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Being a religious fanatic workaholic I grant you if you read this book you will find you there This is the type of book that I eep on my private library to go back and refer to Great story lines great plot and wonderful message Very good readThis book is AMAZING It actually is a contemporary version of scripture that can help anyone that reads it For those that are looking to read something encouraging this series it it Let s start off with what a Stronghold is Stronghold anything with a hold on you anything that controls you instead of you controlling itStrongholds aren t always sins Some people are people pleasers That s not a sin but it can be a stronghold Some people might be habitual liars It s not one of the Ten Commandments though it is addressed Excellent booknot sure if it is a Christian Fiction or self help The book leads you to take a look at your own issues in a gentle yet urgent manner This is my first encounter with Mrs Griggs but I am currently reading Blessed Trinity because I just have to now what is going on with Faith LOL Vanessa Davis Griggs is now on my top authors list I hope that she continues to publish her work because she not only has a talent to tell a story but a gift from God to make a difference in the lives of her audience. 's so busy fearing the devil she's forgotten what faith is really about The plot only thickens when the Pastor's wife lightens his load by helping him counsel and finds herself at the center of a decades long deceptionInsightful witty and always poignant Vanessa Davis Griggs delivers another compelling novel taking readers behind the scenes of mega churches and showing the amazing power that redemption and faith can have on people's lives.

He time considering what happens now a days her husband is always gambaling and it is slowing eating them out of house and home the wife gets depressed because of being overwelmed by bills soon their marriage is breaking apart another story is about a highly respected man that cant get over his adiction for pornography it ruins his family all in one nutshell the books speaks of strongholds which are some of these things i just wrote and its all about overcoming them i went to the library and was intorduced to this book by another book that i already read called Rythms of grace Wasn t sure I was going to like this one but I thoroughly enjoyed it I did feel that I was behind since I guess it is part of a series and things were already in motion a bit And the end left some things open for the next part of the series But it was a good story that ept me entertained a story of real life issuesgreat encouragement i loved how griggs weaved the word of God to those who believeregardless of what was seen as always love her writing style skill Vanessa Davis Griggs took several members in a church so realistic could be any church any Sunday and showed us the Stong holds that the enemy holds on to us for his purpose It could be lying adultry gambling maintaining debt. Esses it's the start of intense soul searching for manyFrom a married couple's twin addictions to gambling and gluttony to a female member's adulterous affair a computer expert's obsession with cyber porn and a therapist's workaholism the Pastor's church family is about to open the proverbial floodgates And that's just the beginning There's also the woman whose battle with mental illness hides a buried trauma and the religious devotee who.

After reading book one Blessed Trinity I could not wait to read book two I was not disappointed Once again I could not put it down It s been a long time since I finished a book in a week Trusting and listening to God we can break the strongholds in our lives This series I am finding hysterical So many Christian ese sayings actions and even people becoming Christians without actually repenting of their sins I don t think the author intended for these books to be funny But parts of this book I really enjoyed because I have a few strongholds in my own life that I would like to completely overcome It s been a long journey and I am doing well but I need to take a few steps to get to where I need to be I read this book in one night Yes it was that good I think that is all that needs to be said my mom was very interested in me reading this cuz its aboout church and she s says i need Jesus i think its a good booki can really relate to this it has alot of aspects from other people s lives that i now of it tells a few sotries one is about a maried woman who seems to have everything the looks the job the man etc only thing wrong is her mind and her marriage it probaly wouldnt bother much women if the only problem they had with their husband was him being away all From Vanessa Davis Griggs comes the second book in her Blessed Trinity Trilogy Part Terry McMillan part Jan Karon Griggs delivers the story of a congregation hoping for heaven while dealing with life right here on earth When Pastor George Landris the dreadlock wearing minister of the new mega church Followers of Jesus Faith Worship Center urges his congregation to approach the altar and cast off their strongholds also nown as their weakn.

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