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S When her social worker informs Ana she s reached her final straw a chance to work as a farm hand in Northern California is her last hope before she gets thrown into a girls home When Ana reaches Garber farms she s determined to make it work but unfortunately she can t tell a weed from parsley or when and how to properly pull garlic buds from their stems Not for lack of trying Ana makes mistake after mistake but the Garbers and the farm workers come to care for Ana s determined waysHowever when she inevitably makes a mistake that has some of the townies judging her despite the progress she s made Ana wonders if she s cashed in the last bit of hope she stored up for a decent lifeOverall I really enjoyed Ana s story Reading that she came from Southern California it was interesting to have some frame of reference to the places she grew up in I really appreciated Ana s determined nature despite the loss and tragedy she s experienced at such a oung age I would have like to learn about Ana s life outside of her past that defined her I sensed she had some amazing skills so it would have been nice to learn what she aspired to be when she grew up However I suppose when someone is so focused on surviving the here and now future plans are tough to define with any clarityI was drawn to Abbie and Emmett s life and it was interesting to get some tidbits about their past Further insight into both of these secondary characters would have been nice but I was pleased with what was shared These two were both worthy characters that added an additional level of substance to the story Ana of California is what I would categorize as a hidden gem which I m so glad I jumped into Very enjoyable story that was casted and narrated perfectly Ana of California is one of those books that had to grow on me This isn t particularly a problem with the book but my mood going into it I guess I was hoping for something but Andi Teran s story tends to move at a sedate pace than I was expecting I would hesitate to describe this as coming of age or anything so grand as that but this is a novel where small things have big impacts for the protagonist and the people around herAna Cortez is almost sixteen and an orphan Out of options going back to the group home is not an option she reluctantly agrees to work on a farm in the small town of Hadley for the summer The farm is managed by a brother sister team the brother not really down with Ana s presence the sister far enthusiastic As Ana gets to know her new foster family and meets people her age in Hadley her role as fish out of water provokes all manner of small conflicts that allow us to get to know these characters and ultimately Ana to know herselfAna of California epitomizes in some ways telling rather than showing I say this because telling is not necessarily as problematic as people make it out to be there are situations where exposition is a welcome respite In places Teran uses this to her advantage with conversations between characters fleshing out the backstory and providing insight into the dynamics of Hadley prior to Ana s arrival In other places though the telling not showing vibe is less useful Teran s omniscient narrator has a habit of jumping into various characters heads not in and of itself a bad thing and then explaining a bunch of stuff to us that we then hear again much later when Ana learns it This narrative choice is interesting this would be a very different story if it were told solely from Ana s perspective but the precise way in which Teran executes it leaves much to be desiredThese ualms didn t sit well with me for the first part of the story but my mood gradually improved As Ana interacts with the residents of Hadley starts to form relationships starts making her own choices good or bad and basically exercises agency I warmed up both to her and to this book Her learning curve feels real and believable And for a story that often exists in a low gear it has surprising moments where it ramps up to high gear and full speed and delivers insightful commentary on racism poverty crime etc This novel is far from fluffy and I m really glad I stuck with itAbbie s little romantic arc doesn t do much for me I m much partial to Ana s relationships both her complicated thing with Cole and her friendship with Rye In the case of Cole there s definitely a filigree of romance but it s not always there And I really like the ambiguity of the ending both in terms of how Cole makes that decision and how they might or might not end up together for some value of together The whole development of this relationship steers clear of some of the stereotypical tropes of girl meets boy girl falls for boy for which I m grateful Similarly Ana s friendship with Rye has some interesting ups and downs that fit with her outsider role in Hadley from the way Rye constantly misjudges Ana s past to Ana not always being ready to discuss her feelings because hey this is the first time she s actually had a best friendIt has been far too long since I read Anne of Green Gables so I m not going to compare Ana of California to its influence Suffice it to say that I can see the parallels In short while Teran s writing doesn t always work for me and the story might be so so I came to appreciate this book s emotional intelligence Depending on what Die Reisenden you re looking for that might actually be allou need This was very readable for much of it I never read Anne of Green Gables so it s possible some of my criticisms of the read have something to do with the author attempting to preserve some of the spirit of her source material But I liked the idea of a Mexican American girl from a tough neighborhood moving out to intern on a farm that was essentially already being tended to by Latino American farmworkers I thought it would be interesting to see what that would look like Ana is a solid character She s written to be very sweet maybe not enough edge for a girl in and out of neglectful Los Angeles foster homes But this is written for an audience much ounger than me so I ll forgive it that I also liked the sister and brother pair Emmett and Abbie Garber who agree to have her out at their Northern Cali farm for the summer They both come with their own baggage and each of them are given distinctive memorable voices Anna s time on the farm is entertaining she s clueless as to how it all works which makes for some unfortunate scenarios Luckily she finds a fiercely loyal and sweet teacher in Manny the head of operations at the. N be any help on his farm His sister Abbie however thinks Ana might be just what they need Ana comes to love Garber Farm and even Emmett has to admit that her hard work is an asset But when she inadvertently stirs up trouble in town Ana is afraid she might have ruined her last chance at finding a place to belo.

