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Ut 50 pages long I on t know exactly how long it is or how well it s written because it was an audio and uh Joel Leslie who can turn ross into gold Still there were hours The World in the Curl dedicated to explaining to Sean EVERYTHING about werewolves pack life mates etc The excuse is that Sean has been raised in the human world and thus needs elucidation but it could ve been a bit show and less tell It felt like intro information to set up the series No shame in that but it could ve been handled in aifferent way This is as good a place as any to lay out another general gripe but one which comes to play in this book Whenever I read a romance where one of the MCs is rich like beyond millionaire rich the working classless financially fortunate MC must strenuously refuse gifts or be uncomfortable living in luxury to prove what Moral integrity Goodness Dunno At one point in this story Sean takes Armand to Costco to buy Halloween candy because buying in bulk will be cheaper Really Is it meant to be funny Because Armand is the CEO of a Holding Company worth billions Later they go shopping and Sean wants to buy children s clothing at JC Penny because they outgrow it uickly and Armand s suggestion of Macy s is shot Connexity down as too expensive Really Warren Buffet is the anomaly among our current crop of billionaires 15 StarsI m sorry but I can not recommend this and I RARELY ever say that I m usually a YMMV but for the price of this and the content I just can t justify to anyone forking over that kind of cash I apologize to the author for this opening remark but it s the truth in my opinionNow onto the story There were editing errors like crazy and if I spend 699 US it better beamn near perfection I can normally overlook so much but it was like everything was glaring at me Not even grammarpunctuation but the story itself Like Alpha s can t have male children but somehow Armand La Marche is a A Personal Influence directecedent of top wolf Alpha Guy La Marche How could that be I m confusedSean You are seriously TSTL I am not even kidding But after a while you kind your stupidity kind of grew on me view spoilerI Americas First City do want to know what happened to his stepdad After the interview he was never mentioned again Also whatever happened to his old roomies Did they buy the building hide spoiler 25 s Sean the omega annoyed me he was always whining about one thing or another and Armandidn t seem to have time for a mate or a back bone as an alpha 35 starsMany people found editing errors well in my case it Bone Mountain (Inspector Shan, didn t bother me at all English is my second language and I m crap at it so I enjoyed this storyI had some issues though the times the word baby was mentioned itrove me insaneHere I will give you some ideas that can be use for next time Neutered by the vet (The League of Dominant Women darling honey sweetheart babe my love and never the less Armand was french whyon t use mon amour mon ange mon ch ri and many But no such a luck the freaking baby was in every single page I LOVED the story line but the writing was veryunderwhelming The editing was awful There were seuences out of order missing words grammar and so much I normally Charity Girl don t judge a book based on the editing Authors aren t always totally responsible for this a publisher should make sure a lot of these errors are caught This case is an exception because of the extreme nature and the fact that it puts so many errors into the story itselfIid like the characters Sean is a little unbelievable His is a bit naive for his life and innocent I thought the story itself could have been great I loved the ideas and the overall story line of the book It is unfortunate that the errors in the book weren t caught and corrected I think this could be a really good book if re edited correctly. Way home to his Manhattan brownstone When the wounded boy stops his car Armand recognizes two thingsthe boy is part wolf an Omega with a great gift and he's Armand's mate Now all Armand has to o is claim his mate and keep him safe from the murder.

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This book started out well It was as if I was reading lines onlyI could not find the chemistry of the MC s I got a lot of escriptive information I NEED chemistry This was clearly not for me I had a very The Guardship (Thomas Marlowe, difficult time finishing this book as it just seemed to be missing too much I am generously giving it a 2 star rating and hoping that the next books in the series are better I am loup garou and you are my mate Armand Le Marche 150 Chief Alpha of the Loup garou Council of North America When a young man ran into the road and stops his car in search of help Armand knows he has finally found his Omega his mate Sean uinn 24 after being beaten and kicked out by his stepfather for being gay ran into some bad luck He is homeless andesperate for money When he and a friend stumble onto a murderer Sean flees to the street manages to stop a car and falls into the hands of Armand Le March Armand is a powerful Alpha and is convinced his Omega is one of great talent He will A Secret Place do anything to keep him safe and make him happy He came across as very caring tenderhearted and warm Alpha not only towards Sean but towards his pack as well The plot of the story looked like one that could have been a strong one but I had a hard time finishing this book The writing felt a little flat The book could use a good editing missing wordsouble words wrong names awkward sentences and too much ialogue I also had trouble to become invested into the characters Although I felt very sorry for Sean after chapter one I think we should have got to know about his struggles I would have loved to read of the characters there is no inner ialogue to make the MC s come to life DNF Brute Force (Nick Stone, d at 28% because the writing was just so ludicrous Smarmy unrealisticialogue and characters I wanted to spork to Beautiful Breasts Pictures death Unfortunately this book suffered from having first book in a series syndrome by spending too much time on world building Sean uinn is beaten by the man he thought to be his father and then kicked out of the house Cut off from his money he is faced with having torop out of school just a month or so short of finishing In a final attempt to make money any way he can he considers selling himself on the streets like his friend Leroy While Leroy is starting to train Sean they cross the path of a To Risks Unknown dangerous man known as The Russian who seems to be able to scent Sean Leroy tries to help Sean get away but loses his life in the fight Bloody Sean stumbles into the streets into the path of a limousine occupied by Armand LaMarche head Alpha of the North American Loup Garou councilA whiff of Sean s blood tells Armand two things at once he s found his mate and his mate is a rare Omega wolf He hustles Sean into the limo and takes him to his estate to heal and claim himThe story unfolds from there as Sean recuperates learns about his heritage learns about his Omega status and what special talent that may entail while leery at Armand being so nice to him and offering him a place to live He srawn to the Alpha immediately feeling safe in Armand s arms but unsure of what to make of the When You Look Up deference he s shown and the new information he s givenThis book is a romance as much as it s a thriller as Sean and Armand get closer they faceangers from The Russian and from other shifters within Armand s area What threw me for the most part is the very proper and somewhat stiff way in which Armand talks the The Vampire Next Door (Strange Neighbors, dialogue often felt inorganic though I suppose for a man hundreds of years old that could be explained with his age Seanefinitely came across as a young man of this age and time While I connected with Sean to some extent I had a Any Girl Can Be a CandyKiss Girl! / Tea with the Birds / The G-SUS Gene difficult time connecting with Armand possibly because of how inorganic. On his way home from a meeting of the North American werewolf council Armand La Marche is stopped in his limousine by a boy who is hurt by an unknown assailant who murdered his friend Afterecades of searching Armand has found his mate There is on.

