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DNF after 1 page It is a new ecord Professors do not take sabbaticals to write YA novels The fact the heroin does tells me that she does not take her scientific career seriously and that she thinks she can just pick up writing out of the blue I already dislike her The book could be excellent but the introduction of the female main character already has me fuming A very good story My first time to ead a book by Debra Salonen but it won t be my last Beautiful love storyMeg is in the cabin during Christmas time to write her book Hank is flying his helicopter to get his granddaughter to be checked out because she is sick He has his other grandkids and dog in it when something happens and it goes down Meg hears it and against others wishes she sets out to find the crash site What she finds is someone she hasn t seen in awhile They have clashed in the past They get over the issues to save the kids She has never had kids and he only had his daughter but she is no longer alive The kids are different ages but help out throughout this time They are so wonderful together Her family is funny and loving Love this story and al Montana Maverick is book four in the Big Sky Mavericks series by Debra Salonen One night during Montana snow storm Dr Meg Zabrinski trying to write her first novel hear a crash near her place Realising it was a helicopter crash and authority could not each them until the next decided to go and help herself The pilot of the Helicopter was Henry Firestone who was a campaign against Dr Meg Zabrinski protection of the wolfs of Yellowstone National Park Readers of Montana Maverick will follow how this accident changes both Henry Firestone and Meg Zabrinski life I enjoy eading this sweet omance about two people who need someone to love I like the way Debra Salonen made one of her characters a grandfather of four children While eading Montana Maverick at times I laugh at the way Debra Salonen portrayed the Zabrinski family The way Debra Salonen describe the conditions of living in Montana during snow storm allow the eaders to feel that they are part of the story Readers of Montana Maverick will enjoy the ending of this book and some will shed a tearReaders of Montana Maverick will learn about the problems of flying in a snow storm and the problems this can cause for escuers Also about the wonderful gift that someone can do for a family is to be a surrogate I ecommend this book FamilyMeg is at her cabin she decided to take time off and write a book It s Christmas Eve and she hears something She calls 911 to see about help and is told no one can get there She goes and finds Henry in his downed helicopter with his 4 grandchildren an. Be careful what you wish for Meg Zabrinski successful scientist well known environmental advocate and tenured professor is as independent as they come in Montana She doesn’t need a man in her life but she does want to have a baby She etreats to her isolated mountain cabin to write and ponder her future when Henry Firestone–an old ival and former secre.

D the dog What happens after makes a wonderful family Montana Maverick by Debra Salonen is a heartwarming ead Meg Zabrinski esearcher and wolf activist is determined to finish her book so she spends this Christmas holiday in a emote Montana cabin Henry Frestone Montana ancher grandfather and new guardian of 3 grandchildren after the loss of his daughter sets off with the 3 grandchildren in his chopper despite a nasty snowstorm in an effort to get his sick granddaughter medical help when her fever spikesWhen the helicopter crashes Meg hears it happen and hikes a good distance to escue any survivors Luckily everyone aboard is physically okay but due to the weather she ends up with a house full on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day There are a couple of underlying plots worth mentioning Meg is at a point in her life where she desires to become a mother and has been looking into various methods of artificial insemination when Hank drops out of the sky with a eady made family who are grieving and desperately need a motherAlthough she and Henry Firestone were on opposite sides of the wolf protection project they are both open minded and mature enough to see both sides of a situation and do not harbor any esentment for one another Their short friendship fizzles into passion The children are each lovable with distinctive personalities and add a lot to this uplifting story 35 Being Open for all Opportunities Stars 12This was another book evolving around the Big Sky Maverick Series All of these stories take place in and around Marietta Montana The draw of these books is the heart and care each one brings All of the characters have history with each other and their families so there is a comfort in the eading This installment was special as it was Meg the Lone Wolf of the family and her pursuit in deciding if single parenting was the way for her to fulfill her dream of motherhoodShe is a strong independent woman and she meets the man she has fought with politically for years during her time of decision making It looks like there are other elements making sure they connect and see each other as people not issues for the first timeThis ead was sweet we were updated on all our past friends in the series and I know there will be on the horizonA gifted copy was provided by Tule Publishing via NetGalley for an honest eview For Reviews Free E books and Giveaways I eceived this book as an e ARC free from Netgalley Below is my eviewThere is a ton and I mean a ton to like about this book Meg Zabrinski is 40 that s 1 She s an expert in her field that s two She ecognizes and accepts her changing priorities in her life that s three She loves wolves that T crush from her distant past–drops out of the sky on Christmas Eve with three young children and a baby Meg doesn’t believe in cosmic signs but even she ealizes she’d be crazy not to consider all her optionsThe sparks that have always smoldered between them ignite a mutual passion but when Henry Firestone makes it clear he’s done having children

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Four HenryHank is an amazing grandfather at a elatively early age that s five He eally loves his grandkids and will fight with everything he has for them that s seven He is passionate about his anch and work that s eight They both have pilots licenses that s nine They have conflicting priorities and yet the make it work that s ten I ve struggled with This is a efreshing omance featuring characters that are mature 39 and 49 and an interesting path to an HEA I loved that Meg a strong self eliant woman gets to be the hero ight away in the first scene when she goes out in a blizzard to assist a downed helicopter pilot Henry and his family Henry and Meg have known each other a long time and have been on opposite sides of the contentious topic of wolf e introduction but have always held the other in high esteemrespectBeing together in a cabin in a blizzard and on Henry s part having nearly died brings what was previously a low level sexual curiosity to the fore I found it delightful that Meg was the initiator in this egard Some eviews mentioned insta love but I think it s that when you get to that age along with the life experiences of these two characters you just know You ecognize and value emotionsfeelings But Meg s biological clock is ticking and she dreams of having a baby She doesn t want to give up that dream and Henry won t ask her to There is a supernatural element to the story in the form of Henry s dead daughter Laurel who intervenes to show Meg the kind of future she could have Although there s a twist to the HEA that is a bit unusual and maybe a tiny bit too tidy this is a sigh worthy eadAll the characters are well done even the kids which I think are difficult to do well in omantic fiction My personal minor nit pick I trained in an R22 years ago and it s a 2 passenger helicopter There s no way you could fit all those people plus dog crate into an R22 weight alone would ground it Also 49 seems young for Henry to have all those grandchildren both he and his daughter would have had to be teen parents Montana Maverick by Debra Salonen is a fantastic ead This is a fairly uick ead a great choice for those with limited time for eading Ms Salonen has delivered a well written book and filled it with lovable amazing characters The characters in this book transformed this story from nice to awesome Meg and Henry s story is loaded with action drama sizzle and humor I was hooked from the first page I totally enjoyed Montana Maverick and look forward to eading from Debra Salonen in the future Montana Maverick is book 4 of the Big Sky Mavericks Series but can easily be ead as a standalone This is a complete book not a cliff hanger. Eg is forced to accept that falling in love with Henry and his eady made family would euire her to abandon her dream Can this “Lone Wolf” assimilate into a new pack or is this Big Sky Maverick meant to be aloneThe Big Sky Mavericks seriesBook 1 Montana CowgirlBook 2 Montana Cowboy Book 3 Montana DarlingBook 4 Montana MaverickBook 5 Her Forever Gift Fr.

Born and raised in Brookings South Dakota Youngest of five much youngest A Baby Boomer who married her high school sweetheart our lockers were side by side Mother of two grandmother of three darling princesses dog mother of 25 mutts Graduate of South Dakota State University with a Master’s degree in Geography and History Job history taxi driver flax seed counter cartographer r