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Re telling this novel stands firmly on its own Ana is older than Anne and her circumstances are dark I was really hoping to give this one at LEAST 4 starsbut I can t bring myself to do itHmmthis bookI was drawn to this title months before it came out becauseHello The name Anne of Green Gables anyone Also it really is reminiscent of that series which I love both books AND moviesI don t usually read books like thisit wasn t science fiction it wasn t fantasyno end of the world scenariosor magic unless ou count that one girl with the shrooms and usually when I find a book that has none of that there s always romance and a happily ever after Kasie West anyone this book though ยอดบุรุษพลิกคดี เล่ม 1 yes there was attraction and there were even a few kisses but this was a coming of age storyLike I said ifou know the AoGG story Hummer you ve got the gist of thisI wanted to believe the writing was amazingbutou knowit wasn t totally on par with the coursebut thats fine this was a debut novel and for that I think the author did a wonderful jobI loved the modern take on AoGGthe story itself was a nice change of scenery from what I usually find myself reading but I felt likethey weren t really inconsistenciesbut I felt likesome details were overlooked things that needed explanation I felt that some of the actions of the main characters HmmI m having trouble explaining this I don t knowI felt like there were certain times when I thought reactions to some things would be stronger Whether good or bad I thought things that the writing made With Baited Breath (Warhammer 40,000) you think seemed important at the time would actually be important at some point but didn t end up meaning anything The characters were likeable I supposebut I really AND THIS COULD TOTALLY JUST BE ME just couldn t find myself connecting with any of them They had their moments and I liked them but there was no true connection where I felt drawn to them where I felt their pain or happiness where I wanted to laugh with themAnd I did have a few slight issuesand thats where my rating greatly factorsthere is a uite a bit of sterotypical bullshit in this bookand the bullshit would be the prejudices that come with those stereotypes Do I realize that this takes place in a small townesand I know how some small towns workbut seriously the Mexican orphan girl from LA eah shes OBVIOUSLY a gangbangeryep ANYWAY That stuffno it didn t necessarily ruin the story for mebut it was brought up MORE than once and it was kind of annoying AND THENthere was the ending I understand that in REAL LIFEthe story doesn t just stop because the writing itself ended so the abrupt ish ending of the book SHOULD have been finebut unless there is a seuel coming that I haven t heard about etthe ending was incredibly disappointing and most certainly unsatisfying It was a HEAin a way but I felt like there was justso much unsaidI felt that it was rushed and even though ou KNEW to expect it it came from out of nowhereand the details of the epilogue itself that was some VAGUE shit seriouslysigh ANYWAYAGAINOverall this was a really sweet adorable easy read I enjoyed it except for those few things I bitched about haha I think as far as debut novels go it was really good Its on my shelf here at home and I can definitely see myself rereading itAND also reading future things written by this author And I hope its a seuel to thisjust sayin come find mewwwfacebookcomReadsAshIG ashreads Twitter ReadsAsh Although I do very much appreciate that in Ana of California which is clearly a modern day contemporary reimagining and adaptation of LM Montgomery s 1908 Anne of Green Gables author Andi Teran has not just taken LM Montgomery s narrative and modernised it a bit but has in fact created and written her own story albeit one that is of course and obviously heavily based on and influenced by Montgomery s classic I also and with than a bit of frustration do feel that some of the big time differences between Anne of Green Gables and Ana of California in fact and actually go rather too far for my personal reading comfort level And es first and foremost I do not particularly enjoy how the Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert characters of Anne of Green Gables have been kind of reversed in Ana of California so that Emmett Garber is much stricter and in the beginning chapters also considerably uncompromising with regard to Ana Cortez than his much laid back and easy going sister Abbie For while I am of course appreciative of the fact that Andi Teran has not made the Garber siblings carbon copies of LM