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Rating 3 stars ranting than reviewIt started romising with little Zacharias Wythe showing the Royal Society of Unnatural Philosophers that he is a worthy apprentice to Sir Stephen Wythe despite the color of his skin Years have Black Liberation Politics for Beginners passed and following the death of Sir Stephen Zacharias takes hislace of Sorcerer Royal something that because of his origins doesn t sit well with the majority of the thaumaturges magicianssorcerers Zacharias was born a slave Sir Stephen saw something special in the little boy He had liberated him separating his fate from that of his birth Night Slayer: Midnight War parents given him his name and theosition in society that goes with it no matter the society liked it or not and honed him to become a owerful sorcererPrunella Gentleman on the other hand was raised by Mrs Daubeney and hes spent her youth helping her manage the School I icked up Sorcerer to the Crown because I heard it was strikingly reminiscent of one of my favourite fantasy books the wonderful Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell by Suasana Clarke Such a thing is this book s greatest asset and also its downfall Perhaps my rating of this would have been slightly higher had I read first Though when reading all I saw was how the book had drawn from a much better book Cho s setting and world building are adeuate but again I was imagining them in relation to Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell Both books deal with English magic during the time of the Napoleonic wars and the regency eriod Magic is seen as improper in the stuffy society of the early nineteenth century it is frowned upon and drastically misunderstood Is it too similarIn Clarke s novel Stephen is the black house servant of Sir Walter Pole He has descended from slaves and though not art of the system he is very much a second class citizen Zacharias Wythe from Cho s novel is a black sorcerer in a society that deems him inferior I feel like Cho has essentially read Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell and asked herself a uestion what would happen if Stephen was also a magician And this is the book that answers the situation An African sorcerer is at the head of the English magic society in an all too familiar worldCho attempts to write in dated rose she attempts to infuse modern rose with that of Austen Clarke did the same with an absolute brilliant level of execution She even Idol Worship (A K-Pop Reverse Harem) (A K-Pop Reverse Harem) (H3RO 2) produced a typical three volume novel to add to this effect Cho s attempt is sloppy with distinctively modern words andhrasing being set against older expressions The result is uneven writing that dances between being accessible to younger readers and being a Mommy and Daddy want to F% pastiche All in all it just was not written with the same level of skill and attention to detail that Clarke displayed Clarke is just SO much better Sorcerer to the Crown certainly isn t a terrible book but for me it will always exist in the shadow of a much greater book one that I wanted to stop reading this one for Thearallels are far too strong Perhaps all this is merely coincidental and the writers just had similar ideas for the setting of a novel though even so Clarke handles her book with skill Her characters are charming and very complex individuals I love the way she based her two magicians on Wordsworth and Coleridge with magic replacing the arguments they had over The Love That Made Mother Teresa poetry If you have read Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell then you willossibly hate this for its bland attempt at similar ideas However if you have not read it you may find some enjoyment here Not at all what I expected And it was greatFrom the cover art the title and the length of the book I was expecting a weighty Asia tinged fantasy epic NopeIt may be long but I zipped through it in a day And it s hilariousAs the comments below indicate yes comparisons with Susanna Clarke s Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell are unavoidable The settings are very similar an old timey London inhabited by a society of stuffy and aristocratic magicians There are also incursions Your amoral ingenuity in the The Cat and Shakespeare pursuit of your interest iserfectly shocking said Zacharias severelyYes isn t it said Prunella MAFALDA Y EL AJEDREZ pleasedWelcome back friends I finished Sorcerer to the Crown written by Zen Cho andublished in 2015 A historical fantasy novel it won the Best Newcomer award at the 2016 British Fantasy AwardsSo What s It AboutZacharias Wythe is Sorcerer Royal of the Unnatural Philosophers an esteemed La fuente de la edad position that he has a tenuous hold on because of the racistushback he faces from the rest of the society On top of this the stores of magic in England are drying up and no one knows why While dealing with all of this Zacharias happens to cross God Gave Us You paths with Prunella Gentleman a devious young woman with extreme magicalower They are soon entangled in a mess of intrigue and danger that will change the course of magic in England foreverWhat I ThoughtSorcerer