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Uake Horror and Hope in Haiti is the kind of novel that manages to rip your heart and keep you locked in from start to finish It is well written with an emotional and dramatic foundation exploring the realities of devastation natural disasters hope and horror of living through a terrible tragedy and what comes after Will Loiseau does a wonderful job of immediately setting the stage as Jean Carmelo arrives in Port au Prince only to uickly dive head first into the trials and tribulations of surviving The writing is swift and sharp descriptive emotionally charged and rife with tension in a fantastic way Overall this was well worth the read and certainly Here There Be Witches gave me a smalllimpse of what it. The most horrifying threat is one that catches you when you least expect it Jean Carmelo had arrived in Port au Prince on Monday The following afternoon everyth.

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Ndermined and underestimated people of Port Au Prince The writing is fast paced as Jean is thrown from his mundane life into a spiraling turn of events Those few seconds change his life forever The event is real The struggle is real The pain is real The feeling that arises within you of helplessness of rage of Story of the Liberty Bell grief is real too Will succeeds in making you think back to those days of horror He is definitely aifted writer He not only researched well and deep about the Haiti earthuake but has managed to pen it down in a way that is artistic beautiful and painful at the same time A Hellish and Human Well crafted Storyuake Horror and Hope in Haiti by Will Loiseau is an exceptional example. T their lives Based on a true story author Will Loiseau writes about being at the epicenter before and after one of the world's most devastating natural disaste.

Was like in the wake of the Haiti earthuake On the fateful morning of January 12 2010 Haiti was awakened by the worst earthuake seen on the western hemisphere We all watched the news read about it in the papers death toll disease outbreaks relief efforts evacuation efforts But do mere numbers justify the sufferings of the people who have witnessed the horror of a lifetime Author Loiseau as the protagonist American Jean Carmelo takes us to that morning and beyond of 2010 What happened in Haiti How were the people affected by the half hearted efforts by international relief organizations and how did they survive in spite of all this The book aptly describes the indomitable spirit of the Ing turned for the worst A magnitude 70 earthuake delivered the most shocking event Haiti had ever seen Millions were caught off uard Hundreds of thousands los.