the boats in the harbor the boathouse and even Ben and Nell s home and A Curse of Kings deck are crystal clearAs always the mystery is very intriguing the characters are genuine and thoughtful and the setting is sublime While the story reads well as a stand alone Io recommend you start at the beginning with Death by CashmereI can t wait to celebrate the holidays in Sea Harbor Trimmed With Murder A Seaside Knitters Mystery hits shelves November 1 I really enjoyed this entry in the series The school setting was a little Garfield Dishes It Out (Garfield, different and I liked it The part I maybe enjoyed most was not only identifying the murderer but also the motive ahead of time something thatoesn t happen often I Im a Narwhal do enjoy that there is a uiet grace to these books Light fluffy murder mystery set in New England Group of JB Fletchers knitting and gossiping toetermine who murdered the rich mean lady A Madame Timide disappointmentAs a huge fan of this series I preordered and had been looking forward to the latest installment but am shocked by the writing uality and poor editingFor the first 24 chapters gone are the endearing knitting metaphorsescriptions of yarns and current projects are absent uiet moments knitting after coffee or at Thursday Night Knitting group have gone missing Once they Es that the Seaside Knitters are teaching knitting as part of the enrichment program It’s a huge success and on crisp autumn Girl, Woman, Other days girls camp out on the terraces knitting up hats for charityBut not everyone is happy with theirection the school is taking Outspoken board member Blythe Westerland has sparked tempers with her etermination to unravel the current administration Then on the evening of an elegant school event Blythe’s

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