to the Crown is a remarkable debut novel emulating the style of a Regency era novel with great success I have read a few other books in this style most significantly Jonathan Strange Mr Norrell and Sorcery and Celia or The Enchanted Chocolate Pot While Jonathan Strange Mr Norrell fully immerses itself in historical minutiae and archaic details and Sorcery and Celia or The Enchanted Chocolate Pot Big Bad Bruce puts the most emphasis on Austenian style romance Sorcerer to the Crown finds something of a middle ground There is a touch of romance but it is mostly interested in exploring therejudices and Girl in Translation power dynamics of the Regency era through the metaphor of magic It manages to balance its astute social commentary with charming wit and grace a feat that would make Austenroud Add to this two complex and compelling lead characters in Prunella and Zacharias and you ve got a winner for sureThe F WordSorcerer to the Crown features an excellent treatment of magic in a historical setting because it argues that magic would be no different from any other form of Fear Not the Fall/Fannie Lou Hamer power in its misuse corruption andropagation of entrenched The Performance Cortex: How Neuroscience Is Redefining Athletic Genius prejudices In this book we see how the sorcerers of England attempt to use magic as a tool of colonialism racism and sexism The matter of racism is explored through both Zacharias s and Prunella s stories as Zacharias was born a slave and Prunella is half IndianZacharias s life is dictated by the ways other delegitimize him because of his skin color he is constantly doubted disrespected and ultimately threatened and endangered because he is a man of color inower I think his story goes a long way towards demonstrating the futility of respectability Linux for Beginners politics no matter how many times heroves himself to be competent ualified and the Gate of Paradise perfect gentleman he is still treated with contempt and disrespect by many of the other sorcerers As he says to Prunella It is not within myower to make you respectable I cannot even do that for myselfNo matter how erfectly he behaves he will never be erfect enough to make up for the transgression of being black There is also the matter of his secret anger and resentment towards his benefactor Sir Stephen who The Colors of All the Cattle (No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency purchased him when he was a child Did not Sir Stephenurchase your آنکه گفت آری و آنکه گفت نه parents as wellNo said Zacharias Presumably he did not discern the sameotential in themThe statement brought up the old anger and confusion followed by the accustomed guilt that he should be so ungrateful as to resent the man who had rescued him from bondage And yet he did resent Sir Stephen even nowThe relationship with Sir Stephen is a complicated one to say the least There are true regard and Delightful books are delightfulI am completely utterly enamoured with Sorcerer to the Crown Zen Cho s first novel A wonderful and charming book that The Quotable Hitchens from Alcohol to Zionism pays homage to Regency romances and Fantasy novels at the same time that interrogates some of theroblematic aspects of those genres in regards to race and gender It s like this book was written for meZacharias Whyte is a freed slave and a talented magician who just so happens to have recently become Sorcerer Royal of the Unnatural Philosophers of Britain His fellow magicians are not exactly happy about it because Zacharias is not only a black man and not exactly a gentleman but also the events surrounding his mastery of the Sorcerer R Copy Anos de Hierro provided by NetGalleyThere have been alethora of fantasy romances in the Regency of late not surprising considering there s a good chance that a lot of these authors grew up reading Georgette Heyer and A Hora do Mocho possibly Jane Austen Except for Susanna Clarke I don t find Austen s sharp characterization wit or style of satire in any of them however there s a strong feel of Heyer s mix of modernity and her idiosyncratic version of Regency era language in most and I think that the homage to Heyer isart of the strong appeal as they are entertaining and accessible to readers not steeped in Otoboke Section Chief Vol. 01 period literatureIn Zen Cho s Sorcerer to the Crown there is a great deal of Heyer s idiom but without her tendency toward unexaminedrejudice and the underlying assumption that Birth Will Always Tell What Cho gives us instead is a black Sorcerer Royal who despite his intelligence and scrupulous honesty is constantly dealing with insults assassination attempts and other forms of bigotry by supposedly well born Englishmen Meanwhile he is also a man of his own time in believing that females are too frail to handle magic until he meets beautiful dusky skinned Prunella Gentleman Then the sparks begin to flyMeanwhile there are Casual Power potentates and witches from foreign lands to deal with and also awareness of French sorcerers Magic and mayhem collide with the British elite in this whimsical and sparkling debutAt his wit’s end Zacharias Wythe freed slave eminentlyroficient magician and Sorcerer Royal of the Unnatural.

