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S to protect his precious cakes absolutely hilarious Expect this ne to become a read aloud favorite Can t blame a man dinosaur when there s cake involved This is ne f those yell y books that lets you be A Chance Acquaintance obnoxious and loud while readingIt s great good funI can see that maybe some people may not want their children to pick up bad habits such as threatening to chomp people who get too close to cake my preshusss but you know what Sometimesverreactions are funny and they are definitely delightful in this caseAlso there are lessons learned and all that stuff sodo with that as you willMostly it is just fun to yell growl I WILL CHOMP YOU I have to say though that the monster looks like a turtle and less like a monster That may just be my perception thoughRecommended to karen bviously and Allie Brosh see picture above A monster warns uite sternly against turning the pages f this picture book r he will chomp you As the story progresses and the reader continues to turn pages the monster consistently misses chomping the reader His bluster turns to pleading and ultimately a confession the monster s cakes are at the back f the book and he is selfishly guarding them After further bargaining with the reader he makes The Wallflower's Revenge one last unsuccessful attempt to chomp the reader Then the monster devours all the cakes and ends up with a stomachache The blue monster is hardly scary the bold fonts used for his dialogue are frightening The cartoon illustrations are bold and vivid But ultimately it s been done before. So fierce inhabitantf I Will Chomp You a tale f deception greedand cakeJory John and Bob Shea bring a fresh hilarious twist to a time tested blueprint as their little monster threatens reasons and pleads with readers to go

These books are always enjoyable for kids when they tell you to do r not do something and there is a conseuence as a result But I liked the cake twist in this Made me smile And I enjoyed being up close to see the reactions and actions War to the Knife: Bleeding Kansas, 1854-1861 of the frog rabbit and bird12016 Used in C is for theme Best book for the storytime They loved his Chomp threats and his chomps They loved the interactive should I turn the page And they were entranced by the cakes page I had them tell me their favorite cakes too Really cute12418 Closer in C th It was fun but nothing new until the monster reveals his secret Then it s like OH YES I LOVE THIS BOOK This is a delightful interactive book along the linesf The Monster at the End Leaving Mother Lake: A Girlhood at the Edge of the World of This Book An angry dinosaur does his best to chomp you but what s he protecting Turnsut he just doesn t want to share his delicious cakesLoads f fun for story time with chaotic illustrations that will engage the chomper in your lifeNotes n representation the sole character is a cartoon dinosaur Yes I get it Yes I know some kids need and deserve books as energetic as they are Ok fine But I still don t have to like it Oh and big surprise my almost new library copy already has a big rip n ne Introductory Algebra: Models Concepts Skills of the later pages Watchut The little monster in this book is going to CHOMP you if you read any further He may look cute but he s very serious You would be too if you were hiding your delicious treasure at the end Marriage After God: Chasing Boldly After God’s Purpose for Your Life Together of this book Little readers will find this monster who will do whatever it take. A greedy big headed monster goes to great lengths to protect his precious cakes which he’s hidden in the backf this bookSTOP RIGHT THERE Don’t move a muscle buster Stay ut f this book r I WILL CHOMP YOUSo says the not.

The Monster at the End f This Book was much better This The Gollywhopper Games: Friend or Foe one seems a little forced guarding cakes is bizarre to me This is definitely for two to four yearlds I can hear them chomping as the story progresses but Parafilias (Spanish Edition) older readers will find it just plain silly This was fun to read aloud to the dog but I would have a hard time reading it to a human child The premisef the book is that the protagonist addresses the reader exhorting the reader to respect the character s boundaries Don t turn the page with the It's Like This ongoing assumption that the reader will in fact disregard the character s clear no and do exactly what the character is telling the reader not to do It sbviously meant to be all in good fun but as someone who feels really strongly about modeling good clear boundaries with people The Mirage of all ages it suicked meut too much to think f reading this to a child The conceit is familiar ie a character in the book begs the reader not to turn the pages as in The Monster at the End f this Book Rituels secrets des Templiers or Warning Do Not Open This Book but since it s executed with big bold text and bright boisterous colors not to mention threats that the reader will be CHOMPED for continuing it s definitely worth reading and even better read aloud As promisedn the back cover this is a harrowing tale f greed fury deceit and CAKE The appearance f so much random cake in fact was an charmingly retro surprise mid way through Highly recommended for anyone who likes their story time a little rowdy A Mild Suicide or likes to talk back to their book. O further in the book because he will NOT share his beautiful delicious cakes Children will identify with the monster’s high valuationf his possessions and importantly will laugh at the silly measures he takes to protect th.

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Jory John is a #1 New York Times bestselling author and two time EB White Read Aloud Honor recipient Jory's work includes the #1 New York Times bestselling picture book The Good Egg and the #2 New York Times bestselling picture book The Bad Seed both illustrated by Pete Oswald He is also the author of the popular picture books Penguin Problems and Giraffe Problems both illustrated by Lan