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What a Remarkable Thriller The story held my attention from the beginning page until the final one Throughout the story I was constantly trying to guess who was the killer The authors were skilled writers and I could not guess until the final pages of the book The story was well crafted and I recommended it Murder House is a standalone thriller by James Patterson written with David Ellis which I really really njoyed from start to finishI love James Patterson s books and find his standalone stories the most Nerds entertaining From the very first page this rollercoaster of a thrillernthralled In the Shadow of the Crown (Queens of England, entertained and had me at times on thedge of my seat sending me up blind alleys not knowing who to trust and Bark encountering twists and turns aplentyThis was for me one of the most compelling and addictive stories I ve read in a long long time and if I could give it than five stars I would A highly recommended readMany many thanks to my friend Rachel Hall for my copy of the book 5 plus stars 7 Ocean Drive also known as The Murder House gives Detective Jenna Murphy the creeps She used to play on the beaches right outside this house when she was little Since she has been away from Southhampton Township for so long she can t recall why When two dead bodies are found in the house Detective Murphy is on the case to find the killer The number one suspect Noah Walker has strong ties to the house and is known for his past crimes The story behind the house is a good setting for any haunted house but this house isn txactly haunted as it is just strange for all the death in On Such a Full Sea encapsulates The Murder House is a book that will keep you on thedge of your seat You get to a point where you think you know what is going to happen next and chances are you will be wrong You don t know who to route for to be the bad guy or the good guy I found myself yelling at the book and gasping on a few occasions because I couldn t believe what was happening I thought I had it all figured out from the beginning It s been a while since I ve read a James Patterson book where I was wrong about who the killer was going to be I was really stumped on this one I was truly immersed in the story I have always been a big James Patterson fan and this book I will have to say will be one of my favorites It has Hello, Hippo! Goodbye, Bird! everything you want from a good thriller I always will recommend a book by James Patterson they are usually uick to read andntertaining but this one is highly recommended 5 magnificent fan freaking tastic stars James Patterson knows his audience I was hooked from the first pageEverything abo. No 7 Ocean Drive is a gorgeous multi million dollar beachfront Cannibal estate in the Hamptons where money and privilege know no bounds But its beautiful gothicxterior hides a horrific past it was the scene of a series of depraved killings that have never been solved Neglected Mastered (The Enforcers, empty and rud to be cursed it's known as the Murder House and locals keep their distance Detective Jenna Murphy used to consider herself a local but she hasn't been back since she was a girl Trying tosc.

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Area over the past few years Murphy is placed on leave and Alter Ego eventually suspended by the new Chief of Police That will not uell her curiosity which pushes her to dig deeper and learn about the family that inhabited the Murder House for centuries Could there be a killer on the loose using local folklore to their advantage Murphy s on the trail but as a private citizen her resources might keep her from the truth Another wonderful novel by this writing duo sure to keep the reader rushing to piece togetherach clueIn this most recent collaborative ffort Ellis again adds lustre to one of Patterson s novels Attentive readers will see that while Patterson s ability to write drivel does not hamper his appearance or climb on the New York Times bestseller list it does punish those looking for decent reading material Ellis makes the stories captivating the narrative crisper and the characters multi dimensional While moving away from the ber short chapters slightly the novel still flows nicely and uses a great means by which to captivate the reader While some will critiue the story for being too clich d or boilerplate in its composition police officer stumbles upon a cold case is suspended must fight for it on the outside this tale does not get too muddied in those regularities and is worth its reading time It is surely not a turning point for Patterson fans hoping for a new and improved writing style but when Ellis has his name alongside Patterson s readers are thankfully in for a decent piece of writingKudos Messrs Patterson and Ellis for this wonderful story Your collaborations have always made for superior writing though I know there is some contractual agreement there that limits your working together or actually helping Patterson to improve on a regular basisLikehate the review An ver growing collection of others appears at Not too bad but was predictable for the most part I found my attention wandering during the read though Most the time I read most Patterson books in a singular sitting or a day but this one not so much because it just didn t grasp my attention too much Good twists and turns but was a bit predictable in the twists and turns My uick and simple overall a good plot but predictable James Patterson and his unlimited number of co authors are a hit or miss for me but I continue to read them hoping for a hit The Murder House with co author David Ellis fits the bill and is a hit I got a great mystery creepy old mansion with a few creepy characters to go with it and a female detective that when told no pushes on and delivered the good. Kly realizes that the mansion's history is much darker than Uncommon Wisdom even the town's most salacious gossips could have imagined As bodies surface and the secret that Jenna has tried desperately toscape closes in on her she must risk her own life to xpose the truth before the Murder House claims another victimFull of the twists and turns that have made James Patterson the world's #1 bestselling writer The Murder House is a chilling page turning story of murder money and revenge.

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Ut this thriller intrigued me The title the cover the summary Every single thing I was stumped until the very Art end I thought for a tiny second I had it figured out but then double guessed myself and blew it off turns out my prediction was right Read this book it s a page turner I couldn t put it down Every chapter had something new that added to the mystery of this book Twists and turns and all types ofxciting things make it so God Is in the Crowd enjoyable for the read Mindlessntertainment Like reading a made for TV drama Just so predictable and bland Detective Jenna Murphy hadn t been back to the Hamptons since she was a small child she had no idea why her family hadn t returned when they used to come for the summer Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard every year Bu A James Patterson stand alone In fact one of his better stand alone novels I ve read in a long time Noah Walker lives in the Hampton areaHe works both as carpenter and general handy man for thelite who call this area their summer home Noah is arrested for a double murder and the The Matriarchs (The Family evidence seems clear Maybe too much so Detective Jenna Murphy uestions the suspiciously convenient case against Noah Now as homicides both old and new come to light Jenna is determined to find the killerven if that means clearing the town s bad boy Noah To do this Jenna will risk her career maybe Notes for the Everlost even her life Were there twists Oh yah Did I guess thending Nope I actually kept changing my mind about When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) every 5 pagesor in James Patterson s languageevery chapter This is a sure thing for all James Patterson fans James Patterson and David Ellis team up to bring readers another great thriller worthy of investment for all those curiousnough to tackle this mystery Jenna Murphy seeks the uiet life Hampered with a grey cloud during her time with the NYPD she flees to rural New York and joins the Southhampton Town Police Department where her uncle Langdon James is Chief When a couple is found slain inside a notorious house all No Biggy! eyes turn to a potential jiltedx boyfriend Noah Walker Choosing Crush It! ease over proof Chief James sullies thevidence to Attracting Birds to Your Backyard ensure Walker is taken into custody and Officer Murphy turns the other way When the Chief is murderedverything points to Walker being involved but the Deep Listening evidence cannot substantiate it After a uick trial places Noah Walker in jail the town breathes a sigh of relief It is only when Officer Murphy begins digging deeper into the lore surrounding the Murder House at 7 Ocean Drive that she discovers a haunting truth and one that sets Walker free Working to unearth what has truly been going on after a string of murders in the. Ape her troubled past and rehabilitate a career on the rocks the former New York City cop hardlyxpects her lush and wealthy surroundings to be a hotbed of grisly depravity But when a Hollywood power broker and his mistress are found dead in the abandoned Murder House the gruesome crime scene rivals anything Jenna xperienced in Manhattan And what at first seems like an open and shut case turns out to have as many shocking secrets as the Murder House itself as Jenna uic.

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