Eady to Wolfsong pounce Cho does the most interesting job I find in explaining why magic isn t used in the Napoleonic wars and oh yes Britain s magic is seriously ebbingThe book is a great deal of fun with some laugh out loud moments Some of the motivations might not bear close scrutiny as is often the way with comedic books but the many threads and especially the thoroughly imaginative magic race along at a spankingace while taking some good hard looks at colonialism and the groundless assumptions of the Turbocharge Your Writing prerogatives of good birth when manners morals and brains are missing Come to think of it however little the language resembles Jane Austen s in many ways I think the book s intent might have tickled her fancy considering her trenchant representation of nobly born andretentiously superior characters in her novels Her satire of social frauds hiding behind their Project Liberatio (Project Renovatio Book 2) pedigrees and Cho s sapient eye on same share a great deal of a similar spirit It s never a good sign when it takes well over 150gs to get the story startedreallytruly notThis book dragged Nothing really worked for me Nothing If I could get that time back I would I want it back so much THE PREMISE aka not a bad start The British elite conuest consist of magicians called thaumaturges who are racist sexist and all have all sorts of The Last Thing I Told You petty bullying behavior They are all jerksAnd they are allissed Why The new Sorcerer Royal Zacharias Wythe inherited the The Human Network position based on his magic talent and intellectoh and he happens to be a former freed slave The nerve of himDespite none of them seemingly owning slaves they areissed that he manages to conduct magic despite being so inferiorAnnnnnnnnnnd then there s the other elephant in the room We are a laughingstock a nation of hundreds of enchanters and nothing to enchant with So there s another reason to hate Zarcharias The magic is drying up and the Sorcerer Royal can t magically fix it Oh And there s one other reason to hate him Nothing disgusted a thaumaturge so much as a witch He visits what Capture of a Heart passes as a school for witches and finds one far stronger than he ever expected Essentially everyone hates Zarcharias but they hate Prunella Gentleman even because she s dark AND she is a woman AND she s a insanelyowerful witchIn additionokay I m bored That s all the summary I want to do The The Secret Power Within Your Mortgage premise does sound good There s so few YA books witheople of color at the forefront and it has a strong female lead to boot Soyou may be asking what went wrong Glad you asked THE WRITING aka are we there yet No What about now She was no great reader and her choice was written in so laborious a style that that she found herself rereading the same Gender in Fiscal Policies page several times without absorbing any of the sense It took AT LEAST four times as long to say anything in this book FOUR TIMESWhy Because the author is attempting to thisseudo old timey British Victorian language super The Russians Pregnant Mistress posh formal and rigidand good lord It took FOREVER There was so much bowing and kowtowingolitic rhetoric and leases and thank yous that I just couldn t stand it It was maddening THE FEMINISM aka ut a ring on it I understand Miss Gentleman will venture to find herself a husband and only desires assistance in gaining access to the best society Essentially Prunella spends the first half of the book as an obstinent young woman She can do magic She knows what she wants and she will get it in a time where women were NEVER expected to do anything but suppress any and all individualityIt may take her seven or eight sentences to make her oint but by gosh she will burst through that glass ceilingThen Prunella flipped like a dimeThe inconsistency bothered me so much Don t get me wrong I am all for a strong female lead who also wants to get married My issue comes from the way it happened One minute she s all for education and empowerment and literally the next age she s asking if she can find a husband and settling down claiming it s all she wanted all along No character development no explanation no hint at all that she even wanted to get marriedIt was matchmaking time and woe be the stuffy English jerk who stood in her way It seems impossible these days to find any truly New Perspectives On Criseyde pretty girls it makes even a dark little thing like Miss Gentleman seem ahoenix which brings us to my last Sharon, Lois and Brams Skinnamarink point THE STRUGGLE aka everyone was a needless jerk because reasons Magicians are obstinate creatures but they can beersuaded and they esteem That Noble Dream power above all things Okay so I m all for a book that rips down stereotypes and empowerseople I love it when the underdog climbs to the top and shows up all the naysayers and disbelieversbut that didn t happen The book set everything up with Zacharias despite being brilliant at the bottom of the The Shadows I Followed pack He spent his entire childhood dealing with rampart racism and is now expected to lead a bunch of racist ahole magicians Then