Amy Johnston: What Your Contractor Can't Tell You The Essential Guide to Building and Renovating

Process and it was unexpectedly enjoyable reading There is some useful information in this book but it gets a little bogged down and off track for what I needed It has good guidelines for finding and dealing with contracts what to include in a contract and the pitfalls and potential problems that can arise if not managed properlyI mostly skimmed this book and looked at the pictures A decent book that does better in some areas than others Has a very thorough guide to writing and negotiating contracts which is obviously an important part of the process I wasn t as wowed by the sections on shopping for a contractor and scoping out a project The advice is also much slanted towards major projects large additions new builds etc and I didn t feel like most of it transferred well to smaller projects At the end of the day I m glad I read it but didn t walk away feeling all that much confident about starting my project than before Chock full of useful information for anyone thinking about building their own home this book is a must However if I had read it prior to starting the process by buying the land I would have rethought my plans immediately and settled for a house already built that is less than what I want The information in this book is downright scarey It leaves you wondering how anyone gets a house built and stays sane I read this book before building my home We have never even owned a home prior to this let alone building so I wanted to get educated This book was extremely helpful in acuainting me with all the ins and outs of the building process Highly recommend this if you are new to building and not already acuainted with the industry Useful but so if you are starting from scratch rather than renovatin. Tfalls and how to avoid them as well as insiders' tips which reveal what most contractors can't tell you This book was previously published by Warner Books 2004 and titled What the Experts May Not Tell You About Building or Renovating Your Home.

Of information in this book that I hope will be incredibly useful once I get well entrenched in the work I have to do This book does not cover the design process at all Instead it s all about the nuts and bolts of getting your home built and being a new comer in an industry not known for always dealing well with customers You should read this book or an euivalent if you are thinking about building a house or even if you are ust renovatingIf you took only two things away from this book they should be 1 always have a contract which covers the scope of the project how uality will be assessed and what the owner s recourse will be in the case of incomplete or badly completed work and 2 plan define and keep track of everything You and your builder may go into this process with the best of intentions but if things go wrong good intentions will not fix your home Clear plans that you can track progress against and a well defined process for changing things mightBeyond those two high level points the book is Eros Unbound (Great Loves, jam packed with useful particulars such as different contract structures basics on the language used in the world of construction the methods of budget estimating your builder is likely to use contracts and what they should include and how to deal with change ordersI expect that by the time our house is built my copy of this book will look well loved This was a good overview for learning the steps necessary to have a constructionob on your home It covers what to expect from all the players like architects contractors subcontractors etc It also goes over the important vocabulary that you will run into and the pitfalls that many homeowners end up suffering from It was very helpful to get my mind wrapped around the. And supervising the architect and contractor cost estimates budgets plan specifications contracts dealing with town officials and keeping track of everything along the way For each stage of the project there is detailed information on common pi.

This is a great book for anyone thinking of taking on a renovation or new home constructionWhile it doesn t cover the how to s of design this book covers information that is eually important the various contract structures how to write a contract to protect yourself in the event something goes wrong and how to manage your project s budget so that you don t go over budgetI would recommend this to anyone who is getting ready to tackle a big construction project My one complaint is that the author didn t really cover projects that are builder financed We re getting ready to build a home a first for us and we are contracting to purchase with the builder He is building off plans we had of our previous house with some changes we pick the finishes and he carries the construction loan Once the house is completed we ll get a mortgage and close paying off the builder s construction loan I guess not many builders do this sort of thing any or perhaps it s a regional phenomenon we live in the South that she is unfamiliar withEven so there s still a lot of valuable knowledge to be gained from this book so if you re buildingrenovating buy and read this first I m only on page 24 and I ve decided I m going to buy this book because it will be a valuable resource Easy to read and nice touch of humor Not dry like a text book but flows naturally and is very interesting1 13 2016 This book is an excellent to getting a remodel ob done It covers the nuts and bolts of processes hiring contractors what to expect from whom and what your role is I definitely recommend this book to anyone consider renovations of any kind I don t want to give this book stars until I have actually built my house It is dry and slow but there was uite a bit. This book euips owners with the information and strategies needed to turn their vision into a home or renovation project that can be executed on time and within budget Chapters give detailed coverage of critical topics design options selecting.

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