Spoken Ink: Short Stories Gangsters Detectives and Murderers

Ke piece The StarAll the stories were very good but I believe all would be considered classic storiesA good read. Stephen Thorne•The Greatest Trick of All' by Lee Child read by Jeff Harding•Lonely Heart by Damon Runyon read by John GuerrasioIt seems natural that this generation should embrace the short story as its literary art form We're at home with twitter and the Evening Standard than Homer barely finding time for a uick whip through a novella on a sunny afternoon sigh And with the uick fire voice of its generation Spoken Ink embraces this without compunction Notes on the UndergroundLength 6 hours and 2 minut.

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Tors were well chosen Classic short stories with unexpected endings I read this primarily for the Arthur C Clar. On read by JohnGuerrasio•The Star by Arthur C Clarke read by ConstantineGregory•Vivid Imagination by Marjorie Ann Watts read by StephenThorne•The Pit and the Pendulum by Edgar Allan Poe read byWilliam Roberts•Child Support by David Ballard read by Guy Paul•No Flies on Frank by Danuta Reah read by GerardFletcher•An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge by Ambrose Bierceread by Jeff Harding•If Dead Fish Could Blink by Adam Marek read by StephenThorne•How It Happened by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle read by.

I really enjoyed a couple of the short stories Poe is always wonderful The stories were each good and the narra. Gangsters Detectives Madmen and Murderers is a classic and modern short story collection of strange occasionally bloodthirsty and often amusing tales about the characters and experiences that lurk at the fringes of our lives From a man who will bet his own child on his dog to a madman who is infectious and a cameo by Lee Child's most famous assassin these stories areas memorable as they are mischievous Stories in this anthologySolid Geometry by Ian McEwan read by Michael Jenn•Blood Pressure by Damon Runy.

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