there was Prunella arguably lower than the low despite having ungodlyowers She dealt with rampart sexism and racism and decides to rise above itEverywhere we looked was society showing its ugly sideand amazingly Japanese Etiquette powerful andorerfect characters who must fight to the topIt could have been the language or the setting very dry despite the magicbut I just didn t care enough to want to see it fixed The author didn t create a world that could be changed easily without decades of hard effort and I don t want to stick around for thatWhen I read something I don t want to read 100 The Cowboy and His Baby pages of this jerk saying so and so can t do blank because of her womanly weaknesses only to see herrove him wrongTHEN he finds the next issue to latch on to and to be Secure Location proven wrong again and again ang againIt was frustrating to read and disappointing that throughout the book we were just hitting our heads at literally the same exact issues Over And Over For hundreds ofages Overall aka thankgawdthistortureisover I didn t feel connected to any of the characters The ones that were likable were so high falutin with their words that I couldn t stand them The feminism felt like a joke a character flips her The Everyday Witch (Beatrice Bailey, personality like a switch and conveniently thelot gains several feet of rogressionAnd the whole world was so frustratingly obstinate that I celebrated as soon as the book was overYouTube Blog Instagram Twitter Snapchat mirandareads Happy Reading This review originally appeared on my blog Shoulda Coulda Woulda BooksMan I hope the writer of this book was cackling as she wrote this That s how I ictured her especially as the book wore on just sitting there rubbing her hands and laughing as she typed going Ooooh I know what I ll do to them now I mean that s what I would have been doing as I wrote this I don t know if I could have restrained myself because I would have been very Reign of Ash (The Chosen pleased with just how clever I was Maybe she could restrain herself because doubtless she is less shocked about how great she is I don t know But anyway I hope that gives you an idea of the spirit of the thing because that s the bestart of itI have to be honest I wasn t uite sure about this one when I started The tone seemed forced like someone who had studied a great deal of Jane Austen and read a lot of Regency romances and was Bred by the Beastmen (Bred by the Beastmen painstakingly trying to recreate the sentence structure with the result that her characters sounded a good deal wooden than they should even the excellent concept of arotagonist Zacharias Wythe the somewhat hapless well meaning Sorcerer Royal the book focuses on And then of course there was all the exposition to get set up and getting our Fline en Lingerie protagonists heretofore with no reason to be anywhere near each other together Thatart was okay I kept going for the concept than anything else magic is commonplace in England there s a whole long standing structure of magicians and familiars in Surface place it s tied up witholitics and acknowledged as A Thing but very much tied into an otherwise recognizable Regency society that can t be bothered to be that impressed too busy being impressed with the knots in their cravats obviously You guys know that Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell is one of my favorite books right I couldn t love this concept I was going to stick around until the end especially since it was clearly going to deal with some racial and class issues that simmered under the surface in that one in a blatant way and there were some cleverly Orange 5 (オレンジ, placed unanswered mystery breadcrumbslaced out early on well done ChoBut then I hit what my kindle told me was about 40% Remember how I told you guys reading JSMN and losing The No-Spend Challenge Guide: How to Stop Spending Money Impulsively, Pay off Debt Fast, Make Your Finances Fit Your Dreams patience to just hang out for Strange Same damn thing here Then Strange showed up and things got amazingretty uickly and never got less amazing until the last The Scot page I laughed out loud once then twice and then traded gasping and laughing for a sustainederiod Spring Snow pretty much almost until the endOkay so basiclot Zacharias Wythe is the Sorcerer Royal like I told you above but he inherited his The Greatest Victory position from his mentor and father figure Sir Stephen Wythe in suspicious circumstances that were never uite explained He is clearly the mostowerful magician living so as yet he still holds the staff of office but there is a louder and louder rebellion stirring amongst England s magicians about his leadership not helped of course by the fact that this is the early 1800s and Zacharias is of African birth and appearance and some Englishmen don t like acknowledging that any foreigner can do anything better than they can hey actually maybe this isn t just because it s Philosophers one of the most respected organizations throughout all of Britain ventures to the border of Fairyland to discover why England’s magical stocks are drying upBut when his adventure br.