He felt to me The extraordinary amount spent on Scandal! describing their surroundingsown to the clothes they wear and the food they eat combined with a higher than expected amount of errors within the text also made it The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel difficult to immerse myself into this world As it so often happens with first books in a series a lot of words were spent on world building We got a lot of historical facts about the shifters in this book plus long monologues about their businessealings from Armand and the book often felt too much like a history text bookI also had some issues with Armand s insistence in the face of real and imminent Pilgrimage (1920) danger that the mating be postponed until they could get to some important compound instead of him claiming his mate at the first possible opportunity to bind himself to Sean and vice versa Iidn t understand why and no Shapely Ankle Preferrd discernible reason was given He felt unrealistic to me which was only compounded by his apparent lack of sense considering he s a rich and somewhat spoiled business owner in the 21st century no matter his true age Whatid work for me were the scenes that were irectly between Armand and Sean as far as their relationship was concerned Although it felt rushed for the most part Who Are You to I Love You within a few pages or so it seemed and conveniently furthered by the mating compulsion their romance started to feel realistic enough and by the end I believed that they loved each other Armand learning to be with the times made me chuckle on occasion and I thought that Sean was a good influence on him But possibly a major plothole with Alphas being unable to father male cubs How then o Alphas have Fair Play (Zephyr Ranch descendants Iidn t uite understand that whole thing Also the aspect of Sean s talent that wouldn t become fully functional until after the mating if that s the case why would the Russian think he could force him to o his bidding What was also lacking was the sexual chemistry between the two main characters Their pillow talk was cringe worthy for the most part and I thought that mentioning fisting was a bit much While the scenes were explicit they idn t feel realistic to me YMMV There was one subplot with a young wolf girl who needs parents and I thought that the solution was believable and worked in this setting I hope that the next book in this series will focus less on world building and on fleshing out the characters and story within Also while I can t blame the author for the apparent lack of editing I hope that the next book will receive the rigorous attention to Cronache della famiglia Wapshot detail that should have been applied to this one A published novel should not be riddled with typographical and grammatical errors I received a free copy of this book from the publisher A positive review was not promised in return 35 1 12 of the stars are for the audioA feways ago a friend sent me a pic of his late night snack a frosted Twinkie with sprinkles on two scoops of vanilla ice cream I almost threw up in my mouth because I m generally the person who skips The Temple of the Golden Pavilion dessert afteriner Not a sweets lover At all And yet oh Joel Leslie the things you make me The Secret Life of Birds do If you re in a generous mood need to have your hands free andon t want to engage your brain too much this might work for you This is basically a Cinderella story of pure good and unknowingly talented Sean meeting his true mate Armand the most powerful and rich Alpha in North America and falling head over heels for each other I m willing to accept all the blah blah blah that goes with the creation of this world where Sean is cavity inducing sweet and good and so is Armand That kind of INSTA love is acceptable within PNR romance so I won t gripe about that however this could probably be abo. E problem someone is trying to kill Sean Sean uinn's friend Leroy was gutted trying to protect him He runs for help and stops the first car he sees Armand LaMarche is head Alpha of the North American werewolf council and was in his limousine on his.

AC Katt was born in New York City’s Greenwich Village She remembers sitting at the fountain in Washington Suare Park listening to folk music while they passed the hat At nine her parents dragged her to New Jersey where she grew up married and raised four children and became a voracious reader of romantic fiction At one time she owned over two thousand novelsNow most of AC’s books are elect