Montgomery s Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert I eually do not altogether find it really pleasant that Emmett Garber is so strict and even rather mean spirited at times and that Abbie Garber right from the first has such a very strong and friendly connection towards their ward and farming intern Ana Cortez and Menggairahkan Perjalanan Halaqah yes mostly because I still was expecting in Ana of California for the general character traits of Abbie and Emmett Garber to be mostly similar to Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert and not so totally reversed in many ways Further for much of Ana of California I actually have also tended to find Ana Cortez best friend andes obviously based on Anne Shirely s best friend Diana Barry Rye Moon a mostly rather majorly annoying and also totally stereotypically Lesbian character and even somewhat of a so called fair weather friend to Ana and in particular when Rye totally fibs and lies when she tells her parents that it was Ana who made her ingest magic mushrooms which is so very much different from how in Anne of Green Gables Diana Barry totally casts no blame on Anne Shirley whatsoever regarding the currant wine fiasco And therefore albeit that I have certainly mildly enjoyed reading Ana of California I also have found Andi Teran s narrative at times much too different and changed from the basic Anne of Green Gables thematics for my liking and tastes and Spiritual Warfare for Every Christian yes indeed this especially with regard to Rye Moon and Ana Cortez friendship as I was indeed totally expecting the same kind of all encompassing and free of uarrels relationship that Anne Shirley and Diana Barry have and enjoy in Anne of Green Gables and the seuels Wonderful story about a girl s uest to find a place where she can belong A beautiful novel about loss struggle and friendship Ana of California turned out to be a story filled with small surprises and big hopes I finished this story uite uickly because I was drawn into the characters and their livesAna Cortez has bounced around the foster care system for over tenear. Z has just blown her last chance with a foster family It’s a group home next unless she agrees to leave East Los Angeles for a farm trainee program in Northern California When she first arrives Ana can’t tell a tomato plant from a blackberry bush and Emmett Garber is skeptical that this slight city girl ca.

I have zero baggage for Anne of Green Gables coming into this having never read it so I didn t spend any time looking at or thinking about the take on itRather this was a totally fresh story of Ana a child who got lost and shuffled through the foster system in LA When she s given the chance to intern at a farm in Northern California she finds herself so cautious about losing the opportunity that she loses a bit of herself But as she pushes and she discovers a best friend and a romantic interest I get why this book isn t marketed for YA The voice isn t there and there s a little too much dwelling on the back stories of the adults here Abbie and Emmett But YA readers will absolutely eat this up Ana is hardened and sharp not taking anything from anyone et she has this immense desire to make other people happy so she doesn t lose the opportunity here for a new life The setting in a poorer town with a big reliance on migrant workers was well rendered It s a rural story and it s about finding those people who get ou in those places an especially important thing to someone at 15 and someone who has never had that sort of connection before Maybe 25 because I m not at all sorry to have listened to this but on the other hand I m cross about a huge part of the story When Katayoun read this and didn t like it I took the warning of a fellow Anne of Green Gables fan and dropped it from to read to maybe read I was also curious though as was Katayoun about how I d react so when I found the audiobook while searching Scribd for everything I could find I decided to go ahead and listen The narrator was fine so none of my disappointment or crossness had to do with that The audio isn t very well edited though so I wouldn t push people towards it either The thing is that I can often get a lot of enjoyment out of the logical puzzle game of watching how an author chooses to update an older book to keep essentials of plot and character in place without the distortion of mapping directly onto the Demonica year 2015 A case in point is Another Little Piece of My Heart a YA retelling of Persuasion which I found very entertaining in large part because the reason for Anne s character to give up her bf was uite clever