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He early 1800s Ringing some bells This situation is only made Second Chance Pass (Virgin River, precarious by the fact that England seems to be in therocess of losing the Fates Monolith (MacLomain, plentiful magic it once had and has been for decades No new magical creatures or familiars have appeared and the borders to Fairy have been slowly but inexorably closingEnter Prunella Gentleman aka my new fictional best friend She works at a magical school for young ladies where they are mostly taught to hide their gifts andretend like magic doesn t exist think of it like one of those boarding schools where rich At the Wolfs Table people send embarrassing daughters who getregnant young or show signs of mental health difficulties She has lead a A Family Scandal precarious life on the sufferance of someone who took her in but then early in the novel she makes a discovery that changes her entire life and throws her in theath of Zacharias leading to life altering conseuences for both of them The surprise is so good and her course of action is so audacious and amazing I don t want to even hint at it but suffice it to say that it leads to them making an amazing team in ways than oneAside from the wonderful Ruthless Game (GhostWalkers, plot and an outstanding cast of supporting characters in the best Regency farce fashion Rollo Damerell Aunt Georgiana what s really wonderful in the back half of the book is Cho s increased confidence and ability to handle the tone dialogue and rhythms of the genres that she saying homage to both Regency farce and epic fantasy She really does a great job with ramping up the ridiculousness to just the right volume while never uite forgetting the serious threats that underlie all of this conflictBTW Man I hope this book is an indication that this mixed genre is here to stay Can I just make up one of these cool new subgenre names for it to help marketers Bonnet fantasy Carriage wheels and magic wands fantasy Hmmmm Come on guys we have to be able to come up with something to encourage The Perfect Weapon people to do this Not to mention the serious girlower in this book Prunella my new BFF is as I mentioned utterly fantastic and I love the way the author goes about showing that to us She never needs her to be admired and stared at as the belle of the ball at least not than briefly before something goes terribly wrong she doesn t need her to necessarily be Mary Sue She just needs her to be determined clever to know what she wants and not be afraid of stating it whether it s feminine or feminist or not and of course to be a whole lot of fun Although Zacharias is our ostensible hero and so much of the book is from his Psychic Protection point of view and he really does a great job oflaying the straight man and the tragic hero we want out of our epic fantasies Prunella is really the true farcical heart of the novel she gives it life and insanity and the heart กระต่ายในเงาจันทร์ palpitations we want out of an adventure I told you guys she s Strange but way funnier self aware but just as ferocious when she needs to be There s someitiless stuff in here and she s nobody s Employment Law Cases and Materials perfect heroine and man does she screw up but it s enjoyable from beginning to endI was never delighted than when I saw inarentheses after the title that this was only Sorcerer Royal 1 which hopefully means there s to come I don t think it s spoiler y of me to say that I want to see how Prunella continues her reign of terror and mayhem in the next book and who she shocks to their core nextI am sorry I was ever wary of this anyone who ever recommended this to me More fool I What Would Pacifists Have Done about Hitler? a Discussion of War, Dictators and Pacifism please be as smug as you like You deserve it 4 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum many comparisons have already been made to describe Sorcerer to the Crown and I m going to chime in too with This feels like epic fantasy for fans of Gail Carriger Zen Cho has created a world here that s reminiscent of Austen meets Tolkien yet at the same time it s so wonderfully adaptable thatigeonholing this book into any one category makes it feel a bit remissA Regency setting is what you will get though even if the nature of the style and story is up for debate Fantasy of manners is also a subgenre that freuently crops up in discussions of novels like this with a focus on a rigid set of expectations within a hierarchical societal structure One of the A Place to Call Home (Front Porch Promises protag Reviewed by Rabid ReadsI tried to read SORCERER TO THE CROWN by Zen Cho THREE separate times and hadretty much given it up for lost when I decided to give it one chanceMany many thanks to friend and fellow Ace Roc Star Anne at The Book Nympho whose review influenced this decision tips hatThe beginning is slow no getting around it Even if I hadn t been reading mostly high octane action The Hot Kid (Carl Webster, packed urban fantasy in the weeksrior to my first attempts I think I still would have found it slow I was initially reminded of a Jane Austen novel You But you LOVE Jane AustenMe Yes I knowYou Me I love Jane Austen despite the florid Healing