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Uded in the Fertile Ultra MegabundleReviewFound this story entertaining A 6 months pregnant woman goes to see a Doctor to please her husband s fetish for breast milk as he s too impatient to wait the 3 months until delivery The tables are turned n the husband as he is She is six months pregnant and her husband found pills Sinai and Zion online who would make her lactateShe doesn t want to harm the baby so she visits. Ertain leaky processes along Waryf the potential for harm she visits Dr Henry who harbors a dark secret and a roguish charm

35 stars based n my pornnon serious book rating systemWondering what was going n in my mind 3 years ago when I decided to shelf this as to read There were no surprises with this read It delivers exactly what you d expect f this kind f book so I can t rate it poorly regardless f how ridiculous it was Moo Note Nikita Storm and Bessie Hucow are two pseudonyms f Iniquity one author The Doctor s Hucow is incl. Sarah Parker is six months along and is checking upn a special pill her husband purchased for her that is supposed to hurry

Some doctor s to find ut if the pills will harm the baby r notNow she is visiting the last doctor to ask him but he invited the pills and says they do no harm to her r the babyBut he tells her about what her husband wants and tells her she could stand up against him and let him help herSo what happens next is so hot and steamy and it is even caught n camera for her husband and for the doctor s site. Here are two special items found in his ffice a metal pail and a video camera I can’t say here so look inside if you want in.

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