It certainly isn t the bloody brilliant novel that Persuasion is butou d have to be incredibly optimistic to expect or need that to enjoy it That s the way I was expecting to find this fun when I read the first positive review and did so for a while The reason for Ana s being sent from LA where she s in the foster care system to the Garber s family farm in northern California is a bit shaky but the farm when she gets there and setting in general is great It s uite fun spotting the similarities and differences between this and the original such as the fact that the character of the two siblings is reversed roughly speaking with Abbie the softer and positive one to Emmett s gruff inside and out manner He s pretty harsh for uite a bit of the book and Abbie doesn t uite make up for Matthew If ou think Anne had a hard life before Avonlea she s got nothing on Ana to the extent that it s really hard to imagine the character we see having come from those experiences But all of this was pretty minor and there was enough that worked for me to be uite happy until we met Rye Moon the Diana euivalent I wasn t mad keen on her from the first although I kind of respect the author s decision to make her view spoilera lesbian hide spoiler There is some of this I really loved the adaptation of the raspberry cordial shenanigans for example and I really really wanted to love this retelling of Anne The reason that I picked up Ana of California is solely due to the fact that it s a reimagining of one of my favourite books Anne of Green Gables As always with retellings there is some or a lot of risk involved in taking on a book that is beloved by so many people For the most part I think Ana of California says true to the essence of Anne while standing alone as it s own workAna was orphaned followed the murder of her parents and then her grandmother by gang members in LA For ears Ana has been bouncing around foster care until her social worker offers her a last chance in a farming program If Ana works on a farm until she turns sixteen she just might be able to get herself emancipated Ana knows that she has to make this new situation work and she knows this means keeping her mouth shut often than not Of course this is not always easy for AnaEmmett and Abbie Garber are a brother and sister duo that have been running the family farm however times have been tough in ways than the financial Abbie makes the decision to take part in the farm program that brings Ana to them Unlike Emmett Abbie is thrilled to have Ana living with them appreciating both Ana s hard work and her positive presence Of course having read Anne of Green Gables it s clear that Ana s growing relationship with the Garber s is going to hit some pretty significant roadblocksFor those that have read Anne of Green Gables the plot of Ana of California isn t surprising it follows Anne in broad strokes That said Ana was her own character Yes she Anne Shirley esue with her rambling words and imaginative spirit but Ana was also her own character which I thought was a good move on the author s part I m a big Anne fan but I don t want to read the exact same story With Ana of California the author succeeds in modernizing a classic tale for existing fans while also crafting an engrossing story for readers unfamiliar with AnneAs much as I enjoyed Ana of California I did find that the ending was a bit rushed and unbalanced in comparison to the first three uarters of the book There was so much care evident in the first part of the book in how Ana and the Garbers were introduced to readers then all the sudden readers are thrown new characters of Rye aka Diana from Anne and Cole aka Gilbert from Anne who were not explored with the same depth that Abbie and Emmett were Abbie and Emmett were fabulous and I only wish that as much time would have been spent on Rye and Cole For me Ana of California needed to be longerFor fellow rabid Anne of Green Gables fans I think ou ll appreciate this homage to a classic Ana of California pays tribute to a classic but also offers an engrossing coming of age tale of a funny endearing and uirky heroineOriginally reviewed at The Book Adventures Review copy provided by the publisher via Edelweiss Although Ana of California is being promoted as an Anne of Green Gables. A modern take on the classic coming of age novel inspired by Anne of Green Gables In the grand tradition of Anne of Green Gables Bridget Jones’s Diary and The Three Weissmanns of Westport Andi Teran’s captivating debut novel offers a contemporary twist on a beloved classic Fifteen ear old orphan Ana Corte.

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