L. DuBois: C is for BDSM Checklist #3

Th hot and steamy sex scenes nough God Is in the Crowd emotional content and good characterisation to make this work My only complaint is that again itnds at 84 % or so and I feel short changes with all the advertising and Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard excerpts at the back of the book I guess they do it because it works but it is really irritating to meHowever I will be buying the next one in the series Beth is a submissive who can t find her place She loves being a submissive loves the rules the structure But what she isn t finding is satisfaction in submitting She has been put into a role that doesn t fulfill her and isn t sure she can break out of it So she finds herself planning to leave it behind Until the game Master James is a sub whisperer He knows what they needven when they don t When he is given Beth to dominate in the checklist game he has his work cut out for him She sees things one way and he need to open her The Matriarchs (The Family eyes to the truth Beth and James areinteresting She isn t yourveryday submissive and he is a uniue Dom The chemistry between the two are Notes for the Everlost explosive This story tells another side of the checklist game and Injoyed their journey Book Review Checklist ABC A Billionaire Club Box SetAuthor L DuBoisFIVE STARSIf this book doesn t make you hot then I don t know what will The Ds scene is something that is really an area that I am not familiar with but I love reading it The trust it reuires to be able to give yourself over completely to your DThe whole purpose to this series is this Las Palmas Oscuras or The Dark Palms is an When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) exclusive and s As usual this book is hot James knows his subs When he finds himself playing the game he is given a sub thatveryone thinks is one way but he uickly finds out that is not the caseBeth needs rules The whole reason she No Biggy! entered the lifestyle was because of its rules She knows what toxpect and what is Crush It! expected. S is a committed Dom whonjoys nothing than a bratty sub he can “punish” until they’re both satisfied The last thing he wants is a serious submissive Beth is on the verge of leaving the club when she’s paired with Master James

James and Beth s story tugged a lot of Attracting Birds to Your Backyard emotion in me and I found myself sucked into their world and lovingvery minute of it With Deep Listening every installment in The BDSM Checklist series I get and sucked in toach of the stories and their characters Ms DuBois manages to take two beautifully broken characters and create an Bird-by-Bird Gardening erotic novel that leaves your body mind and soul happily satisfiedThis series not only captures thessence of BDSM but also the The Works of Saint Augustine essence of what it is to be true to yourself and understand your own personal kinks If you haven t read the rest of this wonderful series you really really need too Hot sexualxploitation The alphabet game just keeps getting better and wetter Omgee poor Beth and what she went through until now James has finally meet his match The two together are an Unbuttoning the CEO (The Suits Undone emotional roller coaster This book is sexual fantasy to some Hot and on fire with descriptions that make the reader wet Great job and highly recommended to mature audiences I have been searching for a good and I mean GOOD BDSM novelver since I finished reading Cherise Sinclair s Shadowlands series Finally I found this gem of a book Well done Ms Dubois this book has been incredibly I can t wait to read the rest of the books in the series and I really hope that we get to go through all the alphabet Another well crafted checklist book I am so glad that James who seems to be the most understanding Dom we have met so far was paired with Beth I really wanted to smack Madame Cat for her treatment of Beth Granted that once again the scenes are scorching hot but the story behind the characters is what keeps bringing me back to this series and I can t wait until the next I liked James and Beth My Teacher Is a Robot even though at first I thought I wouldn t Beth seemed too passive and James not Domnough for me but this book won me over Another good read wi. The A B Cs have never been so sexy Beth is the perfect sub uiet obedient and well trained After years of membership in LA’s most xclusive BDSM club she’s served many of the most demanding masters and mistressesand she’s bored Jame.

Of her When the club starts the game she is given C She already knows what aspects will be coming in the weekend however there is a catch Of course I am not going to you how or what it is Yes James and her are paired There is to the story but read the book to find out what that is Through the game Beth learns that rules can change and not written in stone James learns to open up himself again to a relationship I love this series It is hot and speaks to my inner sub Review in progress Can t right now is finished Lazy kitty is was asleep on me is now growling at a suirrel in the yardAfter being impressed by the first two installments in this series my xpectations for book three were raised What secrets and surprises would the letter C have in store It s like naughty Sesame Street I love itC isn t for cookie this timeSo C is for brings us James and Beth two kinksters at Las Palmas James is struggling with commitment issues he s a well written character but not a particularly interesting oneThen there s Beth who is 1000% interesting She first got into BDSM as a coping mechanism She understands rules and structure and hopes by obeying she can find a place to belong somewhere to understand and be fulfilled So far that hasn t happenedLet s see what happens when we throw these two crazy kids together shall weAs in A is for the banter and chemistry between the characters is charming and a delight to read There is genuine respect and caring but also a lot of humor and self awareness He stripped the shirt off and held it up so she could slip into itBeth looked at the shirt then at him You re giving me clothes She Moanas New Friend (Disney Moana) eyed the shirt with trepidationExasperated he said You re not a houself It s not going to free you Book 1 is still available as a freebie but so far all of them have been worth real money A very fun series indeed. S part of the BDSM checklist game They’re both surprised to find that the hyper obedient Beth is hiding the true depth of her submission and James will have to decide if he’s willing to break his own rules to give Beth what she needs.

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Lila DuBoisLila writing as L DuBois and Lila Dubois is a top selling author of paranormal fantasy and contemporary erotic romance Having spent extensive time in France Egypt Turkey England and Ireland Lila speaks five languages none of them including English fluently She now lives in Los Angeles with a cute Irishman and a half Irish mini human