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Own by boring lists of important films and directors bloated by usually uninteresting descriptions I would ecommend it to newbies looking to find film Femmes, si vous saviez... : 83 questions-rponses, hormones, mnopause, ostoporose recommendations be sure to take notes on the ones that piue your interest I forgot to and am mad at myself and aficionados with nothing better toead I The Kaya-Girl rate this book 3 out of 5 stars This is an excellent work on Asian Cinema It does not go in depth on any film or filmmaker but serves as the title states as a field guide introducing a broadange of films from a broad ange of Asian countriesIf you already have a background in Asian Cinema some of the sections may not be of great use as you e likely to already be familiar with Yimou Kurosawa Kaige Ozu Kar Wai Miyazaki and Satyajit Ray But don t let that deter you from picking up this book MANY other films and filmmakers are discussed I own probably 70 or so films from China Japan Korea Thailand and Vietnam but after Omnibus Films reading Asian Cinema I have a long list of films I want to try to track down Dry but pretty comprehensive coverage of each asian cinema scene Or at least as far as I could tell Great if you don t have a formal education in fil. M China India Japan Korea Iran and Taiwan as well as the emerging films of Kazakhstan Tajikistan Thailand Malaysia the Philippines Vietnam and Sri Lanka are all included hereIllustrated with than 100 film stills and photographsIncludes historical and cultural background information for eachegion's cinemaCovers anime Hong Kong action Japanese horror Bollywood and muc.

Ading it straight through makes all the information Graeco-Egyptian Magick run together in these segments It s mostly unclear what theeal standout directors are I wish the book took time going into detail on the most important things giving me a better grasp as a newbie to Asian film of what I Slave Again (Whispers of Refuge really need to check out I have a moderate knowledge of Japanese anime movies and if my experience with that section of the book was indicative of how seasoned film buffs might experience this book I would notecommend it highly to those already familiar with the subject matter The aforementioned boring film descriptions will be of no interest to someone who has already watched most of the movies or even has a passing knowledge of them This book would have worked much better as a website in my opinion It would be a database of movies but also host articles on the context of films overviewing national cinemas in a concise manner and maybe even having in depth looks at the truly great movies I don t find Asian Cinema to be all that special The descriptions of the climates in which these films were made and all the trivia tidbits are great but the book is ultimately bogged To the Asian directors who have influenced them On the world festival circuit Asian films egularly win prestigious awards and are presented at film festivals from Sundance to CannesAsian Cinema A Field Guide is the first book to provide a complete overview of the past present and future of the world's most dynamic and influential filmmaking egion Over 300 films fro.

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I ead this for my Asian film class This was a great introduction into the cinema of other countries It also has a great esources section in the back to find other great film analysis books Asian Cinema is a good uick ead that discusses the highlight films of Asia s varied national cinemas as well as providing a bit of cultural and historical context behind the film industries of Asia Asian Cinema managed to educate me on the basics of the 20th century history of Asia through the lens of its movies and give some good overviews of Asian film movements and genres although the latter was much less consistent One of my favorite topics touched on in this book was film censorship Seeing the insane lengths filmmakers have went to get controversial films made in countries like China and Iran even isking their livelihoods is very inspirational and eally makes you ealize everything you take for granted as an artist with free speech and easy access to the Internet I think the primary weakness of this book was the way it tackled the films themselves Dry often epetitive descriptions of films and their directors make up the bulk of Asian Cinema Re. The First Complete Guide to Asian FilmAsian cinema has never been popular than it is today In ecent years films such as Spirited Away Hero Kung Fu Hustle and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon have made surprising inroads into the American box office Directors such as Jim Jarmusch with Ghost Dog and uentin Tarantino with Kill Bill Vols I and II have paid unabashed tribute.