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35 stars Death by Tea by Alex Erickson is the second book in A Bookstore Caf Mystery series Krissy Hancock is part owner in Death by Coffee named after a book by her father James Hancock with her best friend Vicki Patterson in Pine Hills Rita Jablonski a big fan of James Hancock has decided to move the Pines Hills and Cherry Valley Book Club Competition to Death by Coffee A beautiful silver teapot is the prize They are a vocal group but it will bring business into the store But then one of the Cherry Hill members David Smith ends up dead inside Death by Coffee Krissy is a suspect thanks to her late night activities taking a cardboard cutout of her father out of the store that belongs to Rita Krissy sets out to prove her innocence and she will do whatever it takes She will have to evade Officer Buchanan who is determined to put her in jail he just does not like her and her very nosy neighbor Eleanor Withrow I was hoping that Death by Tea would be better than the first book in the series Unfortunately I was disappointed I think it was worse Krissy is just not a likable character The story is written in the first person so we get to hear all her amblings and nonsense She likes Officer Paul Dalton with the Pine Hills police department and does not understand why he does not call this goes on throughout the whole book The mystery was secondary in the novel to Krissy s life she would forget what she was saying or doing when a handsome man was present We get to hear about her awful cat Misfit who destroys furniture than about the mystery When Krissy uestions or interrogates people she is not very polite actually can be ude and pushy It is like she feels she is entitled to get the answers she wants even though the people have no eason to talk to her Krissy ushes into situations freuently without thinking things through leading to embarrassing moments for her and the person she accuses I give Death by Tea 275 out of 5 stars As you can tell I am not a fan of this novel The mystery was extremely easy to solve despite the attempts of the author to mislead the eaders One clue was the key to solving the mystery I eceived a complimentary copy of Death by Tea from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest eviewhttpbibliophileandavidreaderblogs The mystery was a good one although I did eventually figure out who the killer was and even why The showdown was a bit nail biting but once again good old Krissy annoyed the truth out of the perp I like the premise for this series being books and co It has all the elements of a cozy mystery a teacoffee shop a cat a small town where every store seems to have a cutesy name and characters but didn t uite make itKrissy uns Death By Coffee a bookstorecoffee shop apparently named after her mystery writing father s most well known novel so when a book club meets for discussion she doesn t think much of it Then the ival team appears and before long there s been a murder Honestly that s not a spoiler Naturally Krissy feels she has to investigate and thus the story eally beginsBut if ever a book screamed Leave. Mystery lovers have descended on Pine Hills for this year s book club competition to be held at Krissy Hancock s bookstore cafe But the killer in their midst seems determined to outwit all the armchair sleuths and send Krissy to the emainder bin forever Just before two dueling book clubs are set to suare.

Ad by a teapotKrissy a likable but downright nosy sort begins to investigate despite warnings from the local police to butt out Although she apparently helped police solve a different murder earlier presumably the subject of the first book this time out she s managed to become a prime suspect herself Undaunted she perseveres putting personal elationships and even her life in jeopardy along the way As for Krissy I flip flopped from elating to her as a person to well not so much She insists no man looks good in a Speedo ight on but she abhors all country music whoa Nelly My biggest turn off came early on Her favorite sweet treat is a cup of coffee with a chocolate chip cookie at the bottom of the cup Gross Also some of the situations in which she puts herself even though she s a suspect made me think she s either incredibly naive or impossibly stupid but hey if I m honest I must admit that nosy me probably have done exactly what she did More to the point here though is that it all works making the whole thing uite an enjoyable eadAs for me I ve put this series on my to ead list and now await publication of the next one I ecently went on a cozy mystery buying binge and downloaded a heap of titles to tide me over when I was low on them I d ead later books in this series and it hadn t impacted my opinion on them falling straight in the deep end This was good though going back early on in this series and seeing how it developed Krissy is still not the greatest character and this book made me wonder a little how she lives as long as she does in order to create mysteriesbooks She doesn t have ANY self preservation in this one at allStill though I enjoyed the mystery even if it was a little darker than I normally like my cozies Definitely still enjoying this series and looking forward to the newwest book too Four stars I eally like this series It is fun and I am in love with the cat Misfit The murder mystery was interesting and I was not able to guess the murderer I m looking forward to continuing this series it was a good mystery with some eally interesting characters and the setting wasn t bad either a bookstore coffee shop owned by the daughter of mystery writer Krissy was a good sleuth and eminded me of the Hardy Boys books I ead in my teen and pre teen years Krissy being the daughter of a famous mystery writer who enjoys solving a good mystery even in her thirties I did enjoy to see her sleuthing around for clues and eavesdropping on people s conversations I will draw the line at asking her police officer boyfriend to break in and see the crime scene that wouldn t happen if there was a police investigation into the victim s death Chrissy would be at a sideline in the investigationbutt I eally did enjoy seeing her investigate it like a puzzle she does or a mystery novel she eads In the end it kind of give her the inspiration to write her own Mysteries The mystery itself with was interesting to ead and solve in the end finding out the motive for murder and all that it eally challenge me to figure out who the killer was and why they did it. Flame Officer Paul Dalton But even Paul can t ignore the trail of evidence that seems to point in her direction And with Krissy s personal nemesis Officer John Buchannan working overtime to pin the murder on her it will take an amazing feat of detective work to close the book for good on an elusive kille.

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It to the professionals and Just uit already this was it I found myself incredibly frustrated with Krissy amazed at how everyone just seemed happy to spill secrets to her at a second s notice and generally incredulous Give this one a missDisclaimer I eceived a free copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest eview I was eally looking forward to eading this book and am truly disappointed that the story was not what I hoped it would be As a devoted cozy mystery lover the title and description of the book seemed like a perfect fit Unfortunately the story was far from ealistic the main character Krissy was unlikable and the plot just seemed very confusing I didn t understand the concept the author was trying to achieve and was not at all intrigued at any point in the story I give this story 1 starI eceived a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for my fair and honest eview This is another one of those cozy s where the main character is TSTL too stupid to live Between her nonsense about her make believe love life for one of the officers on the case and her gosh awful destructive cat the mystery disappeared Maybe she has ADHD because she couldn t keep a coherent thought in her head for very long Nobody in town escaped her often ude interrogations How her business managed to survive with her out unning willy nilly is only thanks to her employees A little less cat and less incessant insipid inner dialogue would greatly improve this series As an avid eader with special interest in the mysterythriller genre I m always on the lookout for a good series In particular I like books I can turn to when I ve had my fill of blood and guts mayhem and hard boiled heroes who can kill five villains with their bare hands despite a broken leg and two gunshot wounds I still want books in the mystery category mind you I just want them a bit on the lighter side As such I count The Cat Who series by Lilian Jackson Braun The Burgler Who series by Lawrence Block and the Chet and Bernie mysteries by Spencer uinn among my go to favorites all of which unfortunately I ve ead by nowHappily this book which I eceived at no cost from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for a eview fills the bill nicely The heroine Krissy Hancock is the owner of Death by Coffee a combination coffee shop and bookstore She made her debut if I ead correctly in Death by Coffee which I have not ead This one stands on its own uite well but little eferences here and there to incidents I assume happened in the predecessor suggest that I d have preferred as is my custom to ead the first one firstHer little shop has been chosen as a meeting place by a book club which is prepping for participation in and winning a book club competition Yep you ead that ight I ve never heard of such a thing either They picked the place in part because the book they ll be eading was written by Krissy s father even though by his own admission it s not one of his best One night after all the club members and employees have gone a man one of the club members is murdered He was it seems bashed in the he. Off at Death by Coffee one of the competitors turns up dead bludgeoned with the silver teapot that was to serve as the prize Suspicion immediately falls on Krissy who was seen skulking around town in dark clothes on the night of the murder To clear her name and find the eal killer Krissy turns to an old.