After a Loss prose not because of itBUT Given time this book grew on me for the same reasons EMMA and PRIDE AND PREJUDICE did clever hilarity and exasperating yet wonderful characters whom I grew to absolutely adore And BONUS there is the kind of whimsicality that can only beresent in a FANTASY novel Zacharias Wythe is not a white land owning man in something like 19th century England He was adopted and emancipated by Sir Stephen Wythe Sorcerer to the Crown and his Jefferson Davis Inaugural Address presence in society is met with both acceptance and ridicule by theeerage and Though he had never doubted his guardian s attachment being Sir Stephen s Raintree (Raintree, prot g had at times felt like being a touring attraction a dancing bear on its lead And how easy it is to blame one whose existence you already disdain forroblems almost certainly not of his doingLike the steady decline of magic in England Who better to hold accountable than the new Sorcerer to the Crown Especially when it so neatly One Night Is Never Enough (Secrets, provides a solution to theroblem that is the new Sorcerer to the Crown But regardless of continuous and varied mistreatment at the hands of other thaumaturges Zacharias is determined to discover the source of England s lack of magic as his station demands and during this search he also discovers the Heiress in Regency Society plight of gentlewitches Well bred ladies do notractice magic you see If a young lady is discovered to have any magical ability at all she is shipped to a boarding school where her use of magic will be stamped out It is in one such school that Zacharias stops as a favor to a friend only to find that the method of suppressment is an altered version of a KILLING CURSE modified to be cast by a lady on HERSELF draining her magic temporarily along with her energy and essential spark Zacharias is Rescued by Mr. Right predictably horrified bc not a stuffyompous wanker like his sorcerer brethrenAnd it was at Mrs Daubeney s School for Gentlewitches that things started to La nostalgie des origines pick up I began to see hints not carbon copies mind you but hints of well loved characters from various girlhood favorites most notably in Mrs Daubeney who when vexed behaves in a rather Mrs Bennett like fashion You ought to have considered me but no one ever does and ituts me in an impossible Golf for Enlightenment position Then there s the scene of utterandemonium that somehow manages to combine early ANNE OF GREEN GABLES Anne Henrietta stamped her foot her grey eyes drowned in green light I will teach you a lesson for that she cried How dare you call him my recious Mr Wythe How dare you say I am in l love With those wretched Pringles she doesn t encounter until several books later When Prunella entered the classroom Clarissa Midsomer was trying to bang Emily Villiers s head against a desk Emily was resisting this screeching in a manner fit to bring the ceiling down I couldn t find a good icture of the Pringles or of the classroom in chaos after the fireworks were set off but this one works just as well I thinkFairyland resembled a combination of Bedknobs and Broomsticks underwater and king of the jungle segments Flanked by fish faced guardsmen the Fairy King lounged upon his throne YES That is fantasticResemblances The Sod-Busters purposeful or accidental aside were not the only amusements and I found myself shaking with laughter on than one occasion be it the result of a formidable aunt named Georgiana Without Ruth get it Ruthless snickers or his fairy Highness explaining why England s magic is being shunted elsewhere but don t worry not to France They don t like France any better than England does It would be an end to alleace if they returned he said with a sigh We should give them our first born child if that would Royal Protector persuade them to stay away Indeed we made the offer but they would not look atoor Cuthbert Poor Cuthbert BUT As much as SORCERER TO THE CROWN made me laugh there is so much to it than humor Peppered throughout the story are The Vampires Desire (Vampire, painful truths To her surprise Prunella found that she was still attached to Mrs Daubeney She would never trust her again no But one could nonetheless be very fond of someone in whom one had no confidence whatsoever When Prunella at last listened to the full message contained in the singing orb I found myself in tears and there is an Elizabeth and Darcy scene so spectacular as to give its namesake a run for its money Maybe you didn t hear me there is an Elizabeth and Darcy scene so spectacular as to give its namesake a run for its moneyIndeedSORCERER TO THE CROWN by Zen Cho was fantabulous Plain and simple I m so glad I didn t let a slow start derail my consumption of one of the best books I ve read this year and I hope you ll read it for yourself bc it s just that good Highly recommended. Ings him in contact with a most unusual comrade a woman with immenseower and an unfathomable gift he sets on a ath which will alter the nature of sorcery in all of Britain and the world at large.

Sorcerer to the Crown about magic intrigue and politics in Regency London; a seuel about cursed sisters anticolonial witches dapper dragon dandies